As the temperature rises and the city becomes a sweltering concrete jungle, it’s time to escape to Sahel, where the cool coastal breeze and picturesque beaches await. Leave behind the hustle and bustle and indulge in a summer getaway that promises beach fun, a vibrant atmosphere and non-stop entertainment; not to mention the variety of mouthwatering cuisines to be savoured against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset. Get ready to savour the flavours, feel the ocean breeze and indulge in these exciting new Sahel locations.

Barbarossa Beach Club, Masyaf, Ras El Hikma

To experience the ultimate sensory extravaganza at a Greek-inspired oasis on the shimmering shores, head to Barbarossa Beach Club, a world-renowned dining establishment brought from Paros, Greece to Masyaf, Ras EL Hikma. Tantalise your taste buds with exotic Aegean flavours while celebrating the beauty of nature in an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere. At Barbarossa Beach Club, you can indulge in Greek fine dining, join endless parties and play exhilarating paddle games. With a culinary legacy of serving stars and royalty for decades, Barbarossa Restaurant has now set its sights on impressing worldly fun-loving vacationers on Sahel’s shores.

Charl Restaurant, Telal and Seashell

Charl, a culinary venture curated by Egyptian footballer Mohamed Zidan, has expanded its footprint to embrace two of Egypt’s most sought-after summer destinations in Sahel: Telal and Seashell. Both locations boast a graceful beachside setting adorned with palm-lined pergolas and enticing wooden cabana-style seating; while the menu is international, including the best of both Mediterranean delights and beloved Egyptian classics with a unique modern twist. Live music, offering amazing vibes after a sun-drenched day along the coast, makes for a great ambiance.

Bar du port, Ras El Hikma

Dubai’s renowned Bar Du port at GAIA, Ras El Hikma is one of the latest sensational additions to Egypt’s North Coast this summer. Prepare to ignite your senses at this French-inspired bar and brasserie set to bring its irresistible allure to the coast with its tantalising fusion of the Mediterranean Riviera and its legendary party scene. Paying homage to the enchanting 1920s French cocktail bars, Bar Du Port’s design will transport you to the elegance of a bygone era and captivate you with an amazing atmosphere that transcends reality.

Izakaya, Marassi

Get ready to indulge in the finest Nikki cuisine as the renowned Japanese-Peruvian Restaurant and Bar, Izakaya, expands its horizons to Egypt’s North Coast. Prepare to be captivated by the vibrant fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavours, skillfully crafted using premium and fresh ingredients. In addition, this new branch of Izakaya in Marassi offers breathtaking views of the pristine Mediterranean Sea. With its wooden interiors and amazing vibes, this spot will make your dining experience unique and memorable.Canelé Patisserie, Seashell

Cairo’s renowned Canelé Patisserie has gracefully spread its wings, landing in Sahel. Grab your beach towel and head on over to Canelè for its Crème Brûlée, Hazelnut Praline Gateau and luscious Pistachio Swirls, where each spoonful unveils a tantalising symphony of flavours. For exceptional bakery delights and top-notch patisseries, Canelè is your perfect destination.

Cult, Hacienda white
Be prepared to be enchanted by CULT’s presence on the sun-soaked shores of Hacienda White, armed with a captivating caffeine-infused creations and mesmerising green elixirs. This newly opened branch of CULT will immerse you in an atmosphere that is straight out of Barbie’s dream set. With its vibrant pink hues and stunning beachfront location, it’s impossible not to feel the magnetic energy and charm that permeates this captivating locale. Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer savoury delights, CULT has you covered with a wide range of options that will satisfy every craving.

Granita Sur Mer, Diplo

The long-awaited arrival of Granita Sur Mer at Diplo on the North Coast is finally a reality! Step into a blast from the past filled with nostalgia, elegance and lots of colour. Indulge in a perfect setting right on the beach and be transported by their mouthwatering, wide ranging lunch menu to suit all tastes. Kids will enjoy spending time colouring their giant elephant mascot while their parents linger lazily with friends over coffee to the beat of amazing music. Get ready to satisfy your cravings in style at Granita Sur Mer!

PÀO, Telal and Northed

PÀO has finally set its sights on the seaside, unveiling not just one, but two dazzling new Sahel locations: Northed and Telal, offering a fusion of traditional Taiwanese boba-making techniques and international flavours. PÀO’s enticing menu comes with a wide range of options, from delectable matcha creations to invigorating fruit teas and energising coffee boba concoctions. They even have an indulgent crème brûlée-boba fusion! Since its grand debut this year, PÀO has captured the hearts of locals, thanks to its exceptional boba innovations.