The much-awaited US presidential elections are finally here. Tomorrow, the voting for one of the most unpredictable, interesting and memorable presidential races in history takes place; and to be completely honest, we’re not sure we’re ready for all the drama to end. Here are five educated guesses on what to expect during the hectic day:


1-      After Trump’s infamous “bad hombres” gaffe, you could expect Mexicans to be a prominent topic of conversation throughout the week. They will likely be referred to as amigos, Latinos, hermanos, Hispanics and brothers from the south, among other derogatory names.


2-      Trump winning the state of Missouri, then remarking that he’s always considered its people to be “fabulous, fantastic, and outstanding.”


3-      Trump to mention that he has friends among every ethnic minority groups in the country at least 911 times during the week.


4-      Vladimir Putin to appear on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and criticise the “American version of democracy.”


5-      The Trumpster to challenge Hillary to produce a birth certificate that proves that she’s indeed a woman after an early onslaught of Hillary wins.