Five Cool Features of the New Marriott App The Cairo Marriott at your Fingertips

Whether you are coming to the Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino for business or for pleasure, they know your time is too valuable to waste queuing at check-in, searching for your key or asking for extra towels. The Marriott International Mobile App is designed to meet your every need. All you need to do is sign up for a Marriott Rewards account at, download the app and register with your account number; then, you can enjoy the amazing world of the Marriott with just one swipe.

1. Book Your Next Stay

Book your next stay at the Cairo Marriott or over 4,000 Marriott hotels around the world. Just type in the name of the city of your choice, add in your dates and the app will show you all the available hotels in that city and all the different rates. You can also type an address or a point of interest and it will guide you to the nearest hotel. Once you’ve made your choice, you can finalize your booking, pay and get your confirmation number with just a few clicks. The app will also help you plan your trip by delivering original content from the Marriott’s digital magazine, giving you information about the city with suggestions of what you could do. 

2. Check In & Check Out

Now that you have arrived at your destination, it’s understandable that you won’t be in the mood to stand in a long queue to check in. With the Marriott Mobile App, you won’t have to. You can use the app to check in prior to your arrival and the app will send you an alert when your room is ready. You can also ask for room upgrades and receive notifications on the status of your request. Moreover, you can use the app to check out and have your luggage brought down, while you have breakfast. 

3. Unlock Your Door Using Mobile Key

Remember all those times you lost your key card and had to go back to the reception desk to get a new one? Or those times when you had the card, but it just decided to stop working? Well, the Marriott Mobile App has the Mobile Key feature, which enables you to use your phone to unlock the door to your room. It is literally that simple and it makes moving in and out of your hotel way easier. Unless you lose your phone, you will never have to walk to the reception desk again.

4. Order Room Service & Make Special Requests

Yes, you technically won’t need to speak to any human beings while staying at the Cairo Marriott. Through the Mobile Requests & Chat feature, you can order just about anything by chatting with the hotel staff before, during and after your stay. You can order your coffee with extra milk or request your eggs sunny-side up. You can also choose, from a drop-down menu, the most frequently requested services or amenities, such as extra pillows, toiletries, etc.

5. Track Your Reward Status and Points

The more you use the app, the more it saves your history of stays, adding points to your Marriott Rewards account. This guarantees you special rates and special treatment as a loyal Marriott customer. Using the app, you can track your points and know about the facilities available for your category of membership. The app will notify you when new points have been added to your account, when you have been upgraded to a new category or when some of your points are about to expire to alert you to use them.

The Marriott Mobile App is available on the App Store in five languages for iOS and on Google Play for Android.

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