The Ramadan 2023 TV season brought a fresh crop of young talents who made their mark and are poised to become the next big names on our screens. Here is eniGma’s list of the top rising new stars this Ramadan season.

Ayah Samaha (Kamel El Adad & El Soffara)

Rising star Ayah Samaha is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Theater Arts. Her breakthrough came when she was cast in the television series Grand Hotel in 2016. That same year, she made her feature film debut in Hepta and gained critical acclaim for her performance. This Ramadan, she wowed everyone with her versatility and ability to bring depth and nuance to her roles in Kamel El Adad (Full House) & El Sofara (The Whistle).

Essam Omar (Taghyeer Gaw)

Actor /director Essam Omar studied theatre at Alexandria University’s Faculty of Arts. He has appeared in several acclaimed works, including Fi Baytena Robot (A Robot in the House) and Elekhteyar 2 (The Choice 2) in 2021, and Suits in Arabic in 2022. However, his breakthrough came in 2023 when he starred in the highly praised series Balto (Coat) as a rookie doctor assigned to a small village. He also went on to make a lasting impression with his role in Taghyeer Gaw (A Change of Scenery) alongside Menna Shalaby this Ramadan. Essam Omar is considered a rising star to watch.

Nour El Nabawy (El Aghar)

Talented actor Nour El Nabawy honed his craft by studying acting and theatre at Santa Monica College and California State University in the US. In 2021, he landed a breakthrough role in the hit TV series Elekhteyar 2 (The Choice 2) acting alongside iconic stars Karim Abdelaziz and Ahmed Mekky. This year in Ramadan, El Nabawy delivered a remarkable performance as Emad in El Aghar, garnering the attention of audiences and critics alike due to its stark contrast with his previous roles.

Taha Desouky (El Sofara)

Actor/comedian Taha Desouky rose to fame a few years ago thanks to his light-hearted humour and relatable stand-up comedy content. He burst onto the acting scene in 2021, with his starring role in the hit series, Mawdou Aeli (Family Matters) alongside Maged El Kedwany, and quickly became everyone’s favourite comedian. Lately, Desouky starred in the famous Ramadan series El Sofara (The Whistle) as Wageeh, creating an unforgettable comedic duo with Ahmed Amin.

Gihan El Shamashergy (Kamel El Adad & Mozkarat Zoug)

The multi-talented rising star, Gihan El Shamashergy started out as a passionate jewellery designer who launched her own brand. In 2020, she made her debut in the series Le’bet El Nesyan (Forgetfulness Game) and has since gone on to play important roles in Qawaed Al Talaq Al 45 (45 Rules of Divorce) and Suits in Arabic in 2022. This Ramadan, she wowed audiences with her stunning performances in Kamel El Adad (Full House) and Mozkarat Zoug (A Husband’s Diary).

Sara El Shamy (Mozkarat Zoug & Harb)

After honing her craft at the Institute of Dramatic Arts, Sarah El Shamy burst onto the scene in 2016 with her captivating performance in the hit series El Khanka. She continued to capture audiences’ hearts in 2017 with her role in the famous series Kalabsh (Handcuffs), and in 2018 in the blockbuster movie Harb Karmooz (Karmooz’s War). Last Ramadan, El Shamy lit up our screens, starring in Mozakarat Zoug (A Husband’s Diary) and in the thriller series, Harb (War).

Amr Gamal (Kamel El Adad)

Amr Gamal, a multi-talented actor, and coach with almost a decade of experience in the industry, made his debut in 2014’s Ramadan blockbuster, Segn El Nesa (Women’s Jail). He has since co-starred in several successful productions, including Valentino in 2020, Al Anisa Farah (Miss Farah) in 2021, Waad Iblis (Devil’s Promise) and Rivo in 2022. This Ramadan, Gamal took audiences by storm with his standout performance in the hit series Kamel El Adad (Full House).

Jala Hesham (Mozkarat Zoug)

Actress Jala Hesham made her debut in the 2016 Ramadan series, Abo El Banat (The Father of Girls), starring alongside Mostafa Shaaban. She later gained traction in the entertainment industry by presenting online shows with The Glocal. Hesham is recognised for her remarkable performances in Khali Balak Min Zizi (Take Care of Zizi) and Naguib Zahi Zarkash in 2021, and Monataf Khater (Dangerous Curve) in 2022. This year in Ramadan, she impressed audiences with her captivating role in Mozkarat Zoug (A Husband’s Diary).

Roya Hashemi (El Harsha El Sabaa)

From a young age, Roya Hashemi was already making waves in the Dubai theatre scene. With a passion for acting that started at age eight, she has honed her craft through intensive training and local theatre performances. Now a prominent performer at Dubai’s Courtyard Playhouse, she landed a coveted role in the popular Ramadan series, El Harsha El Sabaa (The Seventh Year Itch) as Julia. With her undeniable talent, Hashemi is a name to watch in the world of acting.

Ahmed Abdelwahab (1000 Hamdellah Al Salama)

Ahmed Abdel Wahab, a versatile Egyptian writer and actor, began his career taking part in the theater at the Faculty of Commerce. He refined his skills through various acting workshops, which led to several stage appearances. This year, he took a significant step in his career by working with renowned actress Yousra in 1000 Hamdellah Al Salama (Welcome Back), earning him high praise and acclaim in the industry.

Jessica Hossam (Kamel El Adad)

Jessica Hossam is the breakout star of this year’s Ramadan season, earning rave reviews for her role as Amina in the hit series Kamel El Adad (Full House). While she has appeared in several projects in the past, including Leh Laa? (Why Not?) in 2020 and El Ekhteyar 2 (The Choice 2) in 2021, it’s her recent performances that have catapulted her to stardom. With her undeniable talent and natural charisma, Hossam is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after young actresses in the industry.

Ahmed Ghozzi (Darb Nar)

Actor Ahmed Ghozzi graduated with an Honours degree in Business Management from the University of Leeds. He always had a passion for acting, which he pursued while studying in the UK. He made his debut in the short film Walkout 1 before returning to Egypt. His talent continued to shine, and in 2022 he appeared in the fifth season of the popular Netflix series, THE CROWN. He recently impressed audiences with his performance in the acclaimed show, Darb Nar (Shooting), during this year’s Ramadan season.

Hassan Malek (Rashid)

Hassan Malek’s lifelong passion for acting has taken him from acting workshops to the big screen. After gaining valuable experience through several big commercials, he landed his first major role as Mazen in Le’bet El Nesyan (Forgetfulness Game) in 2020. With his natural talent and hard work, Malek quickly rose to fame and was recently seen in the Ramadan series Rashid, earning much acclaim for his standout performance as Seif.

Lina Sophia (Kamel El Adad)

Young actress Lina Sophia’s acting dream became a reality when a famous French Moroccan director in Casablanca cast her in a film where she acted for the first time in French. Since then she has acted in several popular movies and TV shows, like Hepta in 2016, Haza El Masa’ (This Evening) in 2017, and Qawa’ed El Talaq El 45 (45 Rules of Divorce) in 2022. She recently attracted attention in Kamel El Adad (Full House).