Solid Architects

In a field brimming with architectural and interior design talent, Solid Architects, led by architect Adel Bassillious, has been quietly building a strong reputation as the go-to destination for distinctive designs and top of the line construction services. Since it was founded a decade ago, the innovative design house has proven that it is a rising force in Egypt’s design and construction market. eniGma’s Ezz Al-Turkey sat down with Bassillious to discuss his firm’s journey so far and his ambitions for the future.

Adel Bassillious graduated from university with a degree in architecture and went on to hone his practical skills by earning a master’s degree in leed engineering from the American University in Cairo, where his focus was on the use of different materials in design and execution. Throughout his studies, he also gained real-world experience by working in his family’s jewellery and tourism businesses. In 2011, Bassillious launched his own professional career by partnering with engineer Mina Samy to found their architecture and design firm, Solid Architects. “Mina and I were very close friends. I would always reach out to him for his creative advice, and vice versa. In 2010, we thought, why not work together? We started by designing for family and friends. Soon enough we had started gaining a solid reputation and also attracted clients outside of family who liked our work,” he recalled.

From the very beginning, Bassillious was determined to stand out and to dance to his own beat. “We wanted our designs to become ‘staples.’ We wanted people to see our designs and be able to tell that they were designed by Solid Architects. I regard that as our biggest challenge, and it’s extremely hard to achieve,” he stresses. From the start, he understood that this would take hard work and persistent focus.

“It’s extremely important for us to have Solid Architects be about the work, not about us,” says Bassillious, referring to himself and his partner. “We are the minds behind it. We’re the men behind the wheel, but we want to be as discreet as possible,” he explains.

The firm boasts a large portfolio of residential projects, and its architectural buildings in Cairo stand out with their unique style and distinctive facades. “My biggest pride is that we stand out. We’ve worked on some amazing projects over the years and the best compliment I receive is when people tell me they can spot which building I’ve worked on amidst a whole block of buildings!” he exclaims.

Solid Architects is currently focusing on turnkey projects that are designed and executed in-house. This ensures that the end-product turns out exactly as envisioned, while also adding more value to the overall result. “Doing the construction and execution of our designs means that we can better guarantee that they turn out the way we want them to. We want to create architecture that is as good as international designs!” exclaims Bassilious.

Looking ahead, Bassillious and his partner have ambitious plans for their growing architectural firm. Their aim is for Solid Architects to become one of the top 10 in its field. “We’re already doing great, and I’m very grateful for that. At this stage, however, we want to focus more on marketing ourselves and increasing our visibility in the field. I think we are mostly known to people who have worked with us before, and we want to change that. Additionally, we would like to branch out and have Solid Architects become a mother company to several other companies. We just want people to see all the hard work that we put into every project!”