Since his first solo exhibition, more than 10 years ago, Robert Mars has taken the world by storm.  Working from his Connecticut studio, Mars skillfully produces artwork that is celebrated all over the United States, from Laguna Beach to Naples, Florida. He has made his mark creating stellar multimedia collages that masterfully merge American iconography of the 50s and 60s with modern prints.

Graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design with a degree in Graphic Design, Robert Mars boasts a portfolio that is rich in variety.  Yet running through much of his work are certain staple themes like the American Dream, vintage cars, and the culture of luxury. The influence of his background in graphic design is also apparent in most of his pieces. However, he is most notorious for centering his artwork on past icons, such as Marilyn Monroe, Muhammad Ali or Kate Moss.  The universal fascination with these icons, which recently included Egypt’s own Laila Eloui, has captured people’s imagination all over the world and contributed to Mars’ tremendous popularity and increased demand for his amazing compositions.

Given that Mars’ artwork revolves around an earlier time period, he has collected a huge trove of original source materials, in the form of thousands of vintage magazines and newspapers, which he uses in his collages and which add an element of authenticity to his art.  His artwork not only evokes the past, but actually physically embodies tangible parts of history.

Today, the impact of this contemporary artist can be felt far and wide. His art has reached major companies like Coca Cola, Neiman Marcus, Absolut Vodka and Philip Morris, who have all collaborated with him. The breadth of such collaborations is a reflection of his success at creating modern day relics that resonate with people from all walks of life.

As he continues to produce ever more special and fascinating works of art, Mars is expanding his reach to more icons from around the world.  He is reaching a global audience and his impact is spreading far beyond the United States.