Sandy Sawiris always knew she wanted to be an artist. Growing up, she dreamed of going to art school and to become a recognised artist. Today, after obtaining a degree in architecture, Sandy is using her talents in more than one artistic field, including acting, drawing, architecture, and design. Enigma’s Salma Mohamed had the opportunity to chat with the versatile artist about her work and her ambitions. Here is an excerpt from their chat.

How did your journey with art begin?
Growing up I always loved drawing and painting. My goal was to go to art school, but I ended up majoring in Architecture, Fine Arts instead. As much as I love architecture, it slowed down my art in general, as I had no time to draw or paint during college except for my architectural projects. After college I got back to drawing and painting, especially with watercolours. Of course, there was an artistic aspect in my study of architecture as well. There was much drawing, and we even used watercolour in architecture, so I didn’t lose my skills there.

How would you describe your style and technique?
My favourite thing to work with is watercolour. I would say that I have a realist style with transparency through what I create. It’s just how I like to illustrate things.

What do you want people to think and feel when they see your art?
I generally go for peaceful colours in my artwork. I don’t like harsh colours, so most of my work has this kind of calmness to it, and that’s what I want to portray through my work. I would love for viewers to feel calm, peaceful, and nostalgic in a way. I also want them to notice the neat lines and the layering of the colours involved in the painting and to let their mind wander within the beauty of the piece and get absorbed into it.

What was your experience like when showcasing your art, especially at Enigma’s Covers Reimagined event?
Actually, the first time I showcased my art was at Enigma’s Covers Reimagined event. I hadn’t had an experience like that before. Usually, I share my art through social media, but not in person. I was very happy that day; I felt like I was part of a big artistic event. I wished the event was more than one day, just to see the impression or the impact of my paintings on people. Creating the art piece for Enigma’s cover with Ruby was a very fun experience on its own. I chose Ruby’s cover especially because I thought there was something wild yet simple about it, all in white. It was a little challenging to work with, but I took the concept and created something striking yet peaceful.

What inspires your art the most?
Everything around me inspires me. Whether it’s looking at pictures of interior design, or architecture, or other paintings, I feel inspired. All kinds of art inspire me. Music also inspires me a lot. I can’t create anything without listening to music. I don’t have a specific kind of music I like to listen to, but I need to have music on whenever I work on anything.

How would you describe art and what does it mean to you?
I use art, in all its forms. It is an abstract way of expressing what I can’t really express in reality. Honestly, I love and have dabbled in every form of art, like acting, drawing, painting, architecture, and furniture design! I’m passionate about everything and anything that has to do with art. I love the idea of creating something out of nothing. I think it’s a way to let out all my thoughts and feelings, even if I’m going to be the only person who sees it.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?
Not having enough time to do most things is the most challenging part. I became a mum recently, and that has been wonderful and one of my biggest inspirations, in general. But honestly I haven’t been painting much for a while because I am focusing on being a mum and also on my main job as an architect. So, I don’t have enough time for now, but I’m planning on getting back soon.

What is something you want to achieve in your art?
I would love to showcase my art in an exhibition. I would love to create many art works that would allow me to pull off something like this. I also want to experience everything I possibly could, traveling the world, meeting new people, and seeing new places. I want to try out many jobs. That’s why I took the decision to start acting; to experience many jobs through acting. I’m still a beginner in acting; I’ve mostly been in commercials and small parts in movies and TV shows, like Newton’s Cradle. In the end, I would love to be an actress with a passion for art and to get to do it in my free time.