An Asian, a European, an American and an Arab walk into Park Chinois. They all end up finding exactly what they are looking for. Surprising, right? Well, not really. With its classy, elegant and exclusive setting, this London destination is a true sight to behold. It’s much more than just a restaurant. In fact, it prides itself on providing visitors with an unrivalled experience that mixes classic elegance with a mouth-watering, modern Chinese cuisine.  And the fact that it has very sophisticated investors behind it and the world-renowned restaurateur Alan Yau at its helm doesn’t hurt…

Inspired by Paris in the 1930s, Park Chinois certainly feels like a journey back in time to when restaurants had more class and more passion-driven quality. Whether the restaurant world has changed for the better since then is questionable, making the days of old all the more alluring. Park Chinois, to its credit, has taken the best of both worlds and combined them to create a winning formula that harkens to the past, while delivering the highest modern standards.

With its ideal location in the heart of London, on Berkley St. in Mayfair, its glamour is clear even from the building’s exterior. As soon as you step inside the gorgeous establishment, you’ll be bewildered by the sheer opulence involved in every facet. The seating is as immaculate and comfortable as it is unique and lavish. The walls, lamps and curtains exude unbridled prestige, almost as if they had been originally built in the 20s and 30s; then, transferred to 2016 in a time capsule. Make no mistake, Park Chinois is truly that mystical and luxurious. Indeed, with an estimated £40 million pumped into it, you can certainly tell that no expense has been spared in its creation. After all, class always stands out. 

Wherever you look, flair and sumptuous decor reign supreme at Park Chinois. And the range of food offerings is simply staggering, with rich taste emanating from its marvellously varied modern Chinese cuisine. The menu also includes hints of trademark dishes from Asia all the way across Europe and everything in between – scallops, chicken, ducks, lobsters, beef, shrimps…Park Chinois really does have it all. Your favourite dishes will all be served next to some of the most delicious sides imaginable, featuring a tremendous array of natural flavours and flawless presentations. The attention to detail is truly breathtaking. Dishes might appear a bit overpriced to some, but that’s only because the restaurant is unmatched. In other words, there aren’t many other establishments that mix in Park Chinois’ instantly memorable ambience with such a well-thought-out menu. And with the beautiful meal and ambiance come two nightly live shows of talented new artists; reviving the old Parisian tradition of sophisticated supper clubs that combined beautiful live music with a first-rate dining experience.

As you would expect, service at Park Chinois is also first-class. Alert staff is always ready to respond to your orders before you’ve even thought them through. The staff to customer ratio is among the best in town. Even at full capacity, you always feel that your table has been chosen for individualized care. 

Park Chinois is not just for the more classical eaters among us. Visitors can enjoy a nice meal at the restaurant upstairs, before heading down to Club Chinois for some good old-fashioned barside fun that often extends far past midnight. The drinks on offer are refreshingly edgy, and never leave a tasting request unanswered with their outstanding variety. Alternatively, you can simply have your meal and after-dinner drinks downstairs at Club Chinois; the choice is yours.

The fun never really ends at Park Chinois. You’re always going to find something new to fascinate your senses. Its firm commitment to providing nothing but the very best to its growing list of customers is impossible to miss. There aren’t many places that engulf you as much as Park Chinois does. It’s almost as if time spent there is a break from reality that sends one on a spectacular escape that’s hard to imagine from afar. In fact, that’s what makes the Park Chinois experience so unique: it’s like stepping into a glamorous world, brought to reality by meticulous planning and an uncompromising pursuit of timeless exquisiteness and class.