Masyaf Ras El Hekma

Sahel's Next Beach Hotspot

Temperatures hit highs we never expected this summer and everyone was frantically trying to find a beach escape where they could cool off and have a good time. Many vacationers flocked to Egypt’s North Coast, with its beautiful white sandy beaches, turquoise sea, amazing weather and raging nightlife. One of the new hot beach spots that have been gaining traction in the magical North Coast is Masyaf Ras El Hekma, a gorgeous beach complex with fantastic amenities and an amazing beach.

Located in the gorgeous Ras El Hekma Bay on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast, the new upscale vacation resort, Masyaf, has set its delivery date to Summer of 2025. The product of a grand collaboration of world-leading names in resort design, Masyaf is offering a wide array of beautiful summer homes overlooking a breathtaking sea and beach. Inspired by classic Greek architecture, the homes are uniquely designed within a carefully constructed resort layout and landscape design that includes
The unique placement of the homes, benefiting from a special levelling technique, means that every home in Masyaf enjoys a beautiful unobstructed view of the Mediterranean Sea. Countless facilities are also available to make summer a relaxing and fun time for Masyaf vacationers of all ages, including tennis and paddle tennis courts and a state of the art gym and soccer park. For delicious beach dining, the Barbarossa Beach Club, a franchise of the Barbarossa restaurant in Greece, is expected to become the central hub where everlasting summer memories will be made. Abundant mixed retail outlets are also planned and hotel apartments and boutique hotels will be available for vacationers and tourists looking for shorter stays at the beautiful resort.

The Barbarossa Beach Club includes a Lemonade Concept Store, providing shopaholics with unique and trendy fashion pieces that won’t be found anywhere else. You’ll also find the upscale Elle Hair Salon at the Barbarossa Beach Club hub if you need a quick haircut or a full hair makeover. Elle Hair Salon offers hair styling for women, men and kids, as well as hair treatments, hair colouring, nails and makeup. Lash extensions, refills, facials and microblading services are also available by appointment.

What differentiates Masyaf from any other developer is that they have activated the beach and cabins so people can start using the compound while construction is happening in parallel; so homeowners can enjoy the beach club and restaurant and other amenities in the meantime. Needless to say, sales are proceeding apace, so if you’re looking for a superb vacation home in a divine seaside spot, it’s time to get a head start to beat the crowds!