5 reasons you should watch La Casa de Papel season 3

La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) has been on everyone’s watch list since its season one was released on Netflix in late 2017. The Spanish crime drama amassed a global following with its action-packed story and compelling characters. Season two was released in early 2018, and now the wait for season three is finally over. Here are 5 reasons why fans should start binge watching the newest installment.

  1. Catching up with El Professor’s latest exploits.

If there is one reason to go back to watching La Casa de Papel, it is to stay up to date with El Professor’s latest exploits in the world of crime. In the first two seasons, El Professor orchestrated a near perfect heist that saw the gang escape from Spain’s Royal Mint with millions of Euros. El Professor’s resourcefulness was uncanny, as he somehow was always one step ahead of his law enforcement counterparts. Well it might be difficult to imagine, but El Professor’s meticulous methods have returned on an even bigger scale in season three.

2. Getting the latest on intra-crew romance

When El Professor first started putting the gang together, he had a few simple rules to help them maximize their chances of success. One of those rules was “no personal relationships”. As we all know, of course this rule was the first to go. Romantic plotlines started to develop as soon as the initial heist was set into motion. With season two littered with love, it will be interesting to see how these tales of romance will fare in season three under the pressure of a new heist. Catch up on the latest from the Tokyo-Rio affair, the complicated ordeal between El-Professor and Inspector Raquel and even the Stockholm syndrome-esque love story of Monica and Denver. Which couples do you predict will have their happily ever after?

3. The Return of the Infamous Berlin

Viewers had a love-hate relationship with arguably the most charismatic character in the series, Berlin. El Professor’s brother was the de facto leader of the operation, often taking a far more violent approach than others felt comfortable with. Nevertheless, he won the hearts of the fans, who desperately want more of his infamous altercations with other characters in the show. With season two seemingly showing his demise at the hands of the police, while the season three trailer teasing us with his return, the mystery of whether or not he survived and how, is all answered in this new eight-part season.

4. The explosive production value.

If the first two seasons are anything to go by, we are set to witness an action-packed extravaganza in season three. We expect more exhilarating action sequences we saw in season one and two, especially the explosions and gun fights which were perfectly choreographed to maximise tension. With Netflix acquiring the show and generously assigning a bigger budget to it, the magnitude of La Casa de Papel’s latest adventure is set to take the action to new heights.

5. Bella Ciao!

Season two included one of the most iconic and epic scenes of the whole show, when El Professor and Berlin break into song as they reminisce about their late father and his legacy. They chant Bella Ciao, a traditional Italian folksong that was used during the Italian anti-Nazi resistance and came to be seen as a symbol of resistance. The song’s message captured how El Professor wanted the crew to be seen as an icon of resistance. Due to the scene’s sheer power, the song has since gone viral. With the new season now available for streaming, it’s the perfect opportunity to see how this song is used once again to motivate our unlikely heroes.