Stylish top five in Ramadan

By Amira Ashour – IG: @StreetStyleDubai


  •  Ahmed Ezz in AlIkhtyar3 : Maintaining a chic powerful look with minimal style is the key to a perfect clean fitted image .. Ezz has shown us how a suit or a blazer over a classy look can stand out!
  •  ⁃ Yousra in “Ahlam Saeeda” .. Each look is a perfection .. she knew how to pull of chicness and accessories it well! From elegant Chanel suits with large sunbonets to simple black coco hats, she rocked it with each look.. even with a colorful simple comfortable throw on and matching lipsticks.. she looked super cool and chic!
  •   Shereen Reda in “shoghl felAli” from the first episode she rocked a full black look with a winged eyeliner.. then a plain white simple ensemble with pointed chic heels .. she knew how to simplify any look even with a shawl and simple messy hair!
  •   Ghada Adel in “Ahlam Saeeda” : causal edgy simple look with detailed pieces .. Jeans with heels, full black look with turquoise boots, detailed simple lace and epaulettes shoulders with large colored bags.. the key is how she made it seem so simple!
  •  Anushka in “rajeen y’a Hawa” Her unique elegance is a simple statement! The red jackets colored pieces stood out as she inspired us with different stylish flashy modest colored dresses, pearls and brooch’s only she can pull off!