The Hottest Local Fashion Brands to Watch

The last few years have seen the fashion industry in Egypt prosper, with so many new local designers and brands making their mark. From couture to streetwear to handbags and shoes, here is just a sample of local designers; some have already gone international, some have made it big in the Egyptian market and some are rapidly making their special mark. But all are making us proud!

Couture Gowns


Launched in 2014 by Farida Temraz, its founder and lead designer, Temraza quickly achieved global status and has become one of the edgiest design houses in Egypt. Known for designs that tell the story of a strong modern woman, Temraza is recognised internationally and has dressed several Hollywood celebrities. She has also recently launched her own swimwear line.

Sara Onsi

The eclectic designer’s namesake couture and ready-to-wear brand are all about diversity and designs that make a woman’s identity shine bright. Onsi launched the label in 2015 and her signature style using vibrant colours and loud fabrics as a form of storytelling is evident in each and every collection. Onsi was recently on Forbes Middle East on their list of Women Behind Middle Eastern Brands.

Maison Yeya

Established in 2006 by Yasmine Yeya, Maison Yeya is now a global couture name that is most famous for its stunning bridal couture and evening gowns, while also creating accessories and ready-to-wear fashion. Maison Yeya recently wowed everyone with the creation of actress Nelly Karim’s wedding gown as well as their 365 Ready-to-Wear line featuring Salma Abu Deif. The Dubai based brand offers appointments through their website where you can also view their collections.

Nourine Farah

Norine Farah launched her first collection in 2014 at the Cairo Fashion Festival III and since then has become a favourite of Egyptian fashionistas. Women all over the region have fallen in love with her feminine gowns and everyday outfits constructed with elegant and playful fabrics.

Shahira Lasheen

Shahira Lasheen established her self-titled label back in 2015. She is known for her attention to detail and her perfectly hand-embellished evening and bridal gowns. Her designs have been seen in celebrity photoshoots in Vogue Arabia, Elle Arabia and Marie Claire Arabia.

Maram Borhan

Maram Borhan launched her eponymous couture atelier and bridal brand, as well as her ready-to-wear line, Maram, in 2017. Known for being a master of lace and femininity, Borhan uses lush fabrics and warm tones that easily compliment a women’s figure.

Donia Anabtawi

Dunia Anabtawi officially launched her brand, By D, in 2014 and is known for tailoring each design to her client’s needs. Anabtawi has a loyal clientele that appreciates how she carefully creates the couture gowns they are dreaming of. Her designs showcase sophistication and variety and have placed her on every fashionista’s radar.



Through its focus on materials like leather and straw, Pixie has managed to become one of the most successful names in the shoe industry. With special attention to seaming and comfort, Pixie is a magical brand that combines elegance and practicality.



The boho-chic brand, Palma, is brewing a storm when it comes to its footwear collection. Their beachy, palmy vibe sandals and flip-flops, are sought after by those who love to look effortlessly cool while being comfortable.

Jayda Hani

Jayda Hani’s namesake label is jazzing up the footwear scene with its unique creative designs, from heels to combat boots, that are suitable for different occasions. With Hani’s creations, you can look edgy or like a Barbie doll. It’s your call! Her studded details and sleek finish certainly haven’t gone unnoticed.

Katee by Kristina

With its signature ankle detail, the whimsical brand, Katee by Kristina is a shoe label with flair and vibrancy and is quite attractive. The designs and construction of its playful floral anklets and its sexy strappy sandals show that Katee by Kristina puts major effort into every one of its lines.

Hand Bags


The Sister duo, Mounaz and Aya created the now global brand, Okhtein, by designing bags that are stylish and sophisticated. The creative duo has successfully developed a signature look that is globally recognised. They have even caught the attention of international celebrities who have been spotted wearing their bags! The label is constantly innovating and has recently generated its own stylish line of sunglasses.


Aliel was founded by Leila Abotira in 2017. The brand’s name holds a double meaning: the Arabic translation of the word “few” and the designer’s name spelt backwards! The label focuses on quirky handbags for women with meaningful themes. Their campaign, Horra (Free), consisted of square leather bags with beaded detailing. Simply put, Aliel is not very aliel.


The online store, Kato is your go-to spot for fashionable and unusual bags. Using a wide variety of materials, including heavy beading, wood and silver chains, Kato bags are crafted with material combinations you wouldn’t usually expect. Their handbags are fabulously eccentric.


With vibrant designs that come in a variety of sizes, Redu’s handbags are wonderful for everyday use. Known for their stylish chain details and silver lock, they are also practical and comfortable. Redu also designs apparel, footwear and accessories.