Work from Home

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Who would have thought that on a casual Tuesday, a worldwide pandemic would literally put our world on pause. In just a couple of days, after the bad news was announced, most of us found ourselves working from home and education was switched to online settings.  While, at the start ,working from home seemed like a luxury to be appreciated, we quickly realized that it also definitely had its downsides. Here are what some individuals who are working or studying had to say about the experience thus far.


Person 1 

This person was having the time of his life living abroad. University wasn’t only about learning, but also about his social life. When COVID-19 came along,  he continued his studies online back in Egypt. For him, studying from home was not working out well.  Staying on track was quite hard, as he did not have any motivation to study whatsoever.  He felt like he wasn’t learning anything. The only good side to it was his ability to pursue an internship, while also being able to spend quality time with his family.


Person 2

Person 2 was a fresh school graduate who began her university experience in front of  a MacBook Pro.  She was so disappointed to be missing out on her university experience. On top of that, everything was just so confusing; she didn’t know how to register for courses and getting in touch with professors was quite difficult. Nonetheless, she got to appreciate the perks that online school offered. The extra time she was able to spend with her friends and family was definitely a plus for her!


Person 3

Person 3 experienced her first job ever from home. Being an enthusiastic fresh graduate, she couldn’t wait to see what the future held for her. Although COVID-19 messed up the office life she was looking forward to, it did not affect her work productivity. Working from home also gave her a sense of independence and she appreciated her employer’s trust in her  performance despite being unsupervised. Nonetheless, working from home definitely impacted her mental health, as she was often lonely or bored.