A Beachside Paradise

at Zahra by Memaar El Morshedy

If you’re a Cairo resident, you’re probably familiar with the real estate giant, Memaar El Morshedy, known for its high-quality developments all across Greater Cairo. Now, for the first time ever, Memaar El Morshedy is bringing the luxury of their brand to Sahel, starting with Zahra, a superbly designed beach resort village covering an area of 1000 acres in Sidi Abdelrahman, the most desirable area on Egypt’s North Coast. Strategically located between Hacienda Bay and Bo Islands, Zahra offers gorgeous sandy beaches and beautiful scenery, and it is as close as you can be to all the “happening” places you don’t want to miss on a Sahel trip.

It’s no wonder that Zahra is expected to be the next hot spot in Sahel, given the fact that this luxurious, modern beach resort built at the highest international standards is the result of a collaboration by top American developer Mohamed Hadid, renowned Egyptian architect Raef Fahmi, and the international design firm Vanderpas Design. In addition to the resort’s top-notch design and the striking scenery all around it, the resort boasts state of the art amenities that include a luxury international hotel, exquisite white sandy beaches, gorgeous swimming pools, a sports club offering a multitude of activities, and a beautiful clubhouse where guests can socialize and dine leisurely; not to mention an amazing entertainment area, a football club, a central park and a commercial strip providing everything you may need during your stay.

To beach holiday enthusiasts tired of going through the hassle of renting a vacation spot every summer, Zahra provides the golden ticket to finally own your own space with maximum peace of mind. As a Zahra owner, you will have the option of going to Sahel on a whim, every weekend year-round. With all of us stuck in the city with crammed schedules and busy work lives, what could be better than to escape to the beach over the weekend or to take a week off to relax away from it all in your own pad by the beach?  Well, when you own your place in this gorgeous resort, whenever you get that urge, all you will need is to pack a bag and head to Zahra, your beautiful home away from home!