“The Best Art Ever!”

“I loved the process of figuring out how to transform inspiration into an object.” Sol Hill, a reputed contemporary and visual artist has recently created “The Best Art Ever!” 

His recent project largely focuses on the language used by Donald Trump which Sol describes as: “absurd.” To make his art immaculately go with trump’s statements, Sol had used unusual and bizarre material: he used gold leaf mixed with orange paste to create the gold lettering, and finely ground Cheetos, layered with acrylic varnish to create the background. Not only the material, but the project’s title “is a riff on the types of things Trump says”, claimed Sol.

Sol has been surrounded by art his whole life. Even though he ended up majoring in International Affairs and German Studies, his career path circled back to visual arts. His parents has been his inspiration, Sol spent a great deal of time in Santa Fe’s first contemporary art gallery, which was founded by his parents. Hill later on went back to school to earn his MFA in Photography from the Brooks Institute of Photography. Most of Sol’s work involve a photographic process, such as: “Sublime Noise”, “Urban Noise”, “Token Feminine” and “ ‘Scapes”. Pieces were made out of photographs, Japanese paper and Acrylic.

Urban Noise
Token Feminine No. 1
Token Feminine No. 2
Unfound Sublime

In the future, Hill mentioned that he is still interested in doing work regarding socio-political issues and that he would like to tackle the issues of mass shooting and gun control. He has plans to create an interactive installation, shaped like the barrel of a gun Ghostly moving images would be projected inside the chamber which will include large black panels with white paint markers in which the viewers could climb inside to draw, write, or respond freely to the imagery inside. The installation would approach Hill’s question: “What is the cost to this country, of finding solutions through the barrel of a gun?”