“Friends” was probably one of the best shows that TV ever gave us. It’s pretty much an impossible task to pick your favourite episode, or even your favourite character on the show. In the spirit of the holidays, we’ve recapped every Christmas/New Year’s “Friends” episode and ranked them from least favourite to absolute favourite because there is probably no such thing as a bad “Friends” episode. Reminisce on your favourite holiday episodes and play them for a perfect Christmas night in with your friends – you’ll definitely enjoy it because… how could you not?


There are nine “Friends” Christmas episodes, because we were deprived of our holiday episode during the last season. But you were probably too emotional about your favourite series ending to notice.

Here it is!

9. Season 4 – The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie

This was probably the least Christmas-y Christmas episode of all time. Ross starts dating two women at the same time; one who lived uptown and the other lived in Poughkeepsie and he tries to commute between both places to date them both, but of course, fails miserably. Chandler tries to set Rachel up on a blind date, and screws it up completely. However, the absolute highlight of this episode was Phoebe’s Christmas song that included all of their names. You’re probably singing it in your heads right now.


8. Season 9 – The One With Christmas in Tulsa

The last Christmas episode that the series ever gave us should have been a whole lot more festive than this episode for sure. Chandler gets stuck in Tulsa for work, and eventually quits his job. He gives the group terrible Christmas presents that were initially intended for his colleagues at work (donations in their names to a random Ballet). A few funny moments as always when the rest of them reminisce over old Christmas memories, but this episode doesn’t scream Christmas spirit.


7. Season 1 – The One With The Monkey
We get introduced to Ross’s monkey, Marcel, for the first time during this episode. Monica and Rachel throw a New Year’s Eve party, and they all make a pact not to bring dates to the party. During one of the funniest moments, Joey ends up kissing Chandler. This was a cute episode because they all focused on the importance of being together during the holidays rather than their significant others.


6. Season 5 – The One With The Inappropriate Sister

This episode featured Rachel’s relationship with Danny, her neighbour, but she finds out that he shares a very creepy relationship with his sister and breaks things off. While Ross is living with Joey and Chandler, he helps Joey write his own screenplay, which was extremely funny because Joey writes it about himself. Meanwhile, Phoebe volunteers to collect donations for the poor and spreads joy to those who donate money. We all remember this scene because she ends up fighting with an old woman. Don’t you just love Phoebe moments?









5. Season 2 – The One With Phoebe’s Dad

The gang throws a party during this episode that basically turns into a summer party because of the radiator breaking and overheating the apartment. Ross and Rachel bicker as a result of the pros and cons list she wrote about him, and Ross becomes obsessive over everything on the list. Phoebe decides to go see her real father, and takes Joey and Chandler with her for support, but freaks out at the last minute and never gets out of the car. The Christmas gift exchange was our favourite part though, mainly because of Joey and Chandler. They give out gifts that they bought at a gas station during the road trip (toilet seat covers, windshield wipers, soda, condoms – possible list of worst Christmas gifts ever).


4. Season 8 – The One With The Creepy Holiday Card
This episode probably included one of our favourite Ross moments ever (or not ever but definitely makes our list). Mona, the girl Ross was dating at the time, made a Christmas card using a photo that they took at Rockefeller Center and wanted to send it out. Ross panicked because it was too soon, but couldn’t tell Mona, and while having the awkward conversation with her, actually got even more awkward and somehow ended up giving her a key to his apartment. His facial expressions were everything. Not a group Christmas celebration, but enough to be number 4 on our list because Chandler realizes how miserable his life would have been without Monica.


3. Season 3 – The One Where Rachel Quits
Chandler convinces Rachel to quit her job as a waitress at Central Perk so that she can finally do something she actually wanted to. Joey takes a job selling Christmas trees. When Phoebe finds out what happens to the old Christmas trees that no one buys (they end up in the “chipper”), she freaks out and tries to convince people to buy them. Of course, to make Phoebe happy, Joey and Monica buy all of the old Christmas trees and set them up in Monica’s apartment (aww!). Such a merry Christmas for Phoebe!


2. Season 6 – The One With The Routine

There is no possible way that you might not remember this episode. It features Joey’s first kiss with his model roommate Janine, and none other than our favourite Ross and Monica sibling moment; their dance routine for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve party. As usual, we see how hilariously uncool the Gellers were – and still are, and witness probably one of the best dance routines of all time, which they performed in an attempt to make it onto the dance podium. Meanwhile, Phoebe, Rachel and Chandler team up to find their Christmas gifts from Monica. All in all, this was one of the most unforgettable episodes of the series.


1. Season 7 – The One With The Holiday Armadillo
We all know you remember this episode, no reminders needed. What could have been better than Christmas with Santa Claus, superman and a holiday armadillo in one episode? Nothing. This was probably one of the most memorable episodes because of how funny it was to watch Ross try to teach Ben about Hanukkah, dressed as an armadillo. Chandler dresses up as Santa Claus, and Joey comes as Superman. Ross initially intended to dress up as Santa, but couldn’t find the costume; hence the holiday armadillo. Chandler finds the costume and shows up, and we still don’t know what Joey was thinking with the whole Superman thing, but we loved it! Best. Christmas. Episode. Ever!