The New Heroes of Gaza

Amid continuous bombing by Israel, journalists, photographers, and doctors in Gaza on the ground play a critical role as witnesses relaying to the world the amount of destruction and human suffering taking place.

The reports from these brave individuals have shown the world that thousands of Palestinians, about half of them children, have been killed and that water, medical supplies, electricity, and fuel have run out due to the siege of Gaza, resulting in a humanitarian disaster. We honour them all here by shedding light on some of the doctors, journalists, and photographers risking their lives day and night to heal the injured, bury the dead, and expose to the world the atrocities befalling Gaza.

Millions of people are now following their social media pages, in which they have been posting the diaries of Gazans who have been bombarded, whose homes have been utterly devastated, and who sleep without shelter among the rubble. In the midst of horrendous conditions, these brave journalists, many of whom have themselves already died in the violence perpetrated by Israel, broadcast live scenes of terrible bombardment, and recorded the miserable conditions of the families and children subjected to the horrour of war and the continued siege inflicted upon them.

We honour and thank the journalists and photographers in Gaza who are bringing to us the reality of what is happening to the 1.2 million Palestinians in Gaza. Examples of these brave individuals are Moataz Azaiza, Wael Al Dahdouh, Samar Abu Elouf, Mahmoud Bassam, Bisan Owda, Rushdi Abualouf, Mohammed Al Masri, Ali Jadallah, Doaa Albaz, Hisham Zaqout, Plestia Al Aqad, Hind Khoudary, Moamen Faiz, Mohammed Alaloul, Youmna El-Qunsol, and many more. According to the Palestinian Media Forum’s most recent count, more than 40 journalists have been killed in Gaza since October 7th. What is remarkable is that the bulk of these journalists and photographers are “freelancers,” exposed to higher risk because they lack protection from established media institutions.

Equally, if not even more critical, has been the role of the doctors and medical staff in Gaza who have never stopped treating the injured and sick in incredibly difficult circumstances, with dwindling resources and crumbling facilities. As Israel continues to bomb Gaza, and as conditions continue to deteriorate even further, these unsung heroes continue to battle against overwhelming odds to provide healing, aid, and hope. Their resilience and compassion continue to shine bright amidst the destruction surrounding them. We honour all those remarkable doctors and healthcare workers, including Fadl Naim, Ghassan Abu Sittah, Younis Al-Khatib, and Ashraf Al-Qudra to name a few, whose unwavering dedication and selflessness are a ray of sunshine in these darkest hours. They and others like them are real heroes. We salute all those healthcare professionals and we mourn the loss of those who have lost their lives while saving others.

We also salute and mourn the brave doctors who have risked their lives to save others’, Prof. Omar Ferwana, Dr. Aya Ferwana, Dr. Medhat Saidam, Dr. Mohamed Dabour, Dr. Tamer Al-Khayat, Dr. Sereen Al-Attar, Dr. Saeed Drabieh, Dr. Esraa Al Ashqar, Dr. Abdullah Ashour, Dr. Munther Abu Sariya, Dr. Tariq Abu Obaid, Dr. Hammam Aldeeb, Dr. Ibtihal Al-Astal, Dr. Amal Al-Maqadma, Dr. Mohamed Al-Khayat, Dr. Inas Yousef, Dr. Osama Abu-Safia, Prof. Salah Zanoun, Prof. Ahmed Al Dalo, Dr. Bisan Halasa, and Dr. Bilal Lubbad. Their commitment to saving lives, even in the face of grave danger, stands as a reminder of the profound sacrifices they, and numerous others, have made to keep the people of Palestine safe and in good health.

Finally, we also must not forget to honour the countless aid workers who have persevered in serving the people of Gaza amid unimaginably horrific conditions. Many of them have also lost their lives doing so. Likewise, they are unsung heroes.


Guardians of Truth

Honouring the Fallen Journalists of Gaza 

Nazmi Al-Nadim

Nazmi Al-Nadim, a devoted finance and administration leader at Palestine TV, was killed on October 30, along with his beloved family, in a devastating airstrike on their home in Gaza.

Yasser Abu Namous

Yasser Abu Namous, a passionate journalist from Al-Sahel media organisation, met a tragic fate on October 27 when an airstrike targeted his family’s residence in Khan Yunis, Gaza.

Duaa Sharaf

Duaa Sharaf, a dedicated journalist and host at Radio Al-Aqsa, was taken away from us on October 26, along with her child, as their home in Gaza’s Yarmouk neighbourhood fell victim to an airstrike.

Saed Al-Halabi

Saed Al-Halabi, a valued journalist from Al-Aqsa TV, was killed on October 25 during an Israeli airstrike in the Jabalia refugee camp, leaving a void in the hearts of many.

Ahmed Abu Mhadi

Ahmed Abu Mhadi, a respected journalist from Al-Aqsa TV, was killed on October 25 as the Gaza Strip suffered the devastating impact of an Israeli airstrike.

Salma Mkhaimer

Salma Mkhaimer, a skilled freelance journalist, bid farewell to this world on October 25, along with her child, as an Israeli airstrike struck Rafah city.

Mohammed Imad Labad

Mohammed Imad Labad, a dedicated journalist from Al Resalah news website, tragically died on October 23 when an Israeli airstrike targeted the Sheikh Radwan neighbourhood in Gaza City, leaving us all in shock.

Roshdi Sarraj

Roshdi Sarraj, a journalist and co-founder of Ain Media, a Palestinian media company, was kille on October 22 as an Israeli airstrike hit the Gaza Strip.

Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali, a talented journalist from Al-Shabab Radio, met an untimely demise on October 20 during an Israeli airstrike in the northern Gaza Strip.

Khalil Abu Aathra

Khalil Abu Aathra, a skilled videographer from Al-Aqsa TV, left our world on October 19, alongside his brother, as an Israeli airstrike tore through Rafah.

Sameeh Al-Nady

Sameeh Al-Nady, a journalist and director at Al-Aqsa TV, was killed on October 18 due to an Israeli airstrike in Gaza, leaving behind cherished memories and a profound impact.

Mohammad Balousha

Mohammad Balousha, a dedicated journalist and financial manager at “Palestine Today,” was lost on October 17 during an Israeli airstrike in northern Gaza.

Issam Bhar

Issam Bhar, a committed journalist from Al-Aqsa TV, met an unfortunate fate on October 17 as an Israeli airstrike hit the northern Gaza Strip.

Abdulhadi Habib

Abdulhadi Habib, a journalist who served Al-Manara News Agency and HQ News Agency, was killed tragically on October 16, along with several family members, when a missile strike struck his house near the Zeitoun neighbourhood.

Yousef Maher Dawas

Yousef Maher Dawas, a talented writer contributing to Palestine Chronicle and We Are Not Numbers (WANN), left our world on October 14 as an Israeli missile strike hit his family’s home in Beit Lahia.

Issam Abdallah

Issam Abdallah, a talented videographer from Reuters, was taken away from us on October 13 near the Lebanon border during the back-and-forth shelling between Israeli forces and Hezbollah.

Ahmed Shehab

Ahmed Shehab, a journalist from Sowt Al-Asra Radio, along with his wife and children, bid farewell to this world on October 13 as an Israeli airstrike hit their house in Jabalia.

Husam Mubarak

Husam Mubarak, a dedicated journalist from Al Aqsa Radio, has brutality left our world on October 13 as an Israeli airstrike claimed his life in the northern Gaza Strip.

Mohamed Fayez Abu Matar

Mohamed Fayez Abu Matar, a freelance photojournalist, met an untimely demise on October 11 during an Israeli airstrike in Rafah. Saeed al-Taweel, the dedicated editor-in-chief of Al-Khamsa News website, was killed on October 10 when Israeli warplanes targeted media outlets in Gaza City.

Mohammed Sobh

Mohammed Sobh, a talented photographer from Khabar news agency, lost his life on October 10 in the same airstrike that claimed the lives of several other journalists.

Salam Mema

Salam Mema, a remarkable leader of the Women Journalists Committee, will always be remembered for her contributions to Palestinian media. She was killed tragically on October 10 when her home in the Jabalia refugee camp was struck by an Israeli airstrike.

Saeed Al-Taweel

Al-Taweel, Editor-in-Chief of the Al-Khamsa News website, was bruitally killed on October 10 when Israeli warplanes struck an area housing several media outlets in Gaza City’s Rimal district.

Hisham Alnwajha

Hisham Alnwajha, a journalist with Khabar news agency, was injured in an airstrike and tragically passed away on October 9.

Ibrahim Mohammad Lafi

Ibrahim Mohammad Lafi, a photographer for Ain Media, was fatally shot on October 8 at the Erez Crossing into Israel within the Gaza Strip.

Mohammad Al-Salhi

Mohammad Al-Salhi, a dedicated photojournalist working for the Fourth Authority news agency, was shot dead on October 8 near a Palestinian refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Mohammad Jarghoun

Mohammad Jarghoun, a brave journalist from Smart Media, was shot while reporting on the conflict in Rafah city on October 8.

Assaad Shamlakh

Assaad Shamlakh, a passionate freelance journalist, tragically lost his life on October 8, along with his family, as an Israeli airstrike destroyed their home in the southern Gaza Strip.

Unfortunately, without a quick and meaningful change, this list might keep expanding, serving as a poignant call for justice and peace.