Don’t feel like travelling this summer? If you’re opting to stay in and get some quality time on your own while your friends are away on life-changing adventures, well, you could have a life-changing adventure as well… without even leaving your house! Experience dozens of stories and endless emotional roller coasters in a matter of days, from the comfort of your own couch. If you’ve ever heard that reading lets you live a thousand lives, consider binge-watching the new library experience.


It might not be the most summery show, but this mini-series will have you on the edge of your seat for its entire five hour run. The series tells the story of the horrific real-life events that took place in the USSR in 1986, leading to a global disaster. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who was the bad guy or the hero; all that matters is what was lost in the chaos and destruction of Chernobyl.
Available on: HBO, OSN

Euphoria – Season 1

One of the most daring shows ever to air, Euphoria perfectly depicts teenage life in 2019. Overexposure to drug abuse, sexual encounters and struggles with identity, are just some of the topics covered. Featuring breakout star Zendaya, this show stands out among dozens of other high school dramas thanks to its realism and ability to capture the fleeting feeling of euphoria that teenagers seek.
Available on: HBO, OSN

Big Little Lies – Season 2

This series quickly became an international phenomenon, with tons of awards under its belt and some of the realest characters ever depicted. This season does the impossible by outshining its first installment, based on the novel by Liane Moriarty. All of your favourite female leads are back, with the new addition of Hollywood icon Meryl Streep who gives a powerhouse performance.
Available on: HBO, OSN

Black Mirror – Season 5

The anthology series, with its underlying message of a dystopian world crumbling in this destructive age of technology, is back. This season, Black Mirror presents a new collection of haunting stories that will leave your head spinning. Season 5 contains an episode starring Miley Cyrus as a famous pop star controlled by her management who imposes a certain image on her. Sound familiar?
Available on: Netflix

Ramy – Season 1

Brought to you by Hulu, this ten-part comedy puts the internal struggles of a Muslim youth growing up in the Western world under the spotlight like never before. Although the topics covered are complex and controversial, the genuine and authentic way in which they are portrayed will leave you smiling and in fits of laughter throughout. Written by Egyptian-American comedian and star of the show, Ramy Youssef, much of the plot was based on his real-life experiences. Putting Egypt on a global platform in a way that challenges stereotypes, Ramy definitely needs to be on your summer must-watch list!
Available on: Hulu

Jinn – Season 1

The first Middle Eastern Netflix original, Jinn, is a blend of the modern-day teenage lifestyle in Amman, and the ancient history of the city of Petra, which acts as the primary link to the supernatural power, the Jinn. The plot follows a number of teenagers as they attempt to navigate between the Jinn’s good and evil powers. Although the show has many supernatural elements, it also touches on sensitive topics, such as bullying, drugs and domestic violence.
Available on: Netflix

Zodiac – Season 1

The online thriller series, Zodiac, made history as the first Egyptian series to air on a digital streaming service. The series explores the magic and mystery of ancient Egypt, but with a twist. The accidental involvement of a bunch of university students, leads to the characters getting entangled in a web of dangerous liaisons far beyond their expectations. Although it might bring them closer together than ever before, they’ve never been further from safety.
Available on: Viu

Money Heist – Season 3

Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papel (The Paper House), first hit our screens back in 2017, and has now returned with a brand new gripping series. Following a group of bank robbers in Madrid, this action-packed Spanish series perfectly mixes drama and romance, with a ton of unexpected twists. Although it seemed like things had been wrapped up neatly at the end of season 2, trouble definitely lies ahead for this band of thieves led by the ingenious professor.
Available on: Netflix

The Handmaid’s Tale – Season 3
The series, based on the classic Margaret Atwood novel, has garnered a big fan following and received critical acclaim ever since its first season. Now on its third season, the female empowering show is proving episode after episode and scene after scene that it is not holding back on the controversial action. This season sees June forming a new strategy, Serena torn between her heart and her beliefs and a dangerously unhinged Aunt Lydia. All we’ve got to say is “blessed be the fruit”!
Available on: Hulu, OSN

Stranger Things – Season 3

Probably the biggest show of the summer, Stranger Things is back with a mind-blowing new season of gore, mystery and teenage romance. This season balances warming your heart with breaking it, making you feel all the feelings throughout its 8 episodes. Our favourite crew of monster fighters somehow took things to new heights for season 3, blending a unique mix of 80s nostalgia with sci-fi juiciness, in addition to some irresistible summer fun that will have you running to your neighborhood mall like a dingus looking to uncover some hidden conspiracies.
Available on: Netflix

Killing Eve – Season 2

Although a significant departure from the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, Killing Eve has proven that Sandra Oh is as versatile as she is talented. Her compelling performance more than deserved the Golden Globe Award that she received for the show’s first season. Recently finished with its second season, Killing Eve is still getting rave reviews, which is no surprise due to Oh’s chemistry with the show’s villainess, actress Jodie Comer, on top of the action-packed plot and dazzling cinematography.
Available on: BBC One