Combining traditional Japanese cuisine with the elegance of modern Europe, the culinary plethora of Dinings SW3 is only but an easy short walk away from London’s notorious Knightsbridge underground.

Upon entry, you’ll find yourself slipping into a unique cultural experience. Their special Izakaya dishes come with a modern twist that extend over a variety of delicious tapas, but we recommend you start things off on a high note with plump nibbles, mini burgers and open sushi rolls. Our Editor-in-Chief tried them herself!

Dig into their succulent lobster tail and tomato miso soup after giving your taste buds a kick with their signature sake sommelier sets. As for the sashimi, the fish is handpicked by season from Cornish day boats! Nonetheless, the tar tar chips, along with crab, salmon, and tuna tacos are fresher than a pillow with a mint on it.

The head chef, however, doesn’t mind pushing boundaries (upon request) with quirky “inside-out” sushi pieces. These have wagyu beef engulfing immaculate sushi rice with fresh sea urchin resting on top. Definitely a must-try!

Your palettes will seek refreshing comfort under a scoop or two of black sesame ice cream that might just have you going back for second helpings.

Find out more about reservations and booking on their official website here and Facebook page here.