Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. The fresh beginning of 2017 brings with it crisp changes to the world around us. Here are the people, events and movies that we’ll be keeping an eye on this year.

Events to Look Out For

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 65th Accession Anniversary

Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrating her staggering 65th accession anniversary this February. Since she assumed her position following her dad’s death in 1952, Queen Elizabeth has overseen several memorable periods during her rule of Great Britain, including 12 countries gaining their independence from the British Empire and Prince Charles’s messy relationship with his first wife, Lady Diana Spencer.

Majid Al Futtaim opening Mall of Egypt

Retail conglomerate Majid Al Futtaim will officially open Mall of Egypt this March. The enormous EGP 5-billion multiplex will feature Africa’s first-ever indoor ski slope and Egypt’s first VOX Cinemas Cineplex.

Lady Gaga headlining Super Bowl Halftime Show

Lady Gaga will be headlining the prestigious Super Bowl LI halftime show in February. In what is often the most-watched telecast of the year in America, the talented singer will be performing in front of an expected crowd of over 70 thousand fans in Houston, Texas.

French Presidential Elections

France will have a new president this year after incumbent President François Hollande decided not to run for a second term. Of the announced candidates, the front runners are former Prime Minister François Fillon of The Republicans party, and Marine Le Pen of the National Front. The elections will be held in April.

Africa Cup of Nations

The 31st edition of Africa Cup of Nations will be held in Gabon. Sixteen national football teams will vie for Africa’s most prestigious trophy and for a place in the FIFA Confederations Cup, to be held later this year in Russia. The tournament will be Egypt’s first appearance in the competition since 2010.

FIFA Confederations Cup

Russia will play host to the 10th FIFA Confederations Cup this summer. The tournament will feature eight national football teams, the winners of each continental championship, competing in what is usually considered the natural precursor to the World Cup, in this case, held in Russia in 2018.

Budding Sensations

Mai Omar

The stunning Mai Omar is keeping herself busy this year. She’ll be participating in the second season of “Hekayat Banat” (Girls’ Stories), acting alongside Adel Imam in “Afareet Adli Allam” (The Ghosts of Adli Allam) and starring opposite Mohamed Ramadan in “Akher Deek fi Masr” (The Last Rooster in Egypt).

Donald Glover

Donald Glover has come a long way since bursting onto the scene as a writer on “30 Rock” and actor in “Community”. His creativity will be on full display this year. Glover will play major roles in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and the second season of his critically acclaimed series, “Atlanta”, while he’ll also be out and about promoting his latest album, the recently released “Awaken, My Love”.

Brie Larson

27-year-old Brie Larson is among the more low-key Oscar winners of recent times. However, that’s all about to change. This year, she’s starring in three high-profile projects– “Kong: Skull Island”, “The Glass Castle” and “Unicorn Store”– that should firmly establish her as a Hollywood A-lister.

Ezra Miller

After having two cameos in “Suicide Squad” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, and participating in J.K. Rowling’s “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” during 2016, Miller’s about to get a whole lot more recognizable through reprising his role as The Flash in this year’s “Justice League”.

Maika Monroe

It takes a special type of talent to move seamlessly from professional kiteboarding to acting. Maika Monroe has that and more. Her winning performance in 2016’s “Independence Day: Resurgence” has her primed for a fruitful acting career. This year, she’ll be participating alongside Liam Neeson in a thriller entitled “Felt”.

Tom Holland

All eyes will be on 20-year-old Tom Holland in 2017 when he puts on the famous spidy suit and plays Peter Parker in one of the year’s biggest releases in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. The fresh-faced actor will be hoping to follow in the footsteps of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in using the iconic role as a springboard for a lucrative movie career.

Dina El-Sherbini

Controversial Egyptian actress Dina El-Sherbini is primed to dominate 2017. She is not only scheduled to appear in two of the biggest film releases of the year, opposite Mohamed Ramadan in “Gawab Ieteqal” (Arrest Warrant) and alongside Ahmed Elsaka and Ghada Adel in “Horoob Idterary” (Forced Escape), but she’ll also participate in a Ramadan TV series with Ahmed Mekky and Hisham Maged.

Box Office Draws

Justice League

DC Comics’ answer to Marvel’s “Avengers” series will finally be released this year! The events in “Justice League” take place months after those of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. A group of superheroes, featuring both Batman and Superman, unite together to defeat the forces of villain Steppenwolf.

Gawab Ieteqal (Arrest Warrant)

Debuting on New Year’s Day, “Gawab Ieteqal” is set to dominate this year’s early months through its star-studded cast and marketable premise. It tells the story of an impressionable young man (Mohamed Ramadan), who joins, then turns against, a terrorist organization when his younger brother dies because of it.

Star Wars: Episode VIII

Another year, another Star Wars installment that is sure to wow and amaze the franchise’s growing legion of fans, and gross an incredible amount of money in the process. The force is real. “Star Wars: Episode VIII” will hit theatres in December.

The Fate of the Furious

The 8th installment of “The Fast and The Furious” franchise will be its first since Paul Walker’s death in a tragic accident in 2013. “The Fate of the Furious” stars Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Dwayne Johnson. It will be released this April.

El Erd Beyetkalem (The Monkey Talks)

With a talented cast that’s spearheaded by Ahmad Al Fishawy and Amr Waked, “El Erd Beyetkalem” looks set to be among the bigger Egyptian releases of 2017. Its story revolves around two magician brothers who attempt to come up with a magic trick to release their dad from prison.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

The long-awaited reboot of the beloved Spiderman franchise is coming to theatres this year. “Spider-Man: Homecoming” tells the story of a young Peter Parker who’s struggling to balance his superhero duties with his high school responsibilities. It stars Tom Holland, Michael Keaton and Robert Downey Jr.

Bold Predictions for 2017

Emma Stone or Ryan Gosling to Win First Oscar

It’s really hard not to like Emma Stone or Ryan Gosling. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hasn’t shared that sentiment yet, though, with both superstars losing their one Oscar nomination. Following their incredible performances in “La La Land”, we’re confidently optimistic that either Stone or Gosling will take acting’s most prestigious trophy home in February.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Call off Their Divorce

There’s simply too much history involved. Despite alleged reports of infidelity, we expect Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to get back together this year, if not because of their 11-year history together, then because of their six children.

Donald Trump to Decide to Invade a Country

This is one prediction that we’re obviously rooting against. An aggressive president such as Donald Trump is likely to invade a country soon after he assumes office, not only to have his presence felt in the international arena, but to also attempt to stoke his local support base.

Nelly Karim to become the Highest-Paid Actress in Egypt

Egyptian superstar Nelly Karim is one of the biggest actresses in Egypt. We fully expect her to distance her way from the rest of the talented crowd and become the top paid actress in Egypt in 2017, through her participation in projects such as Ramadan series “Li Aala Siir” (For the Highest Price), and cinema blockbuster, “Dakar Bat” (Male Duck).

“Master of None” to Achieve an International Audience Base

Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None” was one of the most successful new shows in 2016. Nevertheless, the Netflix comedy didn’t get the same global recognition that many of the medium’s more popular series, such as “Narcos” and “House of Cards”, received during its first year. That will all change this year. Quality always stands out.

Netflix to be Taxed Considerably in Egypt and Abroad

This is one of the safer predictions on our list. Netflix’s continuously increasing presence hasn’t been met with a corresponding rise in state-sanctioned taxes throughout the world…yet. Many U.S. states have already begun considering adding taxes to usage of the streaming service. Egypt will surely follow, given that Netflix is a digitally-imported, foreign luxury.