At some point, you must have thought of a handbag as the perfect gift for her, until you’ve tried picking the right one. With all the different design and brand options available, the task can be overwhelming. To simplify things for you, here are some iconic bags that were either designed for a celebrity or named after one. All you need to do is choose the one that fits your Valentine’s personality. That’s easier right?


Princess Diana: Lady Dior Bag
Sophisticated and Classy









In honour of Lady Diana, Dior decided to rename its iconic bag to pay tribute to the Princess of Wales as it was her favourite bag. Since 1996, the bag has been known as the Lady Dior bag. Princess Diana was known for her elegance that’s never out of style and her down-to-earth attitude.


Coco Chanel: The 2.55 Flap Bag
Bold and Timeless






The 2.55 bag was created by the iconic Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in the early 1920s, after wanting something more practical than a handheld bag. The straps were inspired by soldiers’ bags. She updated the design in 1955 with the long chain strap and quilted leather. Although the bag might not have been named after Gabrielle, when you’re Coco herself, every Chanel bag is named after you.


Grace Kelly: Hermès Kelly Bag
Feminine and Artistic









Named after American actress Grace Kelly, Hermès officially gave the bag its Kelly identity in 1977, since it was the Princess of Monaco’s favourite. Symbolizing poise and grace, the bag remains in high demand; let’s just say you’ll be on a 10-year waiting list to get your hands on it.


Sophia Loren: Ferragamo Sophia Bag
Seductive and Playful










The stylishly elegant bag was inspired by one of cinema’s significant gems, Sofia Loren. Being a longstanding supporter of and muse to Salvatore Ferragamo, not only did the designer name the bag Sofia, but he also designed shoes, among other things, personally for her. The Sofia handbag is still considered a timeless piece.


Jacqueline Kennedy: Gucci Jackie Bag
Refined and Understated








We’ve seen how Jacqueline Kennedy’s unmatched style has influenced the fashion industry. This Gucci classic, created in 1950, was one of the American first lady’s favourite accessories. Naturally, Gucci took note and renamed it Jackie in honour of her style and beauty.


Amal Clooney: Ballin Amal Bag
Practical and Chic







Italian luxury brand Ballin renamed this bag after Amal Clooney was spotted carrying it multiple times. Clooney, known for her trendy and chic outfits, loves to experiment with different looks and styles, and manages to look great every time.