Stars In Love

Advice from Celebs on Maintaining Successful Relationships

Just like all of us, our favourite celebrity couples have to figure out how to nourish their love for one another and keep their relationships strong. In truth, being constantly in the limelight often requires them to make an even bigger effort at making things work and seems to make their relationships all the more resilient. Which is why, just in time for Valentine’s Day, eniGma’s Mohamed Hesham sought out some of our favourite celebrity couples to give us their take on what it takes to maintain a successful relationship.

Ahmed Al Fishawy & Nadia Reffat

“Well, the secret to any successful relationship is probably simply love, and, of course, keeping the passion with your significant other is key!”

Abu & Nehal Leheta

“One of the most important factors in any successful relationship is simply companionship, and that carries a lot of meaning. You also have to to like your partner, as these things are often forgotten, and love is often taken for granted.”

Lekaa El Khamissi & Mohamed Abdelmonsef

“We are generally two different personalities. Our judgments on issues are almost always different, so we decided we would focus on complementing each other, taking advantage of the bigger picture. We are good friends with the capacity to accept our differences while allowing each other freedom of expression.”

Wafaa Elkilany & Tayem Hassan

“We are still in our second year of marriage. So far, for our relationship and for any other for that matter, the basis should be love and honesty, which create respect and true partnership between us. The simple absence of these small elements can spoil a couple’s life together.”

Naglaa Badr & Mohamed Afifi

“To maintain a successful relationship, just forgive, laugh and complement each other. Don’t try to control one another, be proud of one another, give each other space, appreciate each other, have fun together, communicate gently, write love notes, treat each other as friends, don’t take each other for granted, and start and end every day with a kiss!”

Ola Roshdy & Ahmed Dawood

“Relationships require continuous hard work and effort just like any business or project you wish to succeed in. Always communicate your love and feelings and stay transparent! The longer you don’t express to one another how you feel, the bigger the gap grows between you two. Give your partner love, respect, a lot of appreciation, apologies when needed, and don’t forget to always keep your promises.”