Interior Aspirations

Your pathway to a dazzling home

A home is defined by the modest touches that express our true identity in every corner of the house. These glimpses of our treasured personalities can be reflected through selecting a certain coffee table, armchair, sofa, or even a lamp. However, there is always room to elevate our homes and use spaces more efficiently. This guide will introduce you to the trendiest furniture items and home accessories suiting different tastes. Whether you are looking for modern pieces, classic items or artistic patterns, our rich selection has something for everyone to help them create the home of their dreams.

Elie Saab Maison

Elie Saab is considered by many to be the top Middle Eastern fashion brand when it comes to luxurious outfits and knockout dresses. Additionally, the brand has successfully extended its reach to include furniture items and interior designs. Elie Saab Maison managed to maintain the same theme of the original brand by focusing on creativity and exceptional quality. Their showrooms are now present in Milan, Beirut, Riyadh, Paris, and most recently in Egypt, as they collaborated with Emaar Misr to design a number of Signature Villas at Cairo Gate Emaar.


The Italian luxury brand was established by Alberto Minotti in 1948, specialising in modern furniture and niche pieces that reflect heritage. Minotti offers a wide variety that suits indoor and outdoor spaces focusing on creativity and consistent quality. The cutting-edge brand flourished in Cairo and their branch in the commercial mall 5A by The Waterway Developments has become a well-known spot for elite furniture seekers.

Fendi Casa at Madar

The quest for the finest luxury furniture will definitely lead to Fendi Casa, which has established itself for decades as a top-quality heritage brand. Founded in Rome in 1925, Fendi has always aspired to be both authentic and creative by adopting the innovative designs of talented artists. Each piece balances touches of heritage with standard marks of fashion and fine craftsmanship. Fendi Casa is present in Egypt under the umbrella of the giant furniture hub Madar, which has several branches in Dokki and New Cairo.

Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors

The leading Italian company Roberto Cavalli has always thrived as a beacon of luxury accessories and stylish interior design elements. Their unique selling point is the merger of Italian style features and superior craftsmanship in a frame of modern design concepts. Roberto Cavalli offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor items to suit different tastes. Moreover, the renowned brand can ship their products from Italy to international spots.

Hossam Nabil

Hossam Nabil Interiors is a brand that specialises in creating and optimising unique interior designs and home items in a way that adds value to the narrowest of corners and spaces. Their range of projects includes residential complexes and hospitality projects, where they focus on implementing story telling concepts based on different requirements.


Eklego is a well-established design centre found in Zamalek, offering architecture, interior and furniture design services. Their creative designs aim to upgrade homes with furniture pieces that are both stylish and comfortable. Moreover, their pieces are focused on optimising spaces while adding touches of beauty, as they can be custom made according to the specific needs of each customer.

R’KAN Edition

R’KAN Edition is all about blending artistic patterns with standard home furniture designs to produce exquisite pieces that are both functional and dazzling. This unique brand established itself as both an art house and a retail showroom offering a variety of selections created in collaboration with notable artists and designers such as Mohamed Abla, Ahmed Farid and Hady Boraey.


INCA & CO. is a lifestyle home furnishing brand that creates bold, unique and eccentric textile collections. They provide a wide variety of creatively designed products including cushions, lampshades, lounges, rugs and home accessories. Moreover, INCA & CO. focuses on top-quality colorful finishings and vibrant artistic concepts, thus attracting numerous customers seeking special and fun accent pieces for their home to their New Cairo branches.


The award-winning interior design studio, Shewekar, prevails in the arena of eclectic furniture design and residential interiors. Their furniture pieces combine the aspects of elegance and functionality in a manner that focuses on style and passion. Shewekar’s creative hub is located in Zamalek where it combines the aspects of a design studio and an art gallery to give their customers a taste of their quality.


Analogue is a sleek accessories brand created by world-renowned designer Karim Mekhtigian, of Alchemy fame. Skilled Egyptian artisans combine classic techniques to produce attractive and simple contemporary items for everyday use that radiate flawless quality.


Amina Sabry started the well-known company Caravanserai in 1996 as an artistic hub for producing furniture, accessories, doors and bookcases. Their objective is to create furniture that embodies the essence of Egyptian oriental design while retaining a modern and minimalist aesthetic. Furthermore, Caravanserai’s Zamalek headquarters features a diverse collection of pieces created by local artists to promote authentic Egyptian ideals.Amsol Showroom

Amsol Showroom is a brand that strives to blend the best features offered by the design world, as they combine aspects of antique and contemporary furniture to produce stylish and unique pieces. Their top qualities are authenticity, functionality and beauty, which work together to produce complete home transformations. The visionary showroom exists in multiple locations all across Egypt, including Sheikh Zayed and Galleria40 Mall.

Benzo Outdoor

Benzo Outdoor is a luxury furniture brand that strives to maintain a contemporary design for their diverse set of outdoor furniture. Their primary focus is to utilise top-tier materials and premium craftsmanship in merging elegance, functionality and comfort. Furthermore, they provide a wide range of products including sofas, tables, chairs and accessories in their Sheikh Zayed and Downtown Katameya locations.

C&A Voin

Since 1983, C&A Voin has built an exceptional reputation for producing high quality Egyptian outdoor furniture. The well-established brand focuses on enriching the market with the latest outdoor and garden furniture trends and styles to suit different tastes. Their corporate clients include several massive names such as Vodafone, Rixos hotels and the Four Seasons hotel. Moreover, C&A Voin’s products are displayed at their two showrooms in the Fifth Settlement and Sheikh Zayed.

Toutoungi Outdoor Living

Stylish and durable outdoor furniture options are the bread and butter of the high-quality brand, Toutoungi Outdoor Living. Their designs are primarily based on contemporary concepts that are both visually appealing and comfortable, making them suitable for various types of gardens and landscapes. Toutoungi Outdoor Living has several galleries and outlets located in niche spots such as Arkan Plaza in Sheikh Zayed and UVENUES in New Cairo.

Asia Furniture

Outdoor furniture specialist Asia Furniture was established in Cairo in 2001 with the aim of providing luxurious items to gardens, hotels and restaurants. The stylish brand started off importing pieces from countries in Southeast Asia before opening their own factory in 2016 to meet the increasing demand for their various outlets in Nasr City and New Cairo.