“Grand Hotel” … where thrilling action meets romance halfway

The TV series marathon has been intense this year. There are too many diverse plots and talented actors lining up to win the audience’s appeal during the holy month!

In the midst of such intense competition, though, one show has managed to stand out and raised the bar with a near-perfect recipe that has mixed twisted mysteries, a touching love story, as well as an intriguing and unpredictable plot.

Grand Hotel, starring Amr Youssef, Amina Khalil, Sawsan Badr, Anoshka, Deena El Sherbiny, seems to be winning this year’s TV contest.

From the very first episode, it stole the viewers’ attentions with a murder mystery. Unlike a whole bunch of other projects which have also played on the mystery card, Grand Hotel’s puzzle unfolds beneath such an intimate story that the audience is left with no choice but to relate and sympathize with its characters from the very first moment.

Add to it the annual ‘relationship goals’ fantasy that haunts us every year, and you got yourself a dedicated audience!

The beloved Amina Khalil and the charming Amr Youssef, playing Nazly and Aly respectively, are definitely winning this year’s best relationship award. The secret is not in the lines, or the scenes, or the plot; it is in their looks and even their silence. The two lovers have definitely nailed it!

13435427_10157079495035525_5909333237155577754_nSocial media has been overwhelmed with Aly and Nazly’s pictures and quotes.
‘Will they end up together?’ ‘Will they overcome the social gap?’ ‘Will we see a happily ever after?’ Aly and Nazly’s fairytale perfection is one guaranteed conversation topic that you’ll hear about in any gathering this Ramadan.

Set in the seventies in a breathtaking five stars hotel in Aswan –one that has also gained a lot of momentum thanks to the show- the series tells the story of Aly (Amr Youssef) who headed to Aswan to solve the mystery of his sister’s disappearance, only to uncover so many dark secrets in the lives of the owners of the hotel and working staff. He is torn between avenging his sister’s death and pursuing his love for the wealthy beautiful princess.

At the beginning, you think the rich and the poor live in two very different worlds, yet every episode reveals a connection; a betrayal, an affair, a lie, a sacrifice that links the modest workers in the basement, to the residents of the royal suites. Though Aly and Nazly are the headliners of the series, there are so many other stories that unfold in the background, tackling the social taboos at the time, the sacrifices of love, the power of money, and the illusion of power. The show keeps you engaged to a point where you can’t help but stream the next episode as soon as it’s out.

The show is definitely worth watching, either to catch up with the chitchats over Aly and Nazly, or simply to follow the mystery of the legendary “Grand Hotel”.