Ivory, Sahel’s new signature spot

Ahmed Beltagy’s latest creation set to rock the north coast

With years of experience in giving us the biggest record-breaking nights of the decade, Ahmed Beltagy, entertainment guru extraordinaire, is back with a brand new project that is bound to heat up your summer. Ivory in Hacienda Bay, Sahel, is introducing the sophistication, exclusivity and vibrancy of Dubai’s party scene to our very own North Coast. And with Beltagy holding the reins, we know this is definitely going to be the venue of the summer. So, grab your finest party outfit and get ready for some sultry summer nights.

Having started out in the event planning industry back in 2001, when he coordinated the Miss Egypt beauty pageant, Beltagy has since introduced Egypt to a whirlwind of incredible entertainment experiences, from performances by the biggest musical stars in the world, such as Beyonce and Sean Paul, to creating Cairo’s hottest venue, Tamarai, back in 2009. More recently, Beltagy turned his eyes toward the North Coast and has since been instrumental in transforming what was a fledgling coastal strip into the vibrant and dynamic clubbing zone that we know and love today. For several years, his venue, 6IX Degrees, was THE go-to party spot throughout the summer months, blending international acts such as Kelly Rowland and Diana King, with the best that the region has to offer, including Hakim and Haifa Wehbe. This summer, however, the entertainment guru has something very different and even more spectacular in mind for us.


In collaboration with Dubai’s biggest and most exclusive club, White, Beltagy presents Ivory, setting the bar high with what is bound to become everyone’s favourite party destination in Sahel. “It is the only pure clubbing experience available on the North Coast. Other venues have beach access or try to add other features, but this venue is about giving you a proper straight-forward club,” he says. “If you are looking for high quality and the utmost professionalism, Ivory is definitely the place to find it,” he adds. With a staff composed of the best professionals that the global nightlife scene has to offer, Beltagy is making sure that everything, all the way from security to bartending, is in place to provide us with the elevated nightlife experience that we’ve all been craving. Complete with the latest production elements, such as exhilarating pyrotechnics and state of the art lighting equipment, and a thoughtfully choreographed layout, Ivory promises you and your friends a series of unforgettable nights this summer.

Unlike 6IX Degrees, which was centred around live acts, Beltagy’s vision of Ivory is focussed on offering us quality DJs that provide consistently good sets every single day of the week. In order to do this, he is introducing two of the most popular nights from the wildest party cities in the Middle East, Beirut and Dubai. From Beirut’s Caprice, one of the clubbing hotspots in the region thanks to its electric atmosphere and lively entertainment, Ivory is bringing the legendary weekly Bazaar Night; while from Dubai, a weekly White Night, is sure to add to the excitement and buzz that the venue is introducing to the North Coast. On top of these hit regional nights, Beltagy is also introducing his very own Discothèque Night every Friday which he assures us will be a big hit, and is the night that he personally is looking forward to the most. So, with hip hop, blends of traditional music, disco and more, at Ivory, you’ll find the whole spectrum of rhythms and beats to keep you dancing all summer long.

Nineteen Twenty Five

The excitement and anticipation for Ivory’s launch have no doubt been bolstered by Beltagy’s history of amazing successes in the party scene in Egypt. Everyone knows that, because it’s Beltagy, Ivory is sure to present discerning party goers with a summer full of spectacles. His years of working in the field, and being involved in producing such a wide variety of different types of events and venues, have given this master of entertainment a unique perspective and understanding of the party scene that is truly beyond compare. Thanks to all of this wisdom, he knows what we want before we even realise it ourselves!

“Nightlife in Egypt is always changing rapidly. As young people travel more and experience new things abroad, they want to see these new outside influences brought here. By knowing the crowds and how they like to party, I am able to create new directions for the Egyptian scene, and actually set its trends,” Beltagy tells us, adding “And because of my years in the field, I know how to bring new elements while also being able to effectively navigate the many challenges and legal restrictions that the industry here faces.” Based on this intimate knowledge of the scene and his clientele, Beltagy is keenly aware of the difference between what attendees are looking for in a night out in Sahel as compared to partying in Cairo. “In Sahel, people are on vacation; they have come here to let loose and fully relax. In Cairo, they are conscious of having work in the morning, so they probably don’t want to party that much during the week. In Sahel, people come with the will to party, and that makes all the difference. It’s all about the will,” Beltagy explains.


For Beltagy, the exhausting job of providing amazing experiences is purely about the satisfaction of giving people a good time every time they party at one of his venues or attend one of his events. And is it evident that much of the work required to produce spectacular experiences takes place behind the scenes. Sharing with us his idea of a successful night, Beltagy says, “I can tell that it’s a good night, when there is a good crowd, smooth entry and most importantly, when there is a positive energy with people reacting and moving to the music”. The obvious question that comes to mind is, how does he achieve the difficult task of providing us with a good experience on a nightly basis? “I know my audience and their tastes and preferences. I seat people in a way that makes it pleasant and enjoyable to mingle, and I am always present and accessible to my guests. I can see what is going on and am able to respond to issues and complaints first hand,” he explains. “My favourite part of organising events comes at 4.30am, when the night ends and everyone has left satisfied. When I know I’ve given people what they wanted, then I am happy,” he adds.


Beltagy’s honesty and transparency goes hand in hand with his extensive experience and instincts, in earning him his well-established reputation as Egypt’s party guru. While he has a big team of hard-working and enthusiastic people working alongside him, he always maintains his personal touch. He makes sure to be involved in all levels of decision-making from the venue layout to the furnishings to the menu and everything in between, and he is always available for anyone wishing to contact him. “I always pick up my phone, no matter how tired or exhausted I am, because these are my friends. I want them to feel close and to know that they can contact me and make comments and suggestions whenever they want to. That way they feel they are being listened to and that their preferences are taken into account. In return, I’m always honest with them. I have built up my credibility, so that people know when I tell them that they will like a night, they definitely will,” he says determinedly.

So with summer getting into full swing, you can bet that those planning on escaping Cairo’s heat by hitting up the North Coast, whether for a full-blown vacation or just for the weekend, will be sure to shake things up at Ivory, Sahel’s newest, hottest and, no doubt, most perfectly executed clubbing venue.