Makeup Bags For All Occasions

It is a difficult task to decide what sort of makeup you will need at any point of the day, especially if you’re the kind of woman who’s almost never at home. Most of us just move around with our giant makeup bags from place to place, never considering the option of only taking the essentials. It may seem easier to just keep everything in one place, but trust us, you’re taking way more than you need when it isn’t necessary. No matter where you’re going, or how tiny your handbag is, you never have to overcrowd it with unneeded makeup again! Here’s your ideal guide for makeup bags and what to keep in them, depending on where you’re going.

At Home

Home is where the heart is – or where all the makeup is, at least. This is where you have a free pass to keep everything you want, need, and even never use; the place for all your clutter, basically. We won’t take you through what to keep in your makeup bag/drawer at home because we know that’s where it all is. We’ll just advise you to constantly keep a smaller makeup bag/organiser on your vanity table that only contains the products you’re currently using (change the components as your routine changes), that way, your morning makeup routine will be much faster and easier. Everything you use will be in one place, not lost between the 2-year-old lipstick and 5-year-old empty mascaras.

Everyday Makeup Bag

This is the bag you’ll want to have at your disposal every day, no matter where you go. It has everything you might need, and fits effortlessly in any handbag you carry. Make sure this always has:

  • Cotton buds
  • Concealer
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Mini blush/bronzer compact
  • A small eye shadow palette with two or three basic colours (black, brown, nude)
  • Mascara
  • Lip balm and lipstick
  • 2 brushes – a face and an eye brush
  • Eyeliner (optional)
  • Tinted moisturiser (optional)

Evening Bag

The tiniest bag you always carry for an evening out, that is so small, it’s basically useless. Make sure this always has:

  • Lipstick
  • Mini mascara

In Your Desk Drawer

This can always be replaced with your everyday makeup bag. However, if you like to keep some things at the office, then here’s what you should keep in your drawer:

  • Concealer
  • Foundation/tinted moisturiser
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Blush/bronzer compact
  • Lip balm and lipstick
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste (travel set)
  • Cleansing face wipes
  • A face brush

In Your Gym Bag

So, you probably won’t go anywhere fancy after the gym, but these are your simple basics for a post-workout routine.

  • Toner or cleansing face wipes (SO important!)
  • Moisturiser
  • Lip balm
  • Mascara

For Travelling

This is one of the makeup bags we might struggle most with, mostly because we overpack as much with makeup as we do with clothes. Here’s what you should always take with you:

  • Moisturiser and facial cleanser
  • An eye shadow palette with 3 basics and 3 matching shimmer colours
  • Mascara
  • Eyebrow pencil & gel
  • Eyeliner
  • Tinted moisturiser/foundation
  • Concealer
  • Blush/bronzer
  • Travel size brushes
  • Tweezers
  • 2 lipsticks – a neutral shade and a darker shade


Anytime you come across travel size makeup (mascaras, brushes, compacts, creams, mirrors), always buy them! They are extremely useful to carry around in makeup bags because they take up significantly less space. We hope this guide relieves you of the mess in your handbag/makeup bag.

By: Nada Motawe

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