We all love to scour red carpet looks to judge who is best and worst dressed. While we always scrutinize dresses, suits, boots and shoes, we rarely notice the unsung hero of the outfits, namely the handbag. Here are some of the most iconic, and sometimes outrageous, handbags we’ve seen on the red carpet in recent years.

Miniature Messenger Bag

Lizzo’s minuscule handbag caused quite a stir- for obvious reasons- at the 2019 American Music Awards. Designed by Valentino, the tiny white leather messenger-style bag was hardly bigger than a single coin and sparked a hilarious thread of memes suggesting that it contained the singer’s enemies, exes, and worries! Despite the bag being so small, it was easy to spot, as Lizzo dangled it from her highly decorated nails, showing it off to the crowd.

Leather Look

Harry Styles continues to break gender norms, both in his album cover fashion and with his red carpet looks. It was the brown leather Gucci handbag he donned at the 2021 BRIT Awards that truly turned heads. The bag perfectly matched his outfit, a Gucci retro 70s-inspired brown and orange suit. Styles won the award for Best British Single, but it was his handbag that had everyone talking.

To Drink or Not to Drink

Gigi Hadid made headlines at New York Fashion Week in 2018 when she strutted a bottle of rosé in a clear case with a golden handle as a handbag. While the Brandon Maxwell designed bag was interesting, fans were not too impressed and questioned its practicality. While it caused a stir, it was not the most outlandish item seen in past fashion weeks.

Beef Bag

Lady Gaga, the queen of unconventional red carpet looks, shocked the world when she wore an ensemble made of meat at the MTV VMA Awards in 2010. Naturally, her statement outfit came with a matching meaty purse. While Gaga’s fashion choice was a political statement about the objectification of women, people couldn’t help but feel that the outfit was a bit too out-there, especially when she asked Cher (a passionate Vegan) to hold her meat-purse as she collected the award for Best Video!

Pineapple Purse 

Lupita Nyong’o sported a dazzling pineapple bag to the 2018 Accessories Council Awards in New York City. The clutch bag, designed by Judith Leiber, shimmered with pink, green and silver Swarovski crystals. Valued at $5,000, the bag obviously cost the film star a pretty penny!