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In the realm of artistic pursuits, few stories are as captivating as the remarkable transformation of Sedky Sakhr. Originally a practising professional engineer, Sakhr fearlessly answered the call of his true passion to act and play music, and never looked back. In an exclusive interview with eniGma’s Farida Elserty, Sakhr recounts his extraordinary journey and discusses his upcoming projects. Prepare to be inspired by this fascinating story that serves as a reminder of the boundless possibilities that await those who summon the courage to follow their hearts and pursue their true calling.

Born and raised in Cairo, Sedky Sakhr’s professional life journey began very far from the glitter and glamour of showbiz. A brilliant student who excelled in his studies from his early years, Sakhr found his way to the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University from which he graduated and went on to pursue a successful career in his chosen field of engineering for almost 12 years.

Yet, Sakhr always had a passion for acting that he was yearning to express. As time went on, this passion began to take centre stage in his life; and in a leap of faith, he decided in 2019 that his true calling was not in engineering. He took the bold decision to leave behind his full-time engineering job and embark on a new adventure in the world of acting. “Acting has always been my passion. As a child, I would engage in sketches with my cousins, and eagerly participate in school plays and in different radio shows for children’s programs,” he recalls.

Though seemingly unrelated to the arts, Sakhr’s engineering background played a significant role in shaping his artistic pursuits. The logical reasoning and precision he honed as an engineer gave him a solid foundation for his new creative endeavours. Sakhr transitioned into his new career with unwavering determination and resilience.

In 2020, his breakthrough moment came when he got his first role in the acclaimed series Be Meet Wesh (Multifaceted) alongside Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin. Shortly thereafter, he embarked on another notable series, Leh La2? (Why Not?), which holds a special place in his heart. Starring alongside Amina Khalil, Sakhr says, “I loved being a part of Leh La2? because I support the ideas it reflects. Additionally, the character I portrayed resonated with me on a personal level.”

After his breakout success in 2020, Sakhr continued to charm audiences with a string of TV series, including Fe Koul Esboua’ Youm Goma’a (Every Week Has a Friday), Qawaa’ed El Talaq Al 45 (The 45 Rules of Divorce), Ansaf Maganeen 1 & 2 (Half Crazies 1 & 2), Mona’atef Khatar (The Killing), and Etizan (Balance). With each new role, he demonstrated how versatile and gifted he was.

Sedky Sakhr & Rakeen Saad from Itizan (Balance)

Recently, Sakhr gave a standout performance as Marwan in the highly acclaimed series Rivo, starring alongside Amir Eid, Tamer Hashem, and Sarah Abdel Rahman. This role also happens to be his favourite so far for many reasons. “Rivo holds a special place in my heart because of the musical element in the show, the complexity of my character, and the joy of acting itself,” he explains, adding, “What got me hooked on this project was mainly the story – it is fresh and brand new. Plus, I was drawn to the character itself, which was challenging. It was all twisted and deep, and it changed a lot as the series rolled on.” He points specifically to the suicidal scenes, which were the most compelling to him.

Recognising that acting is not just about reciting lines, Sakhr believes that acting is an art that requires vulnerability, empathy, and a deep understanding of human emotions. Hence, he invests a lot of effort immersing himself in each role, until it envelops him like his own skin. “Every character demands extensive research and dedication, even if it shares some traits with me. I often engage with a close friend, a psychiatrist, to delve into my character’s emotional intricacies, and to comprehend his aspirations, longings, and necessities,” he explains with excitement. “That’s exactly what I did in Rivo – I dove into the depression symptoms and signs to get a better grip on the role. It helped me act out the character in the most real way possible,” he adds.

Inevitably, Sakhr’s dedication to his roles also has a tremendous impact on his own life. “To truly delve into the motives, needs, flaws, and characteristics of each character, you must delve into yourself and connect with similar traits within. It’s a journey of self-discovery where I confront my inner demons, making the experience irresistibly attractive,” he declares, adding, “While many actors revel in the ability to become someone new every day, what truly captivates me is the ability to transform into a new version of myself that I never knew that it existed.”

Believing in the continuity of his experiences, Sakhr goes on to say, “So far, the most important lesson I learnt in my career is that everything you do along the way is a seed you plant in the path of your career. You do not know how it will serve in the future, but it does, in one way or another.” He believes that every action counts and contributes to your career journey, even if you’re unsure about how it will benefit you down the line.
In addition to his acting pursuits, Sakhr finds joy in music, which has always been a significant part of his life. He always had a natural talent for playing various instruments and he used music to express himself and connect with others. “Even though acting is my main focus now, music will always be a part of my daily life. I practice it every day,” he says.

Sakhr demonstrated his skills as a musician recently when he participated with the Kahareb band in their new song, Lesany Sayeb, written and composed by Youssef Atwan. Sakhr brought his A-game playing the harmonica and throwing his captivating voice into the mix. The band’s incredible sound mixed with Sakhr’s own style makes the song totally pop and hit some new high notes.

Sedky Sakhr from Lesany Sayeb

Looking ahead at his career, Sakhr believes that there is still so much more he wants to explore. “My ultimate dream project would be a fusion of acting and music. Musicals projects combine all the essential qualities an actor should possess, including acting, singing, and dancing,” he explains.

He would also like to venture into roles he hasn’t tackled before. “I would like to try playing a villain or a comedy role,” he adds.

Currently, Sakhr is awaiting the release of his upcoming short film, Can You Keep a Secret? Also featuring the talented actors Gihan El Shamashergy and Mina El Naggar. Written by Salma Abdel Wahab, directed by Mohamed Elwy and produced by Mohamed Said, the film is soon to be showcased at a film festival in Italy.

Sakhr’s fans will also be happy to learn that he will be participating in another short film directed by Farida Zahran – a unique and darkly comedic musical co-starring Yasmine El Hawary.


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