Setting the Bar High

Celebrities’ Inspiring New Year Resolutions

As we bid farewell to the past and embrace the possibilities of the future, celebrities are no exception to making New Year’s resolutions. Their resolutions serve as a reminder that, regardless of fame or status, we all have the power to make positive changes in our lives and the world around us. eniGma’s Farida Elserty had the chance to chat and meet some celebrities to know more about their New Year’s resolutions. Below, we invite you to draw inspiration from some of them, as you chart your own course for 2024.

“My resolution not only for this year but for every year, is to be grateful no matter what. I will strive to live a happier life and to bring happiness to the people around me. I will also strive to be the voice for those whose voices are being silenced.” – Nicolas Mouawad

“For this year’s resolution, I’ve decided to trust the process more. I’ve chosen to let go of everything negative and distracting and to embrace all kinds of blessings and goodness coming my way.” – Injy El Mokkaddem

“I can’t think of anything more important to say than peace and freedom for the Palestinians. We need to save our world and its ethics.” – Razan Moghrabi

“Personal growth is about progress, not perfection. Take small steps and keep moving forward.” – Abu

“This year, my resolution is primarily to dedicate more time to my family.” – Mariam El Khosht

“I would say: be grateful and always expect the best, because you attract what you think of. And whenever you feel down, remember that you hold the power to lift yourself higher than anyone else can.” –  Hannady Mehanna

“I would like to improve my work-life balance this year.” – Razane Jammal

“Palestine, Palestine, Palestine! I cannot think of anything else.” – Ahmed Magdy

“There are no sinners or saints, just humans experiencing trials and errors trying to become who we are meant to be. We should remember to be kind to ourselves. The choices we make are ours, and there is nothing to regret. It’s a journey to be lived, and hopefully, we learn along the way to avoid repeating the same mistakes.” – Hana Shiha

“Every year, we strive to distance ourselves from what has been imposed on us.” – Huda El Mufti

“My resolution is to be kinder to myself. We live in a fast-paced world with immense pressure to achieve. I know I am doing my best, and I intend to honour that.” – Sarrah Abdelrahman

“For the new year, I want to love Nada more, learn more about her, and express my gratitude for everything she does because she deserves it.” – Nada Mousa“Cleanse your heart, love one another, and try to give whenever you can.” – Hisham Ashour