Around the holidays, we are always looking for the perfect makeup look to wear, and it is just as demanding as picking out the perfect New Year’s outfit. Every girl wants to trade out her bright summer lipsticks for darker shades but no one knows how to create a look that is worthy of celebrity appreciation.

On that note, we’ve put together a guide to get the best holiday makeup look that will take your makeup game one step further.

1- Classic winged eyeliner and red lipstick

There is nothing that is more festive than red lipstick. Pair that with winged eyeliner and a bit of neutral eye shadow (shimmer or matte is completely up to your personal preference) and you’ve got yourself an ideal red carpet-inspired look. This is for those of you who want a sleek, elegant look. It suits all eye shapes and colours, without fail.



2. Burgundy eye shadow and dark or nude lipstick

It is a trend for a reason! Burgundy eye shadow has been seen all over social media and posted by the most famous celebrity makeup artists, so everyone wants to try it out. It is a colour that really makes the eyes pop (especially brown or hazel eyes), and is perfect for the winter. This is one of those things where you need to try it to love it! Be daring and wear it with burgundy lipstick like celebrities do, or if you want to keep your look subtle,  stick to your favourite nude lipstick.


3. Plum & nude eye shadow with clear lip gloss

No, you did not misread that; lip gloss is BACK! When you go sultry with your eye shadow, it makes perfect sense to keep your lips neutral. Rather than sticking to your regular matte colours, try something new and wear a nude or clear gloss. We honestly forgot how good this looks! Give it a try; you will not regret it. In terms of the eye shadow, use nude as your base colour and build the smoky effect with the plum eye shadow according to your own preference.



4. Orange-toned/bronze eye shadow

This eye look literally matches any lip colour, dark or light. It sounds weird, but this is one of the most frequently used colours that we have seen this season (mostly because it looks AMAZING and suits everyone – no exaggeration). It is a colour that may seem impossible to find, but has been in several eye shadow palettes that have come out, including celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic’s Master Palette by Mario from Anastasia Beverly Hills. This look works perfectly with heavy mascara and black eyeliner on your waterline. If you’re a little hesitant about the orange tone, stick to bronze eye shadow, and with either colour, smoke out your look slightly with brown matte eye shadow to balance out the colour and it will still create a perfect holiday look.


5. Smokey eyes and dark lipstick

Smokey eyes are basically considered universal in the makeup world. Everyone loves an intense, smokey eye, especially during the winter to match the amount of grey and black outfits in our closets. For any party you are attending during the holidays, this look is ideal. You can create a smokey eye with brown or black eye shadow depending on how wide your eyes are (the wider, the darker you can make your look). If you do not necessarily have wide eyes but want to go with a black smokey look, then try applying nude/beige pencil eyeliner to your waterline. Enhance the look with a shimmer eye shadow on the centre of your eyelids for that extra pop. We love this look with any and all shades of lipstick.




Whichever look you decide to go for, always remember a little bit of powder bronzer for contour, a little highlighter on your cheekbones for that added bit of glam, of course, lots and lots of MASCARA and you are officially ready for your night out!


By: Nada Motawe