Khaldoon Alfarra

Hairstylist par Excellence

Looking for the ultimate Los Angeles hairstylist with the knowledge and technique to turn your hair from boring to glowing? Khaldoon Alfarra is your guy! Aiming to transform the beauty industry no less, with his styling skills and using his hair colouring capabilities, he is a master at what he does. Here is a glimpse of eniGma’s Janna Rabie’s interview with Khaldoon about his business and more importantly, about his passion.

Let’s start with a brief overview of your background.
I was born in Irbid, the northern Jordanian city with a lot of olive trees and the best olive oil ever. After high school I studied Cosmetology at Habawel Academy, where it was like a game every day, getting to know the types of hair, how to mix colours, each hair‘s colour base, and how to work best with each, and also — if anything went wrong — how to reverse it… So, this study set my passion on the right path.

How did you start your business?
I have almost 30 years of experience; 20 of them in Jordan, where I had my own hair salon consisting of 10 to13 employees for about ten years. We mainly specialised as a bridal hair salon. There were times when I would have to style 10 brides with their bridesmaids in one day. It’s a lot of work, but the love I have for what I do is what fuels me and gets me through even the most hectic days.

What inspired you to enter this business?
I was inspired by art and my passion for colours and mixing them. I am fascinated by the art of fixing any colour, cut and style that’s gone wrong. The result of my work is a fine piece of art. Mastering the art of mixing hair colours is a creative journey that allows for personalised expression. This is why it’s important to always study the client before creating any new hairdos.

What makes your hair salon special as opposed to other hair salons?
If I’m being honest, precision…. meaning the ability to choose the best match for the client’s skin, face, age, hair type, and length. So it’s not only a mix of colour or a haircut or even a specific hairstyle, it’s a combination of all, resulting in happy, satisfied clients.

How was your experience with eniGma’s 10th Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success in Beverly Hills?
It was a great honour and a great experience to participate in eniGma’s 10th Celebration in Beverly Hills with all the other talented, brilliant minds. Additionally, working with a highly professional team made everything go smoothly. It was such a humbling experience to be considered for the position with such highly-thought of individuals. I am truly honoured.

What are your future plans?
My goal for the future is to make a name for my work and for myself. I have always dreamed of having my own hair colour line, since I have worked so hard for 30 years to perfect my techniques and methods and can confidently say I gained loyal and happy customers. Turning my name into a brand would not only give me a sense of achievement, but would mark a new chapter for my salon and myself.