Top 10 Books to Heat Up Your Summer

Reading by the beach or the pool is one of the most relaxing, therapeutic things to do while on vacation. You may finally get to start that classic you’ve been wanting to get to or start that recently published novel everyone’s been talking about. Either way, there are lots of good reads on everyone’s list. Here are a few suggestions for both English and Arabic books you may consider on your getaway.

Happy Place by Emily Henry

Romance is neither fluff nor tragedy, it is just life is Emily Henry’s philosophy that comes through in most of her books. In Happy Place, her most recent release, Henry explores new ground. In many respects, this book is the least “happy” of her works. There’s a sense of melancholy resonating throughout, less swooning and more longing.  

Kala: A Novel by Colin Walsh

This is a compelling literary page-turner by an up-and-coming Irish author. Former friends who have been estranged for twenty years must face the dreadful summer events that forever altered their lives. The tale develops from a simmer to a spectacular climax against the backdrop of a town choked by its own secrets. Kala, the main character, skillfully explores the occasionally harsh costs of belonging as well as the conflict between resentment and forgiveness, hopelessness, and redemption.

THE HOTEL NANTUCKET by Elin Hilderbrand

The Hotel Nantucket is an unexpected and engrossing tale of friendship, love and self-discovery set in Nantucket. Food blogger Hollis Shaw joins four friends from various phases of life for an extraordinary weekend after tragedy hits. Brace yourselves for this weekend, which will be unlike any other.

Must Love Flowers by Debbie Macomber

This inspirational book by #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber follows two women who are at various stages of their lives. After facing challenges, they discover themselves on a journey of rebirth. The narrative celebrates the wonderful and unexpected ways that family, friendship and love can uplift us. The story is warm, humorous and endearingly full of optimism.

Pink Lemonade Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke

This book is great for fans of enthralling, page-turning whodunits. In this captivating mystery, Hannah Swensen finds herself in the middle of a fun-filled summer festival in Lake Eden, Minnesota, which also happens to be the scene of a cold-blooded murder. Cakes, summertime activities and a chilly murder. What more could you ask for?

3ahd Damiana (Damiana’s Reign) by Ossama Abdelraouf El Shazly

This book is more than just a narrative about a pivotal moment in Egyptian history; a history marked by national, sectarian and ethnic wars toward the end of the Fatimid state. It is about a search for identity among the dozens of connections involved. The novel is a voyage through the theme of identity, homeland and belonging. It shows how a story from the past casts a shadow on the present.

Gareema Fel Game3a (Crime in a University) by Ezz Eldin Shoukry
The plot of this novel centres around the investigation of the murder of Dr. Yara Rifki, Professor of Cultural Studies at the International University. The events begin before the crime occurs; we learn about the main players, the facts of their lives and university difficulties that they are expected to settle at their impending annual conference. However, the meeting does not take place; instead, Dr. Yara is the victim of a mysterious crime.

Sadeek Kadeem Gedan (A Very Old Friend) by Ibrahim Aslan

This novel introduces the reader to all the aesthetic features that have distinguished Ibrahim Aslan’s writings, namely his inimitable ability to construct irony, to celebrate the place and the details of daily life, and the constant emphasis on its poetic character. In addition, the reader will appreciate the author’s intense and polished language, as well as its great elegance.

Banat El Nil (Originally published in English as Daughters Of The Nile) by Samia Iskandar Spencer

Containing biographies of several leading Egyptian women in various professional fields, this book presents examples of contemporary Egyptian women and their achievements. The book fills an important void and is a much-needed addition to its genre, particularly considering the prevalent negative stereotypes on women in our part of the world. These biographies provide many inspiring life lessons for women all over the world, not just the Middle East. The book is currently available in Arabic.

Wadi El Ze2ab El Manseya (Valley of the Forgotten Wolves) by Amr Abdelhamid

Humans, wolves and millennials lived in a ladder that spanned thousands of years before a dreadful wolf crossed one of the six crossings and met “Moses,” who was looking for the nearest opportunity to get out of his community, to change everything.