To all the bookworms out there, we’ve compiled a list of good reads for you to enjoy this February! Our favourite picks of the month are sure to sweep you into a whole different universe of endless adventure, drama and love!


Royally Matched by Emma Chase

Published on January 9  

Chase, the author of the romantic comedy, Tangled, makes a comeback with the release of a new book called Royally Matched. In this novel, she writes about a prince who had governing duties thrust upon him. Although the Queen was there to help him at first, he was responsible to rule when she was away. As the story evolves, the prince agrees to having a reality TV dating game show, where twenty beautiful contestants compete to win his heart. The plot takes place in a castle where all participants are gathered to impress. Read to know if the prince falls victim of this love game! 


The Stars are Legion by Kameron Hurley

To be published on February 7                               

Hurley puts together a narrative where war is waged for centuries in the depths of space, over control of a fleet of worldships that travel between stars. To survive, one must seek salvation from a prisoner with no memory. We anticipate this novel to be a huge hit once released! 


Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

To be published on February 7

Lee, author and winner of the “James Ashmun Veech Prize for Fiction” and the “Henry Wright Prize for Nonfiction”, writes for adults a hauntingly good multi-generational fiction novel, where she tells stories of social discrimination against a Korean family living in Japan since the 1900s. She focuses on describing how the characters’ lives changed over the course of generations by expressing the social challenges they faced.


Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

To be published on February 14

Famous for being a National Book Award nominee, the journalist and writer, Saunders, narrates a historical fiction novel, about Abraham Lincoln’s visit to his son’s cemetery in Georgetown in 1862. The novel explores thriller thoughts of grief and death, and twisted meanings of life, in both good and evil tones.


Abandon Me by Melissa Febos

To be published on February 28

Growing up in the company of a sea captain and a therapist, Febos takes her past life experiences as references in her new book, Abandon Me, where she discusses what it’s like to be raised by parents like hers, and the mysteries she underwent, which eventually shaped who she is now. Febos also shares the journey of pain that left her longing for constant human bonds.