Enjoy the Porto October Clubhouse Opening!

Porto October Clubhouse: Let’s Make the Best Summertime Memories
It is no state secret that summer holds a special place in our past, present, and future memories. Regardless of age, each Egyptian has a funny, happy, or fond moment in history spent with family and friends during the sunny season. Coincidentally, fun and happiness is the definition of a genuine Porto Group experience since the corporation was founded in 2005. That’s almost 15 years of summer memories!
Maintaining its reputation and tradition, Porto Group has now come up with another venture, the Porto October Clubhouse, that will appeal to audiences of all ages, and comes in the form of a complete fun-filled package. Spend a fun day by relaxing at the pool, fully equipped with locker rooms and showers. Another pleasurable option is to rejuvenate your body and soul at the state-of-the-art outdoor gym, or chill out with your family in the beautiful indoor and outdoor seating areas. Kids are the VIPs in any summer event,  and now they can entertain themselves at the brand-new Kid’s Area with a vast selection of games and toys to enjoy to their hearts’ content!
To wrap it all up, enjoy your favourite summer treats or dishes at their exquisite restaurant, as well as stock up the essentials at the local mini-mart.
The clubhouse is open for members only and can be accessed with a temporary membership card, so be sure to get in touch with Porto Group today to ask about the Eid festivities at Porto October Clubhouse!

Clubhouse is open all over the year.