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Egypt’s IT Couples 2018

Egypt is a country full of love and light, and a lot of that is embodied in its many great couples. They are partners with strong relationships, a true sense of family and more than in many parts of the world, married couples here still love to party and go out on the town! This […]

Nicolas Mouawad: TV’s Hottest Obsession

Cairo has always drawn Arab talent seeking to make a name in cinema, so it’s no wonder we’ve seen a stream of talented Arab actors rise to stardom in Egyptian cinema and television. Thirty-nine-year-old Lebanese actor, Nicolas Mouawad, is the latest Arab actor who appears to be on the cusp of making it big in […]

Mazaj: Omar Islam’s Hub for Upcoming Artists

Mazaj, a new art gallery with a transformative mission recently opened its doors in Cairo’s trendy Zamalek neighbourhood.  The gallery is reaching out to up-and-coming Egyptian artists by providing them with a space where they can freely exhibit their art. The founder and visionary behind the project is businessman Omar Islam, Chairman of International Trading […]

Psychotherapist Carine Karnouk on Healthy Relationships

Relationships are hard, whether with yourself, friends or significant others. eniGma’s Omnia Zaied talks to psychotherapist Carine Karnouk on how to take care of your mental health to maintain good relations with yourself and others. Carine Karnouk has Master’s degrees in Counselling Psychology and Community Psychology from the American University in Cairo. This dual study […]

your guide to the oscar nominees

The 90th Academy Awards’ nominees were recently announced, and they came with an interesting mix of Hollywood veterans, hot rising stars and promising fresh faces, all making their mark in the field of filmmaking and the hard task of story-telling. The past year brought us  a varied collection of female-centric, racially diverse and socially enticing […]

The Insult: the First Oscar Nominated Lebanese Film

The Insult is among the five finalists recently nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards. The film, also known as Case No. 23, is the first Lebanese film ever to be nominated for an Oscar. This thought provoking film is directed and co-written by Ziad Doueiri, of West Beirut and The Attack, […]

SPARK Filmmaking Program

There was a time when the film industry in Egypt was the source of the second highest export revenue for the country and it was widely referred to as the Golden Age of Egyptian cinema. Since then, the institutions that train filmmakers in Egypt have experienced massive deterioration, which is one of multiple reasons that […]

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