Amr Warda, Egypt’s New Football Star

He’s fast, he’s got moves, he can score and he’s got a great head of hair. And most importantly he has got our attention. You probably know Amr Warda as the young Egyptian football player on the rise. He is the fresh face midfielder who stole the spotlight in the Egyptian National Football team’s foray […]

Malek Akkad, Reviving His Father’s Legacy

Renowned international filmmaker, Malek Akkad, is the son of the late Moustapha Akkad, the mastermind behind The Message, the legendary film on the rise of Islam, and the producer of the first of the successful Halloween film series, launched in 1995. The younger Akkad was responsible for a string of very successful sequels to Halloween, […]

Broken Wings

Soon to be playing in London, Broken Wings is a beautiful new musical, based on Khalil Gibran’s novel of love with the same name, which addresses societal expectations and pressures faced by individuals in their quest for happiness. Middle Eastern version of the Romeo & Juliet classic love story, the musical tells the story of […]

Ashraf Hamdi, Actor, Director & Social Media Marvel

Ashraf Hamdi, who famously was part of the cast of the film, Clash, which was shown in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, continues to garner new fans everyday with his unique Voice Note video series. Only now, he’s referred to, not as an actor but as an independent director. In the midst of juggling his […]


Whenever you’re feeling like going out and conquering the world with a head to toe glamorous outfit, make sure to take the perfect picture for your Instagram account first. For inspiration, here are some examples of Arabs who made it big on Instagram and became sensations with huge followings! Who knows, you might be the […]

Stars Behind the Scenes

Who are the brilliant individuals behind Ramadan’s hottest TV series? We normally just focus on the superstar actors, while some choose to credit the directors or producers. For a change we’d like to unveil some other notable artists who worked tirelessly behind the scenes and deserve equal credit for the success of some of this […]


Egypt may not have done as well as was hoped in the 2018 World Cup, but they still made history by qualifying for the first time in 28 years! And some of the Egyptian players truly stood out, like Amr Warda who displayed his speed and unique style on the field. eniGma Magazine was the […]

Injy El Mokkaddem On her Scene-Stealing Role in Layalie Eugenie

Following the great success of this year’s Ramadan series, Layalie Eugenie (Eugenie Nights), eniGma’s Mohamed Hesham and Hana Sabah sat down with Injy El Mokkaddem, who played the role of the charming Sophia in the series, for a quick Q&A. From the very first episode, the alluring and mysterious Sophia, an Italian living in Port Said, Egypt in the 1940s, […]