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Most Unique Houses Around The World WHICH WOULD YOU PICK?

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to designing their home, and let’s be honest: the more you can afford it, the more you’ll find yourself going overboard with some of your design ideas. Well, these people definitely knew what they wanted and they definitely could afford to do it.  Check out some of the craziest and most unique houses from around the world. 


Glass House in Tokyo

The 914-square-foot home, called the “House NA”, was designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects to let in a whole new level of natural light.


Fallingwater Home 

Located on Bear Run in Pennsylvania, the architect designed a house built into the active waterfall.


The Plane Domain in Costa Rica

This aeroplane used to fly people from South Africa to Columbia, but then, it was purchased for $2,000 and recycled into a hotel suite.



Brooklyn Clock Tower Home 

7,000-square-foot penthouse in Brooklyn’s Clock Tower building. So Fancy.


The Upside Down House

The upside down house is located in Szymbark, Poland, because life doesn’t seem complicated enough.


Flintstones Home

Television legend Dick Clark wanted to live like the Flintstones, so he built a house like theirs in Malibu. Dreams do come true, after all.  

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