2022’s Anticipated Celeb Headlines

As we bid goodbye to 2021, it’s time to forecast upcoming headlines for 2022. We’re channeling our inner psychics and believe we have a few premonitions to what’s going to be trending next year. Here are some clues about what you can expect in the year ahead in pop culture and entertainment. So be prepared and remember… we told you so!

Selena Earns an Emmy

While she’s never been recognised by big award ceremonies for her acting, we predict that 2022 will be Selena Gomez’s year, especially at the Primetime Emmy Awards. With the first season of the critically acclaimed comedy, Only Murders in the Building, and a second season already confirmed, Gomez has a huge chance at snatching an Emmy next award season. We can’t wait to hear her acceptance speech.

Kristen Gets the Oscar

The Princess Diana movie, Spencer, showing what Diana’s life was truly like as a royal, has received positive reactions including on Kristen Stewart’s realistic portrayal of the beloved princess. We expect Kristen Stewart’s performance to win an Oscar in 2022!

Ariana Does the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl Halftime Show is one of the biggest musical performances every year. From Beyonce to Lady Gaga to Madonna, pop queens have given iconic performances at the Super Bowl, and we think pop princess Ariana Grande may be the next headliner. She already has a catalogue of hits that everyone knows by heart… it would only make sense!

Kourtney & Travis Tie the Knot

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s engagement photos had us all in awe after Barker proposed with a stunning engagement ring that is to die for! We had previously had our doubts but we now believe this couple will be getting married sooner rather than later. We’re so excited to see what else they have in store!

The Weeknd Drops New Hits

The Starboy singer has been teasing us with song releases all year long and we predict a big one is coming! After one of his posts captioned, “we’re getting there,” was posted a while back, it’s clear a new album for The Weeknd is on the way!

Kim & Pete Call it Quits

The new it-couple, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are finally out in the open, having been photographed holding hands strolling around Hollywood. Despite their announcement of plans to spend the holidays together, we believe this unlikely romance will be over by early to mid-2022.

Scream Becomes a Box Office Hit

The American slasher film, one of the top horror series of all time, Scream, is finally coming back with its long-awaited fifth installment and fans are going crazy in anticipation! After the trailer’s release in mid-October, viewers are excited to see the iconic 90s characters come to life once again.

Record-Breaking Hits

Here are a few movies that we predict will make the biggest box office hits list of 2022. With Avatar still number one on the top lifetime box office grosses of all time, we expect Avatar 2 to hit the charts in 2022 and it’s likely to be even better than the first movie! Marvel movies also have a great record as crowd-pleasers, which is why we’ve added Black Panther – Wakanda Forever and The Batman to this list as well.

Zayn & Gigi Give It Another Shot

While last year ended bitterly for Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid, we have a hunch this year may be sweeter for this pair of exes. Their breakup last year was the talk of the town, and the courts, with a lawsuit against Malik filed by Hadid’s mother. While exact details are under wraps, we still don’t think it’s completely over for this couple who have a beautiful baby daughter.

Britney Returns with New Music

Just a few months ago, the court finally cancelled Spears conservatorship once and for all. Spears has been flaunting doing the simple tasks she missed out on for over a decade, like going to the ATM or grocery shopping. Now that she’s free, we think she’s going to go back to making music. Not just any music, however. For the first time in a long time, it will be music she actually wants to make.

Rihanna Gets Back to Work

Year after year, Queen Rih has been raising our hopes that she’ll be back. After a 6 year-long hiatus, we bet that this is the year she will finally make a huge comeback. We predict that she will shine with a groundbreaking album with a new and different concept and the wait will have been worth it!

Emma & Tom Finally Get Together

Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy are sworn enemies in the Harry Potter series, but their counterparts actually have a special bond behind the scenes. During the Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts reunion on HBO Max, the actors revealed that while nothing romantic has ever happened between them, they do feel like they have had special feelings for each other since they were children!