Ramadan Rising Stars 2024

The Ramadan TV season has always been the time to discover rising new talents and even some future superstars. The 2024 season did not disappoint. Several outstanding performers made their mark in a variety of genres, including comedy, action, romance, and even horror. Check out the list below for a brief overview of the journeys of these rising stars.

Ahmed Abd El Wahab

Al Hashasheen (The Assassins)

This Ramadan was special for Ahmed Abd El Wahab, who gained high praise for his great maturity in dramatic acting and body language techniques in his role as Yehia in El Hashasheen. The hard-working actor/writer began his career with the third edition of Khaled Galal’s workshop at the Artistic Creativity Center Theatre. His acting breakthrough came last year in the series Alf Hamdellah Al Salama (Welcome!), alongside superstar Yousra.

Sarah El-Shamy

Al Hashasheen (The Assassins)

This beautiful young actress began her career in 2012 in the series, Sharbat Looz, alongside megastars Yousra and Samir Ghanem. El-Shamy went on to make her mark with her roles in the popular series Kalabsh (Handcuffs) in 2017, Raheem in 2018, as well as her outstanding performance in the series Al Gesr (The Bridge) in 2022 with stars Nelly Kareem and Amr Saad. This past Ramadan, she played Nourhan in El Hashasheen which proved to be her most iconic role so far.

Mostafa Ghareeb

Ashgal Shaka (Apartment Chronicles)

Mostafa Ghareeb is proving day after day that we are witnessing a comedy icon in the making. Ghareeb began his journey by joining the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts and taking several acting workshops. His big break came in 2022 with his roles in the series El Kebeer Awi 6 and Rageen Ya Hawa (We’re Coming Back, Love), where he displayed his unique comedic style. This year Ghareeb gained significant popularity for his hilarious role as Arabi in Ashgaal Shaka.

Mariam El Gendy

Al Atawla (The Tough Ones)

The young multi-skilled actress, Mariam El Gendy, recently gained much popularity, for the talent she has demonstrated in both comedy and drama. She began her career in theatre in Cinema Masr in 2019, directed by Khaled Galal, and gained recognition as a rising star in the series Balto (White Coat) in 2023, which debuted a number of young talents. In Ramadan 2024, El Gendy was the woman of the hour with her parts in the series Al Atawla and Kobra, both of which gained her a huge fan following.

Nour El Nabawy

Embratoreyet Meem (Empire of Meem)

Nour El Nabawy, the son of star icon, Khaled El Nabawy, is steadily following in his father’s footsteps. After studying acting in Santa Monica College, El Nabawy began his career in Egyptian TV with his role in Rageen Ya Hawa in 2022. In the same year, he also took part in the blockbuster, El Harefa (Phenoms). This past Ramadan, he impressed audiences and critics alike with his performance in Embratoreyet Meem, regarded by many as one of his best work so far.

Laila Ahmed Zaher

Aala Nesbet Moshahda (Highest Viewership)

Laila Ahmed Zaher is climbing the ladder to stardom so fast that we keep wondering if she is the same child actress we saw debut just a few years ago. Zaher’s first significant role was in Al Fetewa (The Benevolent Thug) in 2020. Then she continued to impress with her role in the fictional comedy Fi Baytena Robot (There’s a Robot in our House) in 2022 and the well-known drama series Telt El Talata (Third of Three ) in 2023. She gained wide acclaim for her role in Aala Nesbet Moshahda.

Essam Omar

Massar Egbari (Forced Path)

Alexandrian actor/director Essam Omar started off his career in theatre, with Al Ota Al Amya (The Blind Cat) in 2010. His real breakthrough came in 2023, with the impressive success of the series Balto, in which he stars as a freshly graduated, inexperienced doctor whose first job ever is as head of a village clinic in the Egyptian countryside. This past Ramadan, Omar achieved great success in Massar Egbari, together with his co-star Ahmed Dash.

Sarah Nour

El Moallem (The Master)

Sarah Nour is a promising young talent who started her acting career in the series Abu El Banat (Father of the Girls) in 2016, alongside the superstar Mostafa Shaaban. Nour’s big breakthrough was in 2023 when she took part in the series Al Asli (The Original) and Al Awda (The Return) and was recognised as a rising star with a diverse acting skills. This Ramadan season she gave an outstanding performance in the series Al Moallem, also alongside Mostafa Shaaban.