Ramadan Decoration Ideas Accessorizing corners of our home with Ramadan decorations for positive energy and inspiration.

It’s that time of the year again! Ramadan is finally here, and this year, we want to make sure we embrace its spirit, not only by indulging in food and binge-watching shows, but also brightening up our living spaces. There’s no better way to do so than by accessorizing corners of our home with Ramadan decorations for positive energy and inspiration.

Kids’ Room

Because it’s very important to teach your kids about Ramadan, sprinkling their room with Ramadan decorations will not only give them positive vibes, but also create a mental and emotional nostalgic connection to it. Consider filling their room with different sizes of colorful Ramadan paper lanterns, without candles, for safety concerns. Also, get glowing letters, spelling “Ramadan Kareem,” or crescents and stars to stick them all over the walls.


Your bedroom energy should always reflect happiness and relaxation. For a Ramadan vibe, add a burst of color with accessories. We suggest you place a floor lantern in one of the empty corners of your room. You can also add throw pillows on your bed, and hang star or crescent charms on your door or by your bed.

Living Room

We assume this room is where the family spends most of its time. It’s the place where we all get together and watch television, while chit-chatting and snacking before getting consumed in our Android and iPhone screens. Place a Ramadan-inspired runner on your coffee table for a splash of color and hang some dangling stars from the ceiling. Finally, place a wax candle in the middle of the table and surround it with Ramadan snacks for an ultimate Ramadan setting.


The kitchen is where you can add a fun twist to traditional Ramadan dishes. If you enjoy baking, Ramadan is the perfect month to practice your oh-so-yummy hobby. This year, try creating desserts shaped like stars, crescents and lanterns, and place them on the kitchen table. Hands down, this will be the most delicious Ramadan decoration in the house.



Hmmm… could we really decorate our bathrooms for Ramadan? Absolutely! First, you can replace your hand towels with Ramadan themed ones. Then, for an extra touch, you can burn incense. You are now set for a month of nothing but flowing, positive spirits and prayers. Happy Ramadan!

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