7 Unconventional Hollywood Sweethearts

The dashing smile, the flowing hair, the graceful look, the elegant walk and, most importantly, the flourishing film career – all of which make the perfect Hollywood Sweetheart. But now, it’s a whole other story.

Back in the golden age of cinema in Hollywood, there used to be specific standards for how a golden girl should look, dress and act. Over the years came actresses like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds, who were all beloved by both fans and critics. It would seem they had it all.

Nowadays, however, times have changed drastically. Simply put, the rules do not apply. Hollywood sweethearts are not abiding by any regulations or old-fashioned ideas of what a strong, successful actress in Hollywood should be.

Here are 7 Hollywood sweethearts who have redefined the word in the 21st century…

Sandra Bullock

Sandra BullockThe funny woman, best known for her iconic role as an undercover cop at a beauty pageant in “Miss Congeniality,” was far from a classic picture of a Hollywood sweetheart. She is the kind of person who makes inappropriate jokes, and does not feel sorry afterwards. She won over everyone, very quickly, with her undeniable charm.

Halle Berry

halle berryNamed after the local department store in her hometown, Halle Berry was everything but normal. She became known as a woman of action, with roles such as Storm in the X-Men franchise and her own take on “Catwoman.” She is also the first African-American to win an Academy Award for Best Actress.

 Renée Zellweger

renee zellwegerBridget Jones managed to win the hearts of Hollywood enthusiasts through her raw quirkiness and “get your tissue box” romcoms. She taught people that weight is not what defines a person. She makes you want to get a new notebook and start documenting your daily struggles in hopes that things will turn out for the best.

Jennifer Aniston

jennifer anistonRachel Green from “Friends” became a household name when she got married to Brad Pitt. On the other hand, getting divorced from Brad Pitt made her so relatable to the public. She was going through a hard time, and people were coming to her rescue. She earned the title of Hollywood sweetheart after making one successful film after another, which proved she had what it takes to make it on her own in Tinseltown.

Reese Witherspoon

reese witherspoonRising to fame through her role as rich, blonde girl who became more than that in “Legally Blonde,” Reese herself started to become much more when she earned an Academy Award for her role in “Walk the Line,” and then, became one the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer LawrenceKnown for ushering in a new generation of young actresses, Jennifer Lawrence came with her full-fledged, unique character, a loud mouth and an undeniably hilarious “too much information” charisma. She has proven that she is not bound to a genre, refusing to be typecast.  She is a complete rulebreaker, and is also dubbed as one of the most talented actresses in our current era, earning four Academy Award nominations, all in her twenties.

Emma Stone

emma stoneA very awkward blonde – turned redhead – with social anxieties and panic attacks, managed to win the hearts of many by chasing after her dream of acting whilst singing and dancing, and simply expressing herself through art and creativity. She is the latest Hollywood sweetheart and the perfect example of a person who broke the norm and transformed a Hollywood stereotype into something much more fulfilling and liberating.