Perfect Pleasures

Karim Najjar’s Favourite Things

For the April issue, eniGma caught up with this month’s star with iconic style, Karim Najjar, the dashing socialite, charistmatic entrepreneur and successful businessman, to hear all about his favourite things and style secrets…

My Favourite Destination

Sydney, Australia.

My Guilty Pleasure


My Favourite Film(s)

The Matrix and Star Wars.

My Scent

Miracle of the Rose, by Prada.

My Hobby

Cardio and weightlifting.

My Travel Carry-On Essentials

My workout gear, my swimming gear, my swimsuit, a T-shirt and jeans, and a suit, just in case…

My Mood Booster

Red wine.

My Favourite Accessory

My bracelets.

My Favourite Book(s)

Any book by John Irving.

My Favourite Show

Game of Thrones.