Weirdest Egyptian Wedding Traditions

Let’s be honest, Egyptian weddings are always interestingly fun, you can’t go to an Egyptian wedding and not leave with one or two memorable stories. But what makes them more interesting are the weird traditions. We might not know who came up with them, but we still consistently follow them. Here are some of the inexplicable wedding traditions that Egyptians still do.


Wedding cakes! What’s the point of having all this cake if you’re not gonna share a slice or two with the guests? It’s because it’s fake. Yup! There’s only one layer of cake and the rest is probably cardboard. You get dressed up and put in all that effort and you don’t get cake. WE WANT CAKE!


The bachelorette party is the “Henna”. As fun as it sounds to be in a room full of women, who are willing to be free and dance around in costumes, things sometimes to get out of control. We only wish we’re not always there to witness these actions.


It is said that the wife should present her husband with silk set of pj’s with a robe and everything on their first wedding night together. Other than being an oddly weird tradition, it is also the complete opposite of sexy, definitely the last thing we want to see on the first night.


Linking arms to drink the “Sharbat”. Really?! What’s the point of that other than it going terribly wrong?


Throwing coins at the bride and groom, as they make the grand entrance, to ward off the evil eye. Seriously, the evil eye doesn’t compare to getting your eyes poked out with a coin.


Young girls as bridesmaids, the so-called “mademoiselle de neuer”. Why would you ever want to traumatise a child like that, from the horrible dresses to the long candle sticks. It’s also a fire hazard.


The car “Zafa”. We get you’re happy for the newlyweds and you want to see them off, but we don’t need another reason for  traffic. Say your goodbyes before they leave and let them go without causing any damage to the rest of us.


What we like to call the Pyramid Ring Exchange. Couples steeple their left hand with their spouse’s as the wedding band makes its way from one hand to the other. What’s even more complicated than doing that is explaining it. Why can’t they just save us some time and put the ring on like the rest of the world.