Steve Lyons

New England’s Modern Impressionist Artist

Nestled just off Main Street in Chatham, Massachusetts (MA), artist Steve Lyon’s edgy gallery is where art lovers flock to enjoy his colourful art and to interface with him personally. It’s also where artsy kids sign up for “Kreative Klasses,” taught exclusively by the MA-native artist. Today, with his name in the top five American Art Awards, it’s hard to imagine that Steve Lyons’ quick rise to success began with him selling his paintings on scrap lumber off of his front porch.

Coastal Meadow

To the amazement of art critics, this world renowned artist never attended art school. Lyons studied journalism with a minor in art history as an undergraduate in Eastern Kentucky University; and followed that with a Master’s degree in the same fields, at the Louisiana State University.  During his earlier years as a journalist, he explored different art styles and mastered the traditional Italian Impasto technique, earning him much recognition. The technique consisted of layering coats of paint until the brush strokes protrude and become visible, creating a textured surface.

Figurines On The Staircase

Lyons’ highly technical ‘sculptural paintings’ swiftly gained him prominence and the attention of international collectors and critics. While his earlier work focused on the depiction of the serene life in New England, his recent paintings range from the emotionally charged “Fleeing Damascus,” illustrating the plight of refugees, to his masterful portrayal of feminine beauty in “Woman Dreaming,” and “Painted Ladies” series. This year, Lyons developed a handful of evolving series, including “Women and the Universe” along with a line of ‘Metal Leaf’ works, which incorporate gold, copper, silver and variegated leaves throughout.  His work ranges from abstract expressionism, to digital paintings, still life and sculptured pieces. Lyons cites art giants, Vincent van Gogh and Jackson Pollock, as his inspirational role models.

Fleeing Damascus

Lyons’ work has been exhibited across the U.S., Europe, Australia and Latin America.  He is presently the subject of an upcoming documentary about creativity and his personal journey from poverty; and he was recently featured on the syndicated television show Chronicle. With his works hanging in boutique hotels and a host of international and national collectors acquiring his art, Steve Lyons has turned his corner of New England into a must-see art destination for serious enthusiasts and dedicated art geeks across the globe. In the works are a few different exhibitions including a university show in Iona in September 2018.

Man Dreaming
Steve Lyons’ Upcoming Exhibits:
– European tour of  artwork that kicks off June 15thThe ME Resorts have requested to show work throughout Europe as well as Miami and Cabo throughout the year. Open June 15th- Sept 15th in Sitges, Mallorca, and Ibiza.
– The tour then travels to ME Resorts other locations, including Madrid, London, Milan, Florence, Cabo and Miami
Beginning late September, look for Lyons‘ exhibitions at Universities through Europe; cities include: Barcelona,  La Rochelle France, Amsterdam, and Moscow.
– May 15 Trident Booksellers exhibition