Spring Movies Guide 2024

Spring is finally there with several exciting films on offer, some of which are expected to perform well. Top of the list is Fasel Men Al Lahazat Al Laziza (A Break of Good Moments), starring Hesham Maged, whose comedic series Ashghal Shakka (Apartment Works) achieved resounding success this past Ramadan. Other upcoming interesting films include the action film, Shaao (Brother), starring Amr Youssef as well Yousra, Dina El Sherbiny, Amina Khalil, and Mohamed Mamdouh. Here is a list of the major spring movies to be released in the upcoming few weeks.


Amr Youssef’s latest movie, Shaao, is an action thriller based on the widely successful novel, Prince of Thieves, by Chuck Hogan. The powerful cast includes Yousra, Mohamed Mamdouh, Dina El Sherbiny, and Amina Khalil. Eight years ago, the same cast, minus movie icon Yousra, made the Grand Hotel series a massive success. Chances are they will do the same in this film directed by Karim El Sobky.

Ard Gahanam
(The Land of Hell)

After a long absence, Haifa Wehbe is returning to the big screen with a new social comedy set in the 1990s and shot in several locations, including Lebanon and France. According to the film’s producer, Anwar Al Bathei, Ard Gahanam will add a new dimension to Wehbe’s acting career. Directed by Waleed Mohy, the cast includes comedians Amr Abdul Gelil and Bayoumi Fouad.

Wa Lana Fil Hob Khayal
(Imagining in Love)

This classic love story starring Ahmed El Saadany and Mayan El Sayed is about a college professor who falls for his student, interfering in her relationship challenges and resulting in a complicated love triangle. The film is directed by Sarah Rouzek and includes rising actors Farida Ragab, Omar Rouzek, and Seif Hemida among others.

Ala El Mashi
(Quick Fix)

The spring movie season is never complete without a light comedy that draws laughs from large audiences. Ala El Mashi portrays the story of a lazy young guy, Hady, whose life turns upside down when he contracts a rare disease that compels him to be continuously active, against his own nature. The film stars Salah Abdallah, Aya Samaha, Aly Rabea, and Entesar.

Benadar Zorofak
(Appreciating Your Situation)

This social drama starring Ahmed El Fishawy and Mai Selim revolves around relationship problems, both romantic and family related. After participating in various interesting projects in recent years, including 30th of March and Ritsa, El Fishawy’s role in Benadar Zorofak is expected to be a continuation of his quest to explore Egyptian society themes.

Fasel Men Al Lahazat Al Laziza

(A Break of Good Moments)

This social comedy with iconic duo Hesham Maged and Hana El Zahed is about architect Hesham Maged and his wife Hana Al Zahed who are miserable together until a surprise event introduces glimmers of happiness to their marriage. Maged and Zahed’s previous collaborations in Tasleem Ahali and Mister X demonstrated a chemistry between them that audiences love.