Makeup Trends: The Best & Worst of Beauty

It’s no secret that in the world of beauty, anything and everything is an option at some point. It’s an ever-changing industry that is hard to keep up with sometimes. Some are trends that we stumble upon and fall madly in love with, so we stick to them even when the world has moved on, others are tacky and we really don’t know why anyone does them at all. Here are some of our favourite makeup trends, and the trends that we wish people would just stop doing.

Lip Gloss

Before you start thinking “so 2005”, know that lip gloss is back and it looks like it’s here to stay! For a couple of years, we were all about that matte and finding the perfect matte liquid lipstick. Some are still committed to the no-gloss trend, but just like everything else, you need to try it to love it. Seriously, it’s not just a trend that should stay buried with your ugly teen pictures (when you were 13 years old and thought that lip gloss was makeup).

Cut Crease

We believe that whoever started this trend, just didn’t know how to blend eye shadow properly and thought, “Why not make a trend out of it?” Trust us, get over this trend because nothing looks better than properly blended eye shadow.


We have nothing against shimmery or metallic eye shadows because they do look amazing, but full-on glitter? No, thank you! This isn’t “Burlesque” and you’re not Christina Aguilera. Actual glitter should only be allowed on a catwalk, not at your best friend’s wedding.

Defined Brows

We’re still out to get whoever convinced the women of the world that intensely drawn on or tattooed eyebrows look good. This is a trend we really wish died ages ago. Thank God messy, natural or feathered eyebrows are back in style.

Burgundy and Pink Eye Shadow

You can thank Huda Beauty, Kylie Jenner and Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance Palette for these colours becoming trendy. This is one of our favourite trends that we can’t stop loving. No one could have ever thought that these colours would look amazing on our eyelids, but they do! Try them out for sure.

Ombre Lips

This is basically the modern-day dark-lip-liner-with-light-lipstick look that our mothers used to wear in the ’90s and we mostly hated. Before you do this, just note that nothing looks as good as a lip colour that is the same all over. We recommend you avoid this trend.

Black Liner on Waterlines

Another look that you actually wore throughout your awkward teen years is back in style, and we love it! Who knew that all we needed back then was a little mascara and eye shadow – and of course, our added edge for being 20-something adults – to pull this look off?

No-Makeup Makeup

This is one we absolutely love! No more heavy makeup, contour and coverage. Instead, opt for going light and focusing on glowing, radiant and dewy skin. We hope this trend sticks around for sure.

It shouldn’t always be about how well you keep up to date with a makeup trend, it’s also about managing to determine what actually looks good and what doesn’t.

By: Nada Motawe

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