eniGma’s 6th Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success

Before gracing the red carpet at our 6th Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success, our superstar guests of honour Dorra Zarrouk and Mohamed Ramadan lit up the Montage Hotel Beverly Hills in their beautifully curated outfits for our photo shoot. Wearing a dress from Oscar de la Renta and jewels from Tiffany & Co., Dorra […]

J.Lo Comes To Egypt

Ever since Cleopatra, the world has been mesmerised by enchantingly powerful, talented women who are at the top of their game. And the triple threat Queen of Pop, Jennifer Lopez, has more than earned her crown after decades of captivating us with her hip-shaking music, iconic acting roles, business acumen and killer dress sense; all […]


  Delve into this summer’s hottest trends with eniGma’s sizzling fashion shoot at the North Coast’s most eagerly-awaited upcoming development, Zoya Ghazala Bay. Situated along the tranquil Mediterranean coastline, Zoya’s sparkling turquoise waters and sandy white beaches are the perfect backdrop for this season’s spiciest beach fashion. Inspired by nature to bring harmony to the […]


Born out of a desire to raise awareness about environmental preservation, the Monaco Better World Forum (MBWF) is a global platform that is attempting to reshape people’s perspectives on sustainability through thought-provoking films, engaging press conferences and dazzling galas. Founded by world-class producer and philanthropist Manuel De La Roche in 2015, MBWF is most notably […]

Lara Scandar

Lara Scandar is many things – a pop princess, a social media sensation and a fashion icon. While it might’ve taken the singer some time to find her forte, it seems that now more than ever, Scandar is comfortable in her own skin with her star shining brightly. Breathing life into a genre that had […]

Egypt’s Hot Rising Stars

  Every few years, a select number of young actresses take over our screens with their talent and their fresh take on Egyptian drama, reinvigorating the scene and adding a different perspective to the entertainment industry. The three actresses in our cover feature are all well on their way to becoming the next big thing; […]

Ahmed Talaat

Ahmed Talaat may be new to acting, but he has already proven that he is one to watch. Talaat’s very first passion, which he began pursuing when he was just seventeen years old, was designing equestrian courses. However, once he graduated with a degree in architectural engineering, Talaat eagerly embarked on his career in architecture […]

A Star-Studded Visit to Baheya

Since its launch in 2015, Baheya Foundation has been one of the chief institutions in Egypt dedicated to the cause of fighting breast cancer. The aim of the Foundation, in tandem with its namesake hospital, is to diagnose and treat women afflicted with the disease, which is the most common cancer among women. From mammograms […]

The Shenanigans of Shadi Alfons

From adverts and sketches, to series and feature films, comedy actor and writer Shadi Alfons has always found new and inventive ways to make us laugh. Having just returned from four intense days of touring the Gulf to promote his new film, Rashid & Rajab, Alfons was in high spirits when eniGma’s Bronwen Mehta sat […]

Menna Shalaby

Menna Shalaby started acting two decades ago as a teenager, playing supporting roles opposite some of the biggest legends in the movie industry, like Kamal El Shenawy, Mahmoud Abdelaziz, Yehya El Fakharany, Yousra and Laila Eloui. Today, she is one of the top leading ladies in her generation of young actors, having starred in a […]

Maya Maghraby

Maya Maghraby has made a name for herself as one of the top young belly dancers in Egypt. She is known to invariably bring any crowd to their feet at every one of the big parties, weddings and events at which she performs, including at eniGma & Bvlgari’s Closing Party for the Cairo International Film […]

Ahmed Hatem

Since he first hit our screens in 2006 with Awqat Faragh (Spare Time), we have been witnessing Ahmed Hatem grow up in front of the cameras, as he has portrayed new and daring characters, one after the other. In both movies and television, Hatem has proven that he has the versatility to take on anything, […]

Jordan Fashion Week

In the words of Jordan Fashion Week’s (JFW) founder, Shirene Rifai, “JFW is a non-profit organization that aims to give upcoming Jordanian designers the opportunity to have their creations recognized internationally.” She tells us that she created JFW to “both encourage Jordanian designers and to highlight their talents,” as she believes that a lack of […]

Raya Abirached

The name Raya Abirached has become synonymous with Hollywood in the Arab world. Forever engraved in people’s minds as the first ever Arab media personality to have made it on the other side of the world, she has interviewed the hottest stars, covered the biggest events and showed up on the most glamorous red carpets. […]

Karim Mekhtigian

Karim Mekhtigian, the founder and CEO of the prestigious Alchemy Design Studio, stands out among Egypt’s leading designers. His exceptional ability to blend past, present and future in the creative world and his continuous exploration of new avenues to embed elements of local culture into contemporary designs, has helped transform the Egyptian design landscape. In […]

Sammy’s Beach Bar

Along Marsa Matruh’s clear coastline with its turquoise waters and unrivalled seafront views, lies Almaza Bay, which has quickly gained a reputation as the North Coast’s perfect holiday destination. In the picturesque summer resort that has become famous for its cool ambiance and serene summer nights, now comes Sammy’s Beach Bar. This fresh take on […]

Ahmed Hussein

In the quiet district of Heliopolis, on the famous El Mirghani street, lies the latest masterpiece by acclaimed interior designer, Ahmed Hussein. Hussein, who has designed homes for some of the country’s most prominent figures and celebrities, has just completed his latest creation, which evokes the beauty and elegance of Paris and Rome in Cairo. […]

Madar Interiors

Stepping into the forefront of the business her father established, Lobna Farid has big dreams for her company, Madar Home Signatures. eniGma’s Mana Swadek sat down with the CEO to learn about the challenges she faced and how she plans to make her mark. A long-established name in the Egyptian market, Madar Home Signatures is […]

Idia Design by Ehab Mokhtar

Architect Ehab Mokhtar, the man behind IDIA Design, has been in business for over a quarter of a century. Always determined to create a well-rounded experience for his clients, Mokhtar values quality over quantity and makes sure his clients walk away pleased with their overall experience. eniGma’s Mana Swadek sat down with the architect to […]


Since first opening its doors in 2003 in Cairo’s Mohandessin district, C.Reality has established itself as one of the country’s finest design houses. Especially known for their locally produced, high quality, modern, sleek furniture, the company moved into larger premises in the trendy Zamalek neighbourhood in 2016. C.Reality’s founder, Amir Dous, sat for a chat […]


Growing up, Dalia El Halawany was known as a master storyteller in the making, with an obvious passion for art. Today, she is one of Egypt’s most prominent interior designers. With 14 years of experience under her belt, she has successfully positioned her brand, BLIS (Better Life Innovation Studios), as a destination for effortless sophistication […]

Mono Design House

Noha Mohsen and her husband Mohamed Salah El-Din are the dynamic duo behind Mono Design House. Headquartered in Cairo, their work has garnered a lot of admirers and clients across the region, from El Gouna to Jeddah and beyond. Despite the couple’s constant travel, eniGma’s Farida El Sayed was able to grab coffee with Mohsen […]

Doaa El Damaty

Established in Alexandria in 2017, The Gold Leaf, has already garnered a cult following in the Pearl of the Mediterranean and its reputation for superior interior design is steadily spreading to other parts of the country. Founded by interior designer Doaa El Damaty, The Gold Leaf’s unique mix of contemporary and post-modern aesthetics has singled […]


Enlighten, the cutting edge lighting-design company that was established in 2008 by Noha Mohsen, as a shop selling chandeliers and lampshades, recently opened a stunning new showroom and workspace in Zamalek that brilliantly fuses art and design. Over the past ten years, Mohsen has successfully established Enlighten’s status as the preeminent lighting design brand for […]

Ixina Kitchens

At the heart of every home is the kitchen, from whence all good things emanate. It’s where nutritious, healthy meals are prepared; where families laugh or argue as they enjoy those meals; and it’s the home space that most defines the occupants’ personalities. Given the importance of the kitchen in our modern lives, it’s only […]

The Urban Exotic Guide

Catering to a niche of a different taste, Marina Home specialises in urban exotic interior options. Making each shopping trip an unparalleled experience, the exclusive brand offers a variety of different categories supplied by 160 factories around the world. We visited their newest branch at Mall of Egypt to discover eight pieces of art that […]

Injy El Mokkaddem

The charming Injy El Mokkaddem started out as a talk show host, then slowly, but surely, took her place as a critically acclaimed actress in supporting roles in popular TV series, such as Soqoot Hor (Freefall), 30 Youm (30 Days), La Totfe’ Al Shams (Don’t Turn Out the Sun), and most recently in last Ramadan’s […]

The Red Sea Mountain Trail

For decades, Egypt’s Red Sea has attracted travellers from all corners of the globe with its colourful reefs, sandy beaches and electrifying nightlife. Yet, deeply tucked away in the Sinai landscape unbeknownst to many, are some majestic mountains, charming gorges and an impressive desert scape, home to the Khushman bedouin tribe. The area is now […]

Egypt’s Hidden Gems

With far flung destinations no longer seeming so far away thanks to the internet and social media, everyone seems to have a long bucket list full of dream places around the world that they’d like to visit. But how about visiting places closer to home that are likely to be easier to get to and […]

Cycling Around Stereotypes

Not many people manage to follow their passion.  But when someone actually does, the sense of achievement is exhilarating and suddenly everything seems possible! Hamsa Mansour is one of those lucky few. She had a dream of cycling solo around Egypt and she fulfilled her dream against many odds. Ignoring societal taboos against a woman […]

Travco Rocks The Pyramids

For more than three decades, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have toured the world and performed their iconic songs to thousands of international fans. Yet on the 15th of March, 2019, the rock band gave one of their most unforgettable performances, when Egypt’s Travco Group brought the American band to the Great Pyramids of Giza. […]

Best of eniGma’s Celebrations

Over the past years, eniGma has hosted high profile glamorous events in Cairo, London, Dubai, New York and Los Angeles. A key annual event of our magazine is our Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success, a beautiful evening where we bring together an exclusive group of Arab and American personalities and highlight the best of […]

Kinda Alloush

After portraying so many diverse female characters in cinema and on television, with the birth of her beautiful baby girl, acclaimed Syrian actress, Kinda Alloush has recently embarked on her most important role to date. Needless to say, we knew that as a new mother she would be very busy taking care of her newborn […]


Known as the Hollywood of the Middle East, Cairo is the center of Arab cinema. It was not till the last decade, however, that the industry has seen the rise of so many women filmmakers who have made their mark producing critically acclaimed works. eniGma’s Farida El Sayed sat with four rising Egyptian women filmmakers […]

The Mums Behind The Stars

“My mum means everything to me; she helped, and is still helping me, raise my kids. She’s taught me to be strong and kind, no matter what. She has always been kind, positive and strong. This Mother’s Day, I want to tell her that she’s my angel and I wish that she lives forever.” –Nelly […]

Dunia Anabtawi’s

While she always had a passion for fashion, Dunia Anabtawi decided to study Business Administration and Marketing before pursuing fashion design full-time. Today, Anabtawi is a rising couture designer in Egypt, with several collections already under her belt.  eniGma’s Farida El Sayed sat down with the designer to discuss her journey in fashion design, her […]


Barely 16 months after the launch of her series of playful paintings, which feature plump, happy women frolicking on her canvases, artist Esraa Zidan has a growing loyal fan base among art lovers. Her paintings clearly touched a chord with young people, especially women who appreciate the self-confidence and joyful freedom of the women depicted. […]

Fighting Cancer with Joy

While medical advances are being made every day, cancer still remains a shattering diagnosis. In the case of Radwa Moussa and her family, however, when they learned that their young son had the dreaded disease, they turned the scary ordeal on its head. They embraced the fight and in the process became a beacon of […]

Sarah Essam

Football is a matter of national pride as well as controversy in Egypt.  Cairo’s normally congested streets tend to clear whenever the national team is playing an important match. While Egypt has a women’s football team, it hasn’t garnered national interest. Which is why the talented Sarah Essam looked beyond Egypt’s borders to pursue her […]


Whether they’re newlyweds or celebrating their 20th + wedding anniversary, certain couples embody love and exude happiness and joy. Their individual résumés and successes aside, they show us that true love exists after all.

Jamila Awad

It seems like only yesterday when we all witnessed the birth of one of the hottest young stars in Egyptian cinema, Jamila Awad, in her groundbreaking role in the 2015 TV series, Taht El Saytara (Under Control). Since then, Awad has continued to impress audiences in both cinema and television, most notably in the film, […]

Stars In Love

Just like all of us, our favourite celebrity couples have to figure out how to nourish their love for one another and keep their relationships strong. In truth, being constantly in the limelight often requires them to make an even bigger effort at making things work and seems to make their relationships all the more […]

Fady Elsayed

For some time now, the talented young actor, Fady Elsayed, has been redefining the portrayal of Arab characters on the silver screen and on TV.  However, his big break which garnered international acclaim came recently with his role in one of this year’s biggest movies, A Private War. The film was shown at the 40th […]


While Western cinema has been offering audiences a wide variety of genres for years, Egyptian cinema has traditionally stuck to a few time tested ones that, most notably, did not include the thriller. That is until the film, 122, came along. eniGma’s Nayera Yasser got the chance to sit down with the film’s director, Yasir […]

Ismail Kassem’s

Relationships are often emotional rollercoasters which tend to start with high expectations, go through feverish ups and downs and, too often, end with separation or simply drag on in unhappiness. Well, thankfully, life coach Ismail Fouad Kassem has decided to help out by pouring his experience into a relationship manual. Aiming to ease the trials […]

Azza Fahmy opens in Beverly Hills!

To celebrate the month of love, Egyptian luxury jewellery brand, Azza Fahmy turned verses by the great Egyptian poet, Ahmed Shawqi into a romantic Valentine jewellery collection for him and her.  eniGma’s Nayera Yasser sat with Amina and Fatma Ghaly, the brand’s head designer and its managing director, respectively, to learn more about the new […]


  As the Arab region’s oldest and most historic film festival, the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) has since its inception, been considered the most prestigious in the region. After all, Egypt is the heart and soul of Arab cinema, so it is only natural that Cairo’s festival is the most prominent. Yet in the […]

Nabil Younes & Haifa Wahbe

Designer to the stars, Nabil Younes is set to launch his newest collection at Paris Fashion Week later this month. Inspired by the superstar, Haifa Wahbe, the collection is expected to reflect Wahbe’s unquestionable beauty and fierce character. Younes named it HWMGK, which is the acronym representing the singer’s initials and the name of her […]

Ego’s Rebels

  Egypt’s premier destination for luxurious fashion and accessories is about to set social media ablaze with its latest campaign, aptly called #egosrebels, featuring the most sought-out digital influencers dressed in the latest designer gear. From established brands such as Fendi and Yves Saint Laurent all the way to cult classics, such as Twin Set, […]

Dr. Nour El Din

In a tower tucked away in the bustling borough of Nasr City, lies the office of high profile dentist, Dr. Nour El Din. Over the past 15 years, Dr. Nour’s multi-story clinic with top-notch facilities has been offering all the dental services anyone would need. Today the clinic includes no less than 75 doctors, making […]


From Christmas to New Year’s Eve, the Nile Ritz-Carlton has an array of festivities lined up to indulge your senses. Enjoy sumptuous buffet feasts, tantalizing culinary delights and flowing drinks,  all in a winter wonderland with live music, kids entertainment and much more! Start the festivities with a Christmas Eve brunch at Culina, while Santa sees […]

The Glitterati

These are the innovators, game changers, and trendsetters who are determined to forge their own paths. Each one of these young society sensations is fluent in the art of hard work, has a passion to realise his or her dreams, and has become a trailblazer always ready for the next challenge.  All the while, maintaining […]

The IT List 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, once again we look back to find young dynamic individuals who made their mark during this year. While being a millennial in today’s world may be challenging, there are always special individuals who stand out, achieving remarkable success through their talent, hard work and perseverance. Whether it’s because of […]


Women empowerment has become the buzzword today with women stressing their independence and working shoulder to shoulder with men on equal terms. They are confidently taking up diverse professions, and establishing themselves as equal contributors to the success of a business, proving day in and day out that they can compete in any field. One […]


Both a dreamer and hard-working entrepreneur, sportsman Amr Mansi made a remarkable transition in the span of a decade, from a professional squash player to becoming the mastermind behind two of the country’s major sports and cultural events. He was instrumental in the initiation and organisation of the successful El Gouna International Squash Open in […]


Long before the international media and social media stratosphere took notice, Mohamed Hadid was quietly building a name for himself as a successful real estate developer and entrepreneur in the US and beyond. He did it in his now famous Hadid style – exuding class, confidence and style. Yet beyond the glamorous image he is […]


Most likely you’ve watched a movie or more starring Owen Wilson. The iconic American actor has starred in over 60 films and has also written and produced a few. In the 22 years since his career kicked off, Wilson has become a fixture in contemporary cinema, working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, […]


“Fixing your teeth is not just about fixing your smile; your whole life goes under a complete makeover,” explains Mohamed Al Alem – who has managed to transform the lives of many lucky patients. As minor as it might seem, teeth are a large factor of everyone’s daily life. “All my patients feel a burst […]


In Hollywood having the perfect face is everything, and as most beauty experts know the nose is the central focal point that can make or break a great face. Thus Beverly Hills most famous cosmetic surgeon specialising in Rhinoplasty (cosmetic surgery on the nose) has almost become as famous as the celebrities he treats, Sought […]


Since his first solo exhibition, more than 10 years ago, Robert Mars has taken the world by storm.  Working from his Connecticut studio, Mars skillfully produces artwork that is celebrated all over the United States, from Laguna Beach to Naples, Florida. He has made his mark creating stellar multimedia collages that masterfully merge American iconography […]


Watch the behind the scenes video of eniGma’s August cover shoot with cover star Amina Khalil in the hottest floral trends of the season, talking about her biggest milestones so far and her wildest dreams for the future.

Amina Khalil

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’re sure to know the name Amina Khalil.  The young actress started popping on our radars roughly six years ago, with supporting roles in TV series like Sharbat Loz (Almond Sherbet), Taraf Talet (Third Party) and Saheb El Saada (His Excellency), and the […]

Seashell Playa

From the developers who brought you NEWGIZA, Seashell, City View, Hacienda, El Ein Resort, El Ein Bay and El Ein Valley comes the North Coast’s newest and most luxurious community – Seashell Playa. Situated on the beautiful Egyptian Mediterranean shoreline, Playa stretches out across 1.2km of exquisite fine white sandy beaches. It boasts uniquely designed […]

El Masyaf

El Masyaf, meaning “The summer destination, the place you go to during summer” in Arabic, is a new North Coast project by M2 Developments. Filtering our basic familiar summer culture, with its places and experiences, and beautifying its perception within the realm of the modern world, this new project is not only perceived as a […]

President & CEO of Marriott International

Six years having passed since he last visited Egypt, the arrival of Mr. Arne M. Sorenson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Marriott International for a three day visit to Cairo was celebrated with a festive welcome dance by the in-house Nubian music and dance group in the lobby of the Nile Ritz Carlton.  Surrounded […]

A Sahel for Everyone

Cairo is heating up and there’s no better place to be than up north where the cool sea breeze and powdery white beaches await you. El Sahel or the North Coast, is up and running and is once again the perfect escape from city traffic, pollution and high temperatures. But while we all need that […]

Malek Akkad

Renowned international filmmaker, Malek Akkad, is the son of the late Moustapha Akkad, the mastermind behind The Message, the legendary film on the rise of Islam, and the producer of the first of the successful Halloween film series, launched in 1995. The younger Akkad was responsible for a string of very successful sequels to Halloween, […]

Broken Wings

Soon to be playing in London, Broken Wings is a beautiful new musical, based on Khalil Gibran’s novel of love with the same name, which addresses societal expectations and pressures faced by individuals in their quest for happiness. Middle Eastern version of the Romeo & Juliet classic love story, the musical tells the story of […]

Ashraf Hamdi

Ashraf Hamdi, who famously was part of the cast of the film, Clash, which was shown in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, continues to garner new fans everyday with his unique Voice Note video series. Only now, he’s referred to, not as an actor but as an independent director. In the midst of juggling his […]


Whenever you’re feeling like going out and conquering the world with a head to toe glamorous outfit, make sure to take the perfect picture for your Instagram account first. For inspiration, here are some examples of Arabs who made it big on Instagram and became sensations with huge followings! Who knows, you might be the […]

Stars Behind the Scenes

Who are the brilliant individuals behind Ramadan’s hottest TV series? We normally just focus on the superstar actors, while some choose to credit the directors or producers. For a change we’d like to unveil some other notable artists who worked tirelessly behind the scenes and deserve equal credit for the success of some of this […]

MK Designs

A talented architect who collected experience in a small span of time, Muhammed El Kordy is already making waves in the field of interior design around town and his studio, MK Designs Studio, is already one of the key players in the field. Inspired by nature and his clients, Kordy’s main aim is to create […]

Bay Tree

If you’re looking for a unique pampering experience, the newly opened Bay Tree Salon on South Teseen St. in New Cairo is your must go destination. Their amazing team of expert beauty therapists offer a wide range of professional services ranging from hair and make-up, to nails and all things glamour. They are there to […]

Bassam Magdy

Bassam Magdy, a civil engineer who graduated from Ain Shams University in 2006, always had a deep passion for luxury interior design. In 2012, he decided to pursue his passion professionally, by establishing his firm, Bvision Interiors, and hasn’t looked back since. Over the past six years, his talent and eye for detail combined with […]


Egypt may not have done as well as was hoped in the 2018 World Cup, but they still made history by qualifying for the first time in 28 years! And some of the Egyptian players truly stood out, like Amr Warda who displayed his speed and unique style on the field. eniGma Magazine was the […]

Hany Saad

The interior design field is booming across Egypt and the Middle East today, and one name especially stands out, Hany Saad Innovations. Led by architect Hany Saad, this company is changing the face of architecture and interior design as we know it with one successful project after another, turning heads every time with its amazing […]

Hassan Morshedy & Mohamed Hadid

In the Greater Cairo neighborhood of Kattameya, lie the building blocks of what will soon become the largest residential building in the world. Spanning an area of about 200,000 m2, this development is the brainchild of the acclaimed real estate developer Memaar Almorshedy, who has banded together with world-renowned real estate developer Hadid Design & […]

Al Design

Al Design, the family business run by architects Sabry Rizkallah and his two sons, Fady and Samer, have left its imprint on architectural design across the country with a combined experience of 40 years. eniGma’s Mariam Nowar sat down with the family of architects at their Dokki showroom to talk about their extensive work with […]


eniGma’s fabulous Weddings Issue’s cover star is the booming Jordanian beauty, Saba Mubarak, who talks to us about balancing a successful career with her personal life and her latest upcoming Ramadan series, while shining as a desert bride in our special shoot.

Saba Mubarak

Jordanian beauty Saba Mubarak has caught the attention of viewers all over the Arab world with her scene-stealing roles in TV series, such as Sharbat Louz, Hekayat Banat (Girls’ Tales), Asia, Al Ahd (The Oath) and Afrah Al Quba (The Dome Weddings). The actress has also established a respectable film career, most recently starring in […]

The Weddings that Wowed Us

Whoever says Arabs can’t throw stylish weddings should take a look at the past year’s astonishing Arab weddings that wowed us with their breathtaking venues, beautiful gowns, fashionable guests, and of course beautiful brides and handsome grooms. These couples not only threw some of the most beautiful wedding celebrations of the year, they also continue […]

This Year’s Best Celebrity Weddings

Here’s a look back at just some of the 2017-2018 celebrity weddings that had everyone talking and the media buzzing all around the world. These are some of the the special weddings that have left their mark and continue to inspire us. Kate Upton & Justin Verlander Super model Kate Upton got married to baseball […]

My Diamond

Started as a family run gold workshop in Cairo’s historic Al Azhar quarter in the mid 1980s, today My Diamond  is one of Egypt’s most illustrious jewellery houses specialising in diamonds, with five locations across the Cairo area. eniGma’s Mariam Nowar, visited My Diamond’s trendy main store in Mohandessin and sat down with founding CEO […]

The Most Memorable Weddings in film

When picturing their wedding, for many people a fairytale nuptial comes to mind. A dream wedding, with much fun and laughter, like some memorable ones in the movies, whether it be Mamma Mia or My Big Fat Greek Wedding, is no less than what all couples deserve. In this blissful season of white gowns and […]

Big Bang Bachelorette

In the midst of things like picking and fitting the perfect gown, cake tasting and planning the ideal honeymoon, the bride might get too stressed to pamper herself on her final days of celibacy before the wedding. That’s where the perfect bridesmaids’ roles kick in to provide her with a big bang bachelorette party that […]


eniGma’s April Travel issue features Egyptian Drama’s hottest new duo, Riham Abdel Ghafour and Bassel Khaiat, who will be taking the television scene by storm with their upcoming Ramadan series, El Rehla (The Trip). It was only fitting that we take you on a trip as well with a special shoot in Saladin’s Citadel. Checkout […]

Tarun Tahiliani

For over two decades, Tarun Tahiliani’s fashion designs have impressed, seduced and tantalised the world. With his attention to detail and insistence on using only the finest materials, it is no wonder that he is one of the leading designers in the South Asian subcontinent. What’s surprising however is that the man behind the highly […]

eniGma’s Fashion Shoot

To highlight the hottest spring trends, Enigma photographed its March 2018 fashion shoot at the trendy new destination, G Cribs in El Gouna! With the combination of amazing sunshine, modern architecture and stylish looks, we couldn’t have asked for more…


Strong, independent and emotional are three words that sum up Anoushka. Not to mention beautiful, classy and intelligent. eniGma’s Samia Farid Shihata and Mohamed Hesham got the chance to chat with the iconic star to learn all about her journey to success, and in the process, discovered a beautiful soul behind her inspiring persona. While […]

Ola Roshdy

New York City, Brussels, and Paris are just some of the cities where Ola Roshdy grew up as the daughter of an Egyptian diplomat.  She currently lives in Cairo with her husband, actor Ahmed Dawood, and their two children. An accomplished actor and producer, Ola recently created an online vlog, which she humorously called Weghet […]

Celebrity Mums

Balancing motherhood and your professional life can be very tricky, especially when you’re a mother, let alone a celebrity mother. But the joys of motherhood make up for all the heartache. eniGma’s Mohamed Hesham caught up with a few star mums to find out how they view themselves as mothers, and to gain some insight […]


By Samia Farid Shihata As I watched the sneak preview of Adel Karam Live from Beirut, I kept thinking, ‘this guy is going to get a lot of heat when this show is released to the whole world by Netflix on March 1st! Karam’s Neflix special tackles everything from relationships to the social issues faced […]

Project Runway Middle East

After a season full of hard-hitting challenges, imaginative designs, addictive drama, and never ending twists, only three of 15 competing designers in Project Runway Middle East, Season two made it to the live finale, with Palestinian Saher Okal taking home the prize. eniGma’s Mohamed Hesham caught up with Okal, and the two runner ups, Mikhail […]

Steve Lyons

Nestled just off Main Street in Chatham, Massachusetts (MA), artist Steve Lyon’s edgy gallery is where art lovers flock to enjoy his colourful art and to interface with him personally. It’s also where artsy kids sign up for “Kreative Klasses,” taught exclusively by the MA-native artist. Today, with his name in the top five American […]

Karima Mansour

Karima Mansour stands out as the preeminent contemporary dancer and choreographer in Egypt today. Having completed a Professional Formation dance course in Italy, followed by obtaining a BA and Master’s degree in dance at the London Contemporary Dance School, she returned to Egypt and easily laid claim to Egypt’s contemporary dance throne. Today, the Cairo […]

eniGma’s Close Up

Nicolas Mouawad discusses his role model, his romantic side and answers some hot questions in eniGma’s Close Up Interview with the good-looking Lebanese star.  

Nicolas Mouawad

Cairo has always drawn Arab talent seeking to make a name in cinema, so it’s no wonder we’ve seen a stream of talented Arab actors rise to stardom in Egyptian cinema and television. Thirty-nine-year-old Lebanese actor, Nicolas Mouawad, is the latest Arab actor who appears to be on the cusp of making it big in […]


Mazaj, a new art gallery with a transformative mission recently opened its doors in Cairo’s trendy Zamalek neighbourhood.  The gallery is reaching out to up-and-coming Egyptian artists by providing them with a space where they can freely exhibit their art. The founder and visionary behind the project is businessman Omar Islam, Chairman of International Trading […]

Psychotherapist Carine Karnouk

Relationships are hard, whether with yourself, friends or significant others. eniGma’s Omnia Zaied talks to psychotherapist Carine Karnouk on how to take care of your mental health to maintain good relations with yourself and others. Carine Karnouk has Master’s degrees in Counselling Psychology and Community Psychology from the American University in Cairo. This dual study […]

your guide to the oscar nominees

The 90th Academy Awards’ nominees were recently announced, and they came with an interesting mix of Hollywood veterans, hot rising stars and promising fresh faces, all making their mark in the field of filmmaking and the hard task of story-telling. The past year brought us  a varied collection of female-centric, racially diverse and socially enticing […]

The Insult

The Insult is among the five finalists recently nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards. The film, also known as Case No. 23, is the first Lebanese film ever to be nominated for an Oscar. This thought provoking film is directed and co-written by Ziad Doueiri, of West Beirut and The Attack, […]

SPARK Filmmaking Program

There was a time when the film industry in Egypt was the source of the second highest export revenue for the country and it was widely referred to as the Golden Age of Egyptian cinema. Since then, the institutions that train filmmakers in Egypt have experienced massive deterioration, which is one of multiple reasons that […]

eniGma’s Close-Up

Our January Future Flash cover-star, Yosra El Lozy discusses her favorite things in life, her future dreams and aspirations and answers some hot questions in  eniGma’s Close-Up Interview with the beautiful star.  

Asser Yassin

Writer, actor, film producer, and now full fledged music video director, Asser Yassin has proven his multi-faceted artistry once again, by directing, starring and producing in Wust El Balad’s latest tune, El Ekhtelaf El Mo’talef (The Similar Differences). Releasing the video at the beginning of the year, the video has already amassed a lot of […]

Yosra El Lozy

Ever since she caught everyone’s attention with her screen debut in legendary director Youssef Chahine’s film, Alexandria… New York, in 2004, Yosra El Lozy has been in the spotlight, alternating between acting and being a television host.  In the past few years, she has taken on increasingly complex roles in both cinema and television, to […]

The Stars’ Wish List for 2018

A new year could mean different things to different people. It can stand for a new beginning, a new to-do list or a bright new outlook on life. eniGma’s Mohamed Hesham caught up with some of Egypt’s most glamorous celebrities to check out their New Year’s resolutions. Yousra “I wish for the whole world to […]

Dima Rashid

After 14 years in business, Dima Rashid’s jewellery line, Dima, has been worn by a wide range of celebrities, including Queen Rania, Oprah Winfrey, and Gigi Hadid. Rashid’s brand is the go-to bespoke jewellery line for movie stars and international figures wanting modern interpretations of Middle Eastern inspired exquisite craftswork. eniGma’s Farida El Sayed chatted […]

Karim Mekhtigian

In the challenging environment surrounding us today, it is refreshing to come across an inspiring personality like architect/designer Karim Mekhtigian, who projects a sense of optimism with everything he does.  While, you can’t help but feel a sense of wonder at the elegant, contemporary homes he designs,  it’s more his sense of purpose to revive […]


In an unassuming building in Heliopolis lie the headquarters of one of the fastest growing interior companies in Egypt.  Within a little over three years, The Studio has been able to secure a number of projects in Egypt and the Arab region and was given the responsibility of revamping two prestigious commercial establishments, Nespresso and […]

Footwear of the future

Twenty eight-year-old Jayda Hany is a veritable pioneer footwear designer.  Not only are her shoe designs unique, but so is the high tech process of their manufacture. Hany is the first and only designer in Egypt who has mastered 3D modeling and is able to print out her designs and successfully transform them into wearable […]


Since the late 1940s, Shadia was the Egyptian screen’s sweetest girl next door who captivated everyone’s hearts with her charm and her silky, playful voice.  The recent passing of this icon of the golden era of Egyptian cinema saddened her millions of fans in Egypt and throughout the Arab region. eniGma is dedicating this feature […]

Society Stars

It wasn’t easy, but we managed to track down eight of Egypt’s brightest (and most attractive) young people in different fields and brought them together for our amazing cover feature.  eniGma’s Mohamed Hesham and Farida El Sayed got to interview each of these society darlings and gleaned some great insights on what makes them soar.  […]


Hussein Rifai and Ahmed El Adawy are the dynamic duo at the helm of Inertia, the successful real estate development company they started 10 years ago. Despite Egypt’s difficult economic environment, the relatively young company has been making significant inroads in the market with its innovative business model. eniGma caught up with Inertia’s two partners […]

Yousra & Abu on their Hit Song

  The song, Talat Dakkat (Three Beats) seems to have appeared out of nowhere and is now in everybody’s head! It was first performed live by superstar Yousra and acoustic singer/ songwriter, Abu, at the closing ceremony of El Gouna Film Festival and it immediately became the festival’s signature song. Since then, no one who […]

Sarah A. Abdallah

The song about New York says, “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!” And New York’s Egyptian American interior designer, Sarah A. Abdallah, has indeed made it big. Abdallah has been a practicing interior designer in New York for 14 years, during which, she produced an impressive body of work that […]

Vivian Moawad

Vivian Moawad’s imaginative designs bring out the femininity and beauty of the everyday woman. Her recognition as a rising designer continues to grow. eniGma sat down with the budding designer to discuss her rising career. Originally a finance graduate from Cardiff University in the UK, Moawad worked at her family’s business for a while, albeit, […]

Amr Saad’s Self-expression Accessories

Since its launch, the Amr Saad eyewear and jewelry brand stands out with its focus on unique eyewear designs delicately handcrafted using jewelry techniques and precious stones. In only two years, Saad has built a huge fanbase that includes celebrities, fashion bloggers, social media influencer and millennials, all aspiring to own one of his masterpiece […]

Nagwa Khedr

Nagwa Khedr is changing the way Egyptian parents view children’s playtime. Her story began in university when she enrolled in a community service trip to Ethiopia where she helped children with disabilities. That experience cemented her passion for this worthy cause and led her on a path to becoming an early intervention specialist at the […]

Ahmed Hussein

  Designer Ahmed Hussein is making his mark on Egypt’s interior design market. After starting his career as an architect in 2008, Hussein veered towards the interior design field, where his projects drew much acclaim from clients. He worked as a one-man show for almost a decade until he founded his company, Ahmed Hussein Designs, […]

Naguib Sawiris

Be sure to watch the famous entrepreneur Naguib Sawiris’ ONLY one on one interview about his latest project: the El Gouna Film Festival. In this exclusive, personal and candid interview with Enigma Magazine – for the October 2017 cover story – Naguib opens up about his vision for the festival, the challenges he faced and […]

The Naguib Sawiris Exclusive

An Exclusive Interview with Naguib Sawiris By: Yasmine Shihata Naguib Sawiris is a man of many contractions.  He is a billionaire, yet a man of the people. He is strong and determined, yet sensitive. He is very jet set and could live anywhere in the world, yet he prefers Egypt. He is serious and hard […]

Ahmed Malek

Ahmed Malek is just 22 years old but he already has many successful roles under his belt.  His most recent role in Amr Salama’s, Sheikh Jackson, however, takes Malek to a whole new level and reveals a mature talent and sensitivity that points to even greater success ahead. eni`Gma’s Chairman, Samia Farid Shihata, has been […]

Amr Salama

    After receiving rave reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival, Director Amr Salama’s latest film created a buzz in Egypt, even before opening in local theatres. The film was selected to represent Egypt in the Academy Awards Foreign Films category and was also chosen to open the recently inaugurated El Gouna Film Festival’s […]

Mohamed Diab

Soft spoken, with a low key and modest demeanour, Mohamed Diab, may not look the part of an internationally acclaimed film director whose films have been commercially screened in over 80 countries. Yet, despite his young age, Diab has already established an international reputation as a brilliant director who does not shy away from difficult […]

Awab Saad

Awab Saad is a rising star in Egypt’s real estate market. At 30 years of age, he is probably the youngest founder and CEO at the helm of a large real estate development company.   Saad, a natural entrepreneur and risk taker since university, began his company from scratch barely five years ago, in a […]

Nemer Saadé

  Lebanese fashion designer Nemer Saadé has dominated men’s fashion in the Middle East for almost two decades. eniGma’s Mohamed Hesham spoke with Saadé to find out more about the designer’s remarkable journey to success. Coming from a well-established family in the male fashion and tailoring business, Nemer Saadé learned much about fashion, first hand, […]


Based in Cairo and Brussels, Sameh Alaa is the director of the short films, The Bread, Shadow, Yun Yun, and Le Steak de Tante Margaux. His latest film, Fifteen, is the first Egyptian film to make it to the 2017 Toronto International Film (TIFF) Short Cuts Program, which boasted a selection of 84 short films […]


 You may know him as the glamourous jet set father of super models Gigi and Bella Hadid, but before they were famous, he was known in all the right circles as  a renowned real  estate developer of Palestinian origins based in Beverly Hills, California. Mohamed Anwar Hadid made his name building  luxury hotels and mansions. […]


Ahmed Eid, one of the most popular DJs in Egypt, made history when he became the first Egyptian to perform in the famous club, Pacha, in Ibiza last April. So what’s the story behind this digital music genius who’s spreading his wings far on the global music scene? Enigma caught up with Eid at the […]

Jimmy Keyrouz

There were over 1700 entries competing in the Student Academy Awards in 2016,   and the gold winner was Jimmy Keyrouz of Lebanon for his film, Nocturne in Black. Ever since he was very young, Keyrouz was fascinated with films.  A film was like a dream to him, transporting him to other places; a fascinating […]


Dr. Hisham El Seify stands out as one of a number of Egyptian American professionals who have achieved success in the US.   He has made a name for himself in the highly competitive field of plastic surgery in none other than California, the home of Hollywood and of superstars constantly seeking to look their […]


This past Ramadan season, one of the hit TV series that got rave reviews was La Totfea El Shams (Don’t Turn Out the Sun), which included a stellar cast of actors, among which was the young actress Jamila Awad. Awad had made her acting debut two years earlier with a blockbuster performance as a teenage […]

Director Marwan Hamed

Given that he is one of Egypt’s youngest film directors around, it’s hard to imagine that Marwan Hamed has been in the cinema industry for 22 years already. Starting as a trainee in 1995, while still in film school, he went on to spend eight years as assistant to his teacher and mentor, director Sherif […]

Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim

It’s not every day that a director casts 2,000 goats to find his lead actor. That was the plight of Sherif El Bendary, who took on the herculean task of directing Egyptian feature film Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim the lone Arab film to screen at the Marché du Film, the marketplace that runs alongside […]


Something exciting is taking place on the Egyptian stage. Last April, a dedicated group of artists staged, Leila, the first ever Broadway style musical in Cairo and it was a huge success. The musical was the brainchild and lifelong dream of its producer, song writer/composer, Ibrahim Maurice, an avid fan of musical theatre.  eniGma’s Chairman, […]

Nelly Karim & Ahmed Fahmy

One of the most successful TV series in Ramadan 2017 was Le A’la Se’r (To the Highest Bidder) starring Nelly Karim, Ahmed Fahmy and Zeina.  Every night, viewers were glued to their TV sets to find out what twist and turn would be next in the complicated plot. Despite their busy schedules, eniGma’s Samia Farid […]

Dr. Karim El Sobky

Going to the dentist can be a stressful experience, as many of us know. Dr. Karim El Sobky is determined to change that. His goal is to make sure every patient’s experience at his dental clinic is stress-free and pleasant. He pays close attention to the needs and concerns of every patient, and his individualized […]

Younes Alaoui

Pirelli, the Italian tyres brand, has been around for quite a while. Yet, intriguingly, in the past few years, through their famous Pirelli Calendar and their involvement in Formula One, the Pirellli name has become closely associated with elegance and exclusivity. Today, Pirelli has a strong presence in Egypt and the Middle East, with Younes […]

Amina Diab

Amina Diab is a child psychologist and parent coach – and that’s just her career. She is also a loving mother of two. eniGma Magazine talked to her about all things children, both personal and professional, which she is completely passionate about. Diab has always had an interest in understanding children. When she was a […]

In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that I mourn the passing of my dear friend, Nagwa Shoeb. I also mourn her in Enigma’s name, not only because she was a great friend of our magazine, but more importantly, because she was a truly outstanding Egyptian who represented the best of her generation. We honour her amazing […]

Love is in the Air

It takes a strong bond to build a healthy relationship, but when love is in the air and true matches are made in heaven, power couples are born. Our ultimate lovebirds share with us how their devotion to one another began and their secrets to a long, successful marriage.     Two of a Kind […]


Jehan Sadat, widow of the late Mohamed Anwar Sadat, third president of Egypt, is an icon in her own right.  As Egypt’s first lady, her achievements in the public sphere, not to mention her exceptional poise and elegance, have left their mark and ranked her among the country’s most influential first ladies.  eniGma Magazine sat […]

Amany Khalil

Amany Khalil isn’t your typical 50-year-old. Since leaving her successful banking career behind in favour of athletics, she’s participated in numerous long-distance races, including marathons, triathlons and the more challenging Ironman triathlons.  eniGma’s Mahmoud Al Badry sat down with the inspirational personality to find out more about her unique story and the keys to her […]

Society Stars Making Waves in Business

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Samar Obagi

After nearly three decades, during which she’s helped her husband, Dr. Zein Obagi, build his dermatology empire, Samar Obagi is still as passionate as ever about ensuring that proper skincare is delivered to more people around the world. eniGma’s Mahmoud Al Badry spoke to this inspirational personality about her exciting journey thus far and her […]

Hend Rostom

She has played every role, lived every life, and still continues to make audiences gasp, laugh and cry thanks to timeless roles in over 60 films. In these never-before-seen photos we catch a glimpse of living legend Hend Rostom in her prime, while Enigma’s Maissa Azab talks exclusively to the icon about her loves, losses, highs, lows and […]

Misty & Hafez

Since joining forces six years ago, Moustafa Sheta and Omar Hafez, two fun-loving 25-year-olds with an affinity for spinning discs, have become one of the biggest DJ acts in town. In fact, Misty & Hafez were recently handpicked by the Discovery Channel for a documentary that focused on Egypt’s burgeoning nightlife.The dynamic duo discussed the […]

Yasmine Sabri

Although a relative newcomer to the silver screen, Yasmine Sabri has managed to captivate Egypt and the entire region in more ways than one.  There’s definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to this stunning beauty.  eniGma’s Mona Soliman sat down with the rising young actress to find out the secret behind her […]

Rasha Hammad

Change is good, but never easy. Mindlessly following what worked in the past often seems like the safest option available. Speaking up and trying to influence some of the ugly realities out there is the only thing that moves humanity forward. Rasha Hammad is one person who is certainly unafraid of doing so. As eniGma’s […]

Farida Temraz

Fashion design is a very competitive field. It takes a special type of personality to challenge the established order and make a tangible impact on the industry at large, especially so if it came from a less than developed fashion country. Luckily for Egypt, though, Farida Temraz is just that and more. Her combination of […]

Amna El Shandaweely

For the past couple of years, Egypt has seen many artistic fashion designers prosper with unique ideas inspired by different stories. Obsessed with the natural beauty of diverse cultures, Amna Elshandaweely concocts her designs through the prism of whichever cultures she stumbles upon. eniGma’s Laila Rostom sat with the culturally-enthused designer to learn more about […]

Nada Akram Combines Fashion and Culture

While most fashion items nowadays are clichéd and unoriginal, designer Nada Akram decided to customize her designs with a modern twist on the Egyptian identity. Akram, who launched her debut collection in Dubai’s Fashion Forward in 2011, designs comfortable clothes with an edge in order to fulfill every age group’s taste while staying distinctive. Tell […]


Intrigued by the fact that two young ladies were capable of creating, developing, designing and booming a successful brand, especially at the start of their career path, eniGma’s Laila Rostom sat down with the creative minds behind OKHTEIN, Mounaz and Aya to know the depth of their path to their success and to show the […]


With his now trademark mustache and widely experimental clothes, most people peg Mohanad Kojak as just another fashion designer who attempts to stir up controversy to gain fame. Kojak, however, is anything but an ordinary man trying to grab attention.Indeed, as eniGma’s Mahmoud Al Badry found out, he’s a true one of a kind personality […]

Jude Benhalim

Being young with a creative mindset can be challenging at times, especially when you are still discovering your artistic talent that is ready to bloom.  This is the story of Jude Benhalim, a creative young girl who blossomed into a successful jewelry designer at the tender age of 17.  EniGma’s  Laila Rostom spoke to Jude […]

Enigma Magazine’s 2nd Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success

Since its launch in 2000, eniGma, the Arab world’s top international lifestyle magazine, has been highlighting Arab glamour, culture, and success in its features and through the star-studded events it organises around the world.  With the international media focusing on all that is negative in the Middle East, eniGma decided last year that it was […]

Marc Wahba

It takes more than just a big name, a social butterfly, or the spotlight natural to take on the events’ industry by storm. What started out for Marc Wahba in high school as an amusingly relaxing leisure activity, led to his future career path. Always eager to organize school carnivals, proms and of course provide […]

Justin Lin

Having worked on various projects throughout the years, from three instalments of the Fast and Furious series to the second season of True Detective, veteran Taiwanese American director, Justin Lin, was a fitting candidate to oversee the latest instalment of Star Trek. eniGma’s Mahmoud Al Badry got a chance to speak to Lin about the […]

Online Merrymakers

The increasing prevalence of social media in our lives has created a platform that wouldn’t have existed otherwise for up and coming entertainers to share their content with millions throughout the world. With that in mind, eniGma’s Mahmoud Al Badry and Laila Rostom spoke to five of the biggest digital entertainment acts in Egypt. Here […]

A Story within a Story

Mohammed Diab has become one of the Middle East’s most acclaimed screen writers and directors. His work has gone international, with praise coming his way from such globally renowned artists as Paolo Coelho and Tom Hanks. Diab’s unwavering confidence is coupled with an understated demeanor that endears him to his many fans and admirers. eniGma’s […]

Ahmed Al Morsy

With 20 years of experience under his belt, Ahmed Al Morsy is one of the biggest names in direction of photography. Morsy’s work has spanned a range of projects, from films to TV commercials to music videos. He’s done virtually everything and has fun doing it. eniGma’s Mahmoud Al Badry sat down with Morsy to […]

Olympic Hopefuls

With the Rio Olympics just around the corner, Egypt is uniting behind its athletes participating in this ultimate global athletic competition. There is an expectation that some new national heroes will be born this summer. eniGma’s Mahmoud Al Badry spoke to five promising Egyptian Olympic athletes about their athletic journeys, how they view Egypt’s athletic […]

Hassan Abaza

Having worked in the entertainment business for 14 years, Hassan Abaza has established himself as one of Egypt’s premier party and event planners. On the occasion of the opening of his newest project, Seasons Bistro on the North Coast, we spoke to Abaza about his exciting new venture, his journey in event planning and his […]


Since she made her first appearance in Egyptian cinema, we’ve enjoyed seeing Dorra many times both on the big and small screen in a variety or roles. But this year, we got to watch her in a new role with a twist.. Her latest Ramadan series, El Kheroug (The Exit), was quite an action-packed and […]

Paula Patton

Paula Patton is a talented actress who has quickly established herself as a leading Hollywood performer with roles in movies such as Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol, 2 Guns, and Precious. Now, Patton is stepping into the fantasy world for the very first time in the widely anticipated Warcraft: The Beginning. In celebration of its release, Patton […]

Nancy Badawi

Egyptian interior designer Nancy Badawi has an infectious smile and a fun-loving demeanor.  Her happy go lucky attitude aside, she takes her work very seriously.  To her, interior design is a calling, not just a way to pay the bills.  At age 27, she’s already founded her own company, and her success is evident in […]

The Design Avenue

The Design Avenue is a design firm specializing in interior, architectural and landscape designs.  It was founded in 2009 by architect/managing partner, Karim Shoukry, together with Mohamed Ali, the team’s architect/design studio leader and managing partner.  They took on Egypt’s design world by storm with their creative designs and original ideas for a variety of […]

Latifa and Hesham Selim

It’s that time of year when everyone is super busy preparing for the holy month’s festivities.  And, among the busiest are the actors working on impossibly tight schedules to ensure that their Ramadan TV series are finished on time and are worth the watch.  Luckily for us, despite their hectic schedules, eniGma’s Salma Hussein managed […]

Style Meets Substance: The Story Behind Metamorph Luna

  Growing up in a patriarchal society hasn’t been easy for university students Nada Ayoub and Jude Benhalim. Indeed, the shared struggle that Egyptian women go through on a daily basis served as the biggest drive behind their first encounter. Months later, Nada and Jude decided to combine their unique artistic gifts through Metamorph Luna, […]

Yahia Lababidi

Yahia Lababidi is an Egyptian/American poet who has continued the long-held linkage between Middle Eastern culture and aphorisms. For his work, he has been nominated twicefor the Pushcart Awards, poetry’s most prestigious prize. Lababidi sat down with eniGma’s Mahmoud Al Badry for an interview that delved into poetry’s powerful resonance, as well as the influences […]

Amina Khalil

When you meet the beautiful 27 year-old actress, Amina Khalil, you can’t help but think that this lady has the looks that can take her anywhere she wants. But that’s a far cry from what Khalil is all about. The young actress is filled with passion for acting and a determination to prove that she […]

Zaid Farouki

After being infatuated by fashion all his life, the young and upcoming fashion designer Zaid Farouki just launched his first atelier in Dubai and is already making headlines with his hand painted inspirational garments. eniGma’s Yosra Shohayeb spoke to the Egyptian/Saudi designer to gain more insight about his breakthrough into fashion. Tell us more about […]

Jonathan Pryce

With a realistic fantasy-based setting that includes magic, dragons, and Zombie-like creatures, and almost everything in between, Game of Thrones has become a global phenomenon unlike anything else over its five season run.  With its sixth season premiering on April 25th on OSN, conversations about the enchanting new season are set to dominate airspaces once […]

Iman Saab

This young Lebanese designer has taken the couture scene in Cairo by storm and has become a recognizable name in Egypt’s fashion scene.  Saab began her career by studying fashion and then working for top Lebanese designers, including Rima Bohsali.  eniGma’s Shereen Kamal sat down with Saab in her atelier to find out more about […]

Norine Farah

Invariably everyone who sees Norine Farah’s designs find themselves holding their breath in appreciation of the art she creates. This Egyptian fashion designer is not the usual designer you would expect. eniGma’s Yosra Shohayeb chatted with the designer/artist about her unusually fast rise to become one of Egypt’s lead designers. Give us a background about […]

Arrangements with Flair

As a booming industry, wedding planning is now about so much more. Organising a memorable wedding requires, not only creativity, resourcefulness and good taste, but also superior management skill and composure under pressure. . With the wedding season in full swing, eniGma’s Mahmoud Al Badry asked some of Egypt’s top and rising wedding planners about […]

Maya Morsi

The baton is finally passing to a younger generation in Egypt, at least when it comes to the National Council for Women (NCW).  The recent election of Maya Morsi, who is in her early forties, as President of NCW is truly a milestone not only for the council but for the advancement of Egyptian youth […]

Laila Eloui

Egyptian superstar Laila Eloui has been a head turner ever since her first appearance in the play Taman Sitat (8 Women). Movies, plays, and TV series followed, one after the other and Eloui quickly captured hearts and became the sweetheart of Egyptian cinema. An accomplished actress, she has proven herself in many important roles on […]

Strength In Numbers

Loud engines, huge men, and long beards; what do these things have in common? They’re what often pops into your mind when motorcycle clubs are mentioned. While this impression may have some truth behind it, it is actually a stereotype that misrepresents what a motorcycle club actually is. Given their limited number and the negative […]

This is Taimour Othman

The fun “This is Egypt” campaign that was launched by the Ministry of Tourism has been flooding TV channels and social media for the last couple of months. The Ministry adopted the idea from a young Egyptian, Taimour Othman, which added to its massive success. To find out how it all came about, eniGma’s Yosra […]

Hassan El Shafei Rocking The Basement

With several number one hits under his belt and a string of Arab superstars knocking at his door, award-winning Egyptian music producer Hassan El Shafei is a music maverick to be reckoned with. And as eniGma’s Daliah Galal finds out, this is just the beginning… Winner of the Middle East music award for Best Music […]


The Syrian superstar singer with over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Assala, has tons of fans all over the Arab region. Her popular TV show, Soula, is still going strong, and she recently had one of her most special concerts ever, where she performed with her close friend and equally popular Egyptian […]

Confessions of a Modern Mother

Mothers everywhere have their little secrets which they like to keep to themselves.  eniGma’s Shereen Kamal asked a few of Egypt’s hard-working young mothers to share special confessions from their personal experience with our readers. Noha El Sherbiny Fashion Blogger Apart from being a social media figure, I’ve always been obsessed with my weight. I […]

Yasmin Helal

Sitting in her downtown Cairo office, Yasmin Helal is confident, quick to smile, yet undeniably grounded. She knows how far she’s come, but is equally aware of the challenges that lie ahead. It’s been about six years since she started Educate Me, a charitable effort to provide education for underprivileged children. What had started off as […]

Mervat Abou Oaf

Mervat Abou Oaf’s journey of success has been quite unique.  After singing with her siblings in the 4M, the musical band led by her brother Ezzat Abou Oaf from the 70s to the 80s, she dramatically changed course and became a Professor in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at the American University in […]

The 5

The 5 are a group of multinational singers who grouped together as a band when they participated in the 3rd season of the X-Factor. Their latest single, Bel Gharam, accumulated over 15 thousand views on YouTube in its first hour of release. The 5 recently spoke with eniGma’s Mahmoud Al Badry for an interview that […]

Saad Lamjarred

With one hit after the other, the 30 year-old Moroccan singer, Saad Lamjarred, has become one of the most famous young singers in the Arab region and even internationally. His latest single Lm3allem (The Master) earned a spot in the Guinness Book of Records for garnering over 100 million views on YouTube in just three […]

Zeina Tawakol

At the time of her graduation with a journalism major and a sociology minor, young Zeina Tawakol could not have predicted that she would become “The Dynamo of Aswan Heart Centre”, as Sir Magdi Yacoub, the legendary Egyptian heart surgeon, likes to call her. Through her work as the Director of Operations of the Aswan […]

Waleed Fawaz

After graduating from business school in 2001, Walid Fawaz followed his passion for acting and enrolled in the Institute for Dramatic Arts in Egypt. A natural professional, this Egyptian rising actor already has quite a list of prominent movies and TV series under his belt. He is especially known for his roles in the hit […]

Mohamed Sobhy

After ten years of absence, the popular comedian and activist Mohamed Sobhy has made a stronger than ever return to the entertainment scene through his new talk show Mafish Moshkela Khales (No Problem at All), now airing on CBC. The show sheds light on society’s problems in an interactive comic manner, which Sobhy has always […]

Fawaz Gruosi

Fawaz Gruousi is currently among the most influential people in the jewellery industry worldwide. With an impressive eye for refined rocks and a highly innovative mind, Gruosi has successfully built his de GRISOGONO brand into one of the most recognizable names in the industry. eniGma spoke with every woman celebrity’s sweetheart, Gruosi, for an all-encompassing […]

The Raouf Ghabbour Success Story

Known as a risk-taker and confident business guru, Raouf Ghabbour, the man behind Ghabbour Auto, has a success story that is an inspiration to all Egyptians. Ever since he was seven years old, Ghabbour was determined to become an entrepreneur. Rather than rely on his family’s wealth, he pursued his dream by depending on himself […]

Dr.Nashwa El-Bendary

Egyptian scientist Dr. Nashwa El Bendary is the winner of the regional L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science fellowship. The L’Oreal  award is meant to fund and support just five women from the region who are carrying out constructive and innovative research in science. Dr. El Bendary’s award-winning project is destined to positively affect the future […]

Ghada Abdel Khalek

Ghada Abdel Khalek has been in the hotel industry since 1988.  Driven by challenge, success, and a desire to learn, her journey started at the Movenpick, then she moved to the Cairo Marriott as Public Relations and Promotions Manager, and later became the Area Public Relations and Promotions Manager at the Conrad hotel.  A shift […]

Shahin Ghadir

You hit 40. Night sweats awaken you. You drag your feet to go to that family gathering and rehearse all the justifications you’ll say for not having tied the knot yet. A series of failed random dates are stuck on you like a shadow. Frantic, you start categorizing men according to the level of compromise […]

The Couple's Guide To Intimacy

Contemporary Egyptian society holds many old wives tales and taboos when it comes to the subject of marriage, and in particular, sex.  To overcome these social taboos and raise sexual awareness, Dr. Ghada Ezz Eldin, head of the Ma3looma (Information) project, allows people to anonymously ask questions through the project’s website, Facebook messages,, or […]

Reem Mostafa

One would think a blonde, blue-eyed stunner who  also happens to be a rising actress replacing the gorgeous star Ghada Adel in a main role in Saray Abdeen, would be a little into herself. But once Enigma’s Associate Editor Hana Zuhair started talking with Reem Mostafa, who had also already captured attention for her role […]

Amie Sultan

The behind the scenes of Enigma Magazine’s exclusive interview and fashion shoot with former ballerina and current fabulous belly dancer, Amie Sultan, who’s taking the belly dancing scene by storm – April 2015 وراء الكواليس مع الراقصة أيمي سلطان وتصوير حصرى لمجل انيجما

An Egyptian on Mars?

A 32-year-old financial planner may possibly be the first Egyptian to go to Mars. Out of over 200 thousand applicants, Mohammed Sallam, and 99 others from around the world were shortlisted by the Mars One organisation which plans to send 24 people to Mars to create a human settlement there. Sallam spoke with eniGma’s Mohamad […]

Dina JSR

What motivated you to become a fashion designer? I’ve been deeply influenced by the women in my family. My mother is the embodiment of perfection and elegance, and she taught me how to dress well. And although I never met my grandmother, I was gifted with several of her dresses and some of her jewellery. […]

Amie Sultan

Your background is a mystery. Tell us a bit about your upbringing. I was born in Singapore to Egyptian parents and we lived there until I was 15.  We also spent a lot of time in Romania and Azerbaijan and ballet dancing was a big part of my life. My father works in the petroleum […]

Jessica Alba

She is one of Hollywood’s sexiest actresses, a mother, an entrepreneur and a style icon. Jessica Alba is gracefully bracing our cover this month and eniGma’s Salma Hussein brings you the scoop on her life, acting career, and on being Braun’s new brand ambassador. I could barely contain my excitement when I first found out I […]

Hana Shiha: Exclusive Cover Shoot – هنا شيحا وابنائها: تصوير حصرى لمجلة انيجما

As we celebrate motherhood in our March issue, this is the behind the scenes of our exclusive photo shoot with the incredible actress, Hana Shiha, and her two adorable boys, Adam and Malek. Read this fun and personal interview we had with Shiha in our March issue on the newsstands now and get an inside […]

Hana Shiha

Last Ramadan, this unassumingly coy actress stunned us with her bold role as EmEm, a girl conspiring with her seven siblings to kill their father, in the Saba’ Wasaya (Seven Commandments) series. It seems that this year she has even more in store for us. Last November, Hana Shiha finished shooting the movie, Abl Zahmet […]

Mohamed Hefzy

It’s hardly fair that actors get most of the spotlight when it comes to making movies, since so much great work is being done by the people behind the cameras. Scriptwriter and producer, Mohamed Hefzy, has been in the film industry for over 15 years and has been a creative force behind so many of […]

Ragheb Alama

Superstar Ragheb Alama first rose to fame in 1986 with his single Ya Rait (I Wish) and his songs have been topping the music charts ever since. In this eniGma exclusive, Alama opens up to eniGma’s Deputy Editor Omnia Zaied about his rise to the top, his future plans, and about joining the Arabic version […]

Shadi Alfons

We used to tune in to Bassem Youssef’s El Bernameg (The Program) every Friday where Shadi Alfons made us laugh like there was no tomorrow. But when eniGma’s Salma Hussein met him, she saw a completely different side to this rising Egyptian star. She was surprised to see a more serious side of Alfons that […]

Dr. Sam Saleh

The confidence that comes with a beautiful smile is an indescribable feeling. Your smile says a lot about who you are and gives you the freedom to create the ideal first impression. Thanks to the advancements in dental technology and procedures, even those who were not genetically blessed with perfect teeth can now have a […]

Rawya Mansour

As the chairperson of RAMSCO, Rawya Mansour has been a successful interior designer for many years.  She developed a new passion after attending a conference on the environment in Vienna in 2007. She became very environmentally conscious and has since made it her goal to give back to the community through helping Egyptians live in […]

Hani Farsi

Hani Farsi is a man of many passions. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, the hospitality business, the theatre world, the film industry, and so much more. Yet his most important passion is philanthropy; how he can use his success and fortune to give back to projects that support the greater good. Farsi is also […]


You’ve probably seen them perform on television with Bassem Youssef or Essad Youniss. They would be hard to forget thanks to their unique sound, laid-back look, and all around fun vibe. “You can call their songs out of the box, eccentric, or unorthodox, but meeting them was definitely a one-of-a-kind experience,” notes eniGma’s Salma Hussein […]

Riham Haggag

We’ve all seen her on the small screen and we loved her latest role in Segn El Nessa. Soon we’ll be seeing her talents displayed on the big screen as well. Riham Haggag tells eniGma’s Salma Hussein all about her experiences and how she plans to continue her acting journey. When did you realize that […]

Noor Arnaoot

We’re always happy to see Arab talent in the spotlight, but sometimes it’s the people who are behind the scenes that truly shine. That’s why we love that the young and multi-talented Noor Arnaoot is trying to leave her mark on the cinema industry at such a young age. eniGma’s Shadden El Banna talked to […]

Michael Wale

Starting in the company as a fresh graduate, Michael Wale has had a long and illustrious career with Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. He is currently the President for Europe, Africa & Middle East, directly overseeing the operations for almost 250 hotels and resorts in 60 countries. eniGma’s Editor-in-Chief Yasmine Shihata met with Wale to […]

L'Oréal's Sara Ravella

Sara Ravella, L’Oréal’s Executive Vice-President of Communication, Sustainability and Public Affairs and Chief Executive Officer of the L’Oréal Foundation, is a force to be reckoned with. She took up one challenge after the other as she climbed up the corporate ladder, joining L’Oréal’s top management in 2010. eniGma’s Omnia Zaied caught up with Ravella in […]

Haifa Wehbe

She is one of the most loved and judged female celebrities in the Middle East. Singer, actress, and performer, Haifa Wehbe is a household name in the entertainment business. eniGma’s Omnia Zaied caught up with the Lebanese star to find out how she manages to rise above all the controversy… When I contacted Wehbe in […]

Mahitab Orabi

After 18 years of working in investment banking, Mahitab Orabi made it on to Forbes magazine’s list of the 200 Most Powerful Arab Women. But the journey wasn’t always smooth. After graduating from the American University in Cairo as an economics major in 1996, Orabi wasn’t sure which career to pursue. She is now the […]

Amina El-Demirdash

Amina El-Demirdash adds a lot of colour to life through her art. El-Demirdash finds it important to encourage artists and spread art awareness in Egyptian society. Using the palette knife technique, her painting is inspired by places, landscapes, people, as well as visiting galleries and seeing other people’s work. eniGma’s Salma Hussein talked to El-Demirdash […]

Dr. John Jain

A woman’s life is all about choices; the small and large choices she makes that affect the rest of her life. In today’s modern world one of the biggest choices women are making is the choice of marrying and having children much later in life than previous generations. Thus the most important doctor every modern […]

Amr Youssef

Ad Tanazuly proved to be very successful, was that something you expected? From the moment writer Tamer Ibrahim sent me the script, I knew there was something special about this series. I couldn’t wait to finish reading it and I knew people would get equally hooked. I felt that it had all the right elements: […]

Ahmed Beltagy

From glamorous parties to exclusive events, Ahmed Beltagy, party planner par excellence, has conquered Cairo’s social scene, and set a new standard for Egypt’s entertainment business. eniGma’s Radwa El Ziki talks to the entertainment guru about his eventful journey to the top and his upcoming projects. Since starting his business in 2001, Beltagy’s name quickly […]

Wael Fakharany

Google is undoubtedly one of the biggest companies in the world. And with ever changing technological advances, keeping up with developments in the Google world can be tough. Wael Fakharany, Agency Lead Google Middle East & North Africa, takes all that in his stride. He is is a rising star in this fast-paced industry, cognizant […]

Bill Dorfman

There’s a lot behind the smile of Bill Dorfman, ‘America’s Dentist’, as he is known in the US. He is not just the reason behind the perfect smile of a slew of Hollywood’s finest including Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, and Katy Perry, he is also a philanthropist, a winner of six lifetime achievement awards, an […]

Hatem Dowidar

The taste of success is sweeter when it’s achieved on a global level. That’s why we get so excited when an Egyptian makes it big internationally. And that’s why Hatem Dowidar’s meteoric rise in Vodafone, the international telecommunications giant, is such a big deal. Since joining its ranks as Chief Marketing Officer in 1999 he’s […]

Khaled Abu Bakr

He is a prominent lawyer accredited internationally. He’s also a TV talk show host, and a very popular one at that. Khaled Abou Bakr co-hosts the Egyptian TV show, Al Kahera Al Youm, with veteran Amr Adeeb, adding a dose of calm deliberation to Adeeb’s heated, and occasionally theatrical, nightly monologue. eniGma’s Samia Farid Shihata […]

The Rise of Nelly Karim

Last time we interviewed Nelly Karim, she was shooting the television series Zaat, which is now considered one of the most important series in the history of Arab drama. We didn’t realise at the time what an important turning point this would be in Karim’s career. Since the huge success of Zaat, Karim has been […]

Vince Camuto

Conquering one region after another with his talent, Vince Camuto is both a fashion mogul, and an astute businessman. With one of the leading brands in footwear, the American designer is making a distinguished mark on the fashion industry. eniGma’s Radwa El Ziki got the chance to talk to Camuto about his vision, his entry […]

Farida Temraz

Designer and founder of Temraza, Farida Temraz is determined to transform the booming fashion scene in Egypt. With a new collection and a show in London Fashion Week this month, eniGma’s Radwa El Ziki sat down with the rising designer to talk about her journey to the top. From early on, it was obvious that […]

Farah El Ashiry

Young and fresh, Farah El Ashiry has made a memorable summer for herself. With distinctive prints and summer inspired cuts, the budding 23-year-old designer behind Fufa created quite a fashion wave this season. eniGma’s Radwa El Ziki sat down with the up-and-coming designer to talk about her latest collection and future plans. Graduating from the […]

Aisha Ramadan

Awarded Young Designer of the Year 2000 by Swarovski, and Women Achiever Award in 2011 and invited to Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, young Lebanese designer Aiisha Ramadan has gained a foothold on the international fashion scene. eniGma’s Yosra Shohayeb gets to know all about the talented designer. Tell us about yourself, the brand, and […]

Sally Abdel Sallam

Radio listeners may know Sally Abdelsalam by name but probably would not recognise her face. This is about to change. After three years on the radio, this Ramadan, Abdelsalam made her first appearance on TV on Masaa El Kheir Ya Ramadan (Good Evening Ramadan) on CBC Two. eniGma’s Deputy Editor Omnia Zaied talks to Abdelsalam […]

Shereen Farghal

Lights, camera, and tons of action. Shereen Farghal is one of the most sought after Art Directors in the Middle East. With one hit show after another, Farghal is making a dramatic impact on both Ramadan series and movies. This year’s Segn El Nessa (Women’s Prison) and Saba’a Wasaya (The Seven Wills) provide just a […]

Karim Abdel Aziz

With a new movie and a new attitude, Karim Abdel Aziz is back in the spotlight. We caught up with the star of Al Feel Al Azrak (The Blue Elephant) days before the release of the movie. He revealed the mystery behind his earlier disappearance from the scene, his recent comeback, and what he has […]

The Reincarnation of Zeina

It’s not the first time Zeina graces the cover of eniGma. The luscious star was featured on our cover twice before, the last time being in 2009.  This was, however, the first time I personally met Zeina. It was on a Saturday night in photographer Emad Kassem’s studio where we conducted the shoot. I walked […]

Tarek Beshir

Tarek Beshir is a visionary in his field. A graduate of Cairo University, Beshir received his Master’s Degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and did his postgraduate studies in landscaping at Harvard University. He was granted MIT and Aga Khan awards for academic excellence, and in the early 90s, Beshir settled in Chicago to […]

Maya Diab

A force to be reckoned with, Maya Diab is nothing short of extraordinary. With her fierce attitude, her dynamic personality and focused work ethic, Diab is slowly taking over the world, one industry at a time. Hit single after another, Diab’s music career has never been better. The remarkable diva is also recognised as one […]

Tara Bernerd

Described as “today’s rough luxury” by lead designer Tara Bernerd, Belgraves is a stylish new addition to London’s burgeoning boutique hotel scene. Thomson Carpenter speaks with the hip designer and unravels her thought process behind the revamp of the property, bringing a bit of edgy New York attitude to the heart of the traditional British […]

Mai Ezz Eldin

She is one of the most recognisable young faces in Egyptian cinema. Her looks and talents have landed her some of the best roles in the industry. This May, Fashion Director Maissa Azab transforms Mai Ezz Eldin into a princess bride while Deputy Editor Omnia Zaied gets to know what lies beneath the pretty face. […]

Menna Shalaby

She is one of the silver screen’s most remarkable actresses. And this summer she is sporting a whole new look and a whole new attitude. Fashion Director Maissa Azab dresses Menna Shalaby in the season’s latest trends and Deputy Editor Omnia Zaied talks to her about best summer memories. With 24 movies and six TV […]

Ali Jaber

You may know Ali Jaber as the tough judge on Arabs Got Talent who looks like famous Egyptian actor Mostafa Fahmy. When you meet him you will realise there’s much more to Jaber than meets the eye. In this eniGma exclusive, Deputy Editor Omnia Zaied talks to Jaber, Director of MBC Group Television, about what […]

Ghada Adel

We all know Ghada Adel as a beautiful silver screen star. But few know that she is also the wife of successful director Magdy El Hawary and the proud mother of five.  In this exclusive shoot, Fashion Director Maissa Azab takes Adel back to her childhood memories while Deputy Editor Omnia Zaied finds out how […]

Yehia: Egyptian Hollywood Spotter Exclusive with Enigma يحي المصري الشهير في هوليوود مع مجلة انجما

Yehia Mohamed has become famous in Hollywood through the famous TV program Jimmy Kimmel Live. He is known for acquainted with Hollywood celebrities and taking pictures with them. His wit and intelligence is what made ​​him well known in the world of Hollywood stars and increased his fame when he appeared in the program with […]

Tamer Hosny: Enigma Magazine’s Fashion & Cover Shoot – Feb 2014 تامر حسني: تصوير غلاف مجلة انجما

Super star Tamer Hosny poses in front of Enigma magazine’s camera’s, shooting the latest men’s fashion. Read the full cover interview in Enigma magazine’s Valentine’s issue for February 2014. شاهدوا معنا أجمل اللقطات خلال تصوير المطرب الشهير تامر حسني. تابعوا موضوع الغلاف في العدد الخاص بعيد الحب لشهر فبرارير 2014.


You’ve seen him on Jimmy Kimmel and on the red carpet, and we can honestly say Yehya Mohammed is one of the funniest people we have ever interviewed. With his catch phrase, “hey, can I take picture with you?” Yehya’s hobby has made him famous. The celebrity-spotter shared his hilarious stories with eniGma’s Radwa El […]

Mohamed Al Bitar & Sarah Khanna

To describe this couple, it would be appropriate to use the clichés “food is love” and “recipe for romance”, because they really do apply. Mohamed Al Bitar and Sarah Khanna have been married for almost seven years now and are best known for their show Hakawy El Mashawy on CBC Sofra. Their hassle-free attitude to […]

Motaz Nabulsi

We’re always proud when an Arab makes it in Hollywood, and Motaz Nabulsi، the young Arab producer has achieved much to make us proud. His first independent movie, Sunlight Jr., starring Naomi Watts and Matt Dillon was recently released in select theatres and on iTunes. He also achieved much success with the movie, 2 Guns, […]

Samira Said

She is a singer who has made her mark on the music industry in the Middle East. Her journey to fame hasn’t been easy, but her talent and skill at reinventing herself have kept her fans flocking and kept her name carved among today’s top Arabic singers. eniGma’s  Deputy Editor, Omnia Zaied  sat down with […]

Ahmed Zaher

Ahmed Zaher has made a comeback. Still surrounded by controversy, but rocking a handsome new look, he took everyone by surprise when he brilliantly portrayed  Youssef El Mahdy in Hekayet Hayat (The Story of Hayat) on TV last Ramadan.  eniGma’s Radwa El Ziki talks to the star about his professional  journey with its ups and […]

Bassim Haidar

The Middle East has its share of self-made success stories, and many of them originate in Lebanon. Although a relatively small country, Lebanon has produced a huge number of entrepreneurs who have created thriving businesses around the world. One of these success stories is the young telecom mogul Bassim Haidar. You may not have heard […]

Ahmed Zaher

Watch our exclusive fashion shoot for with Talented actor Ahmed Zaher. You can see the full shoot and read the full interview in our December 2013 issue. يقف النجم أحمد زاهر أمام كاميرات مجلة انجما فى جلسة تصوير حصرية. يمكنكم مشاهدة الصور و قراءة الحوار فى عدد ديسمبر 2013.  

Samira Said

The one and only North African Nominated for Music Awards single – Samira Said – poses for Enigma Magazine Cameras for the cover of the December 2013 issue. Song used information: Title: Mazal Singer: Samira Said Produced, Written & Arranged By Tizaf Mohcine شاهدوا معنا أمته اللقطاط من خلال تصوير مجلة انجما مع الفنانة سميرة […]


The iconic Egyptian movie star poses for the cameras of eniGma magazine for the cover of the November 2013 issue. Make sure to pick up your copy of the magazine to read the full interview – November 2013 شاهد جلسة تصوير النجمة يسرا مع مجلة انجما و لا تنسى ان تشترى نسختك من مجلة انجما […]

Nagla Badr

Watch the glamorous rising star Nagla Badr posing infront of Enigma’s camera’s in latest fall 2013 styles and trends. For the full story and fashion shoot found in ou exclusive “Women We Love” – November 2013 تقف النجمة الصاعدة نجلاء بدر أمام كاميرات مجلة انجما ترتدي أحدث صيحات الجمال والأناقة لموسم خريف 2013. تجدون المزيد […]

Sahar Elsallab

Sahar El Sallab’s successful career in banking spanned over three decades. She reached the pinnacle in her challenging male dominated field of finance, when she became Chairman of the Board of Directors at CI Capital Holding and Vice President and Managing Director of the Commercial International Bank (CIB), Egypt’s largest private bank. She became the […]

Ghada Waly

Over the last three years it seemed like everyone was busy playing politics and no one was paying attention to the Egyptian economy. In fact, there are many Egyptians, both in the public and the private sector, who have quietly been working very hard to keep Egypt’s economy afloat in these challenging times. One such […]

Nagla Badr

She is probably this year’s most controversial actress. With her daring roles, Nagla Badr grabbed the attention of both audiences and critics. In this exclusive shoot, Maissa Azab dresses the femme fatale in the season’s latest trends while Omnia Zaied finds out what lies beneath the glitz and glamour of Badr’s life. I thought I […]


She is a legend. One of the few Arab stars who managed to stay on top for over 30 years. She has one of the most recognisable names in the entire region, yet manages to maintain an air of modesty and humility. eniGma’s Omnia Zaied uncovers the superstar’s secrets to fame, success, and staying classy. […]

Soraya Shawky's Made-Up World

The beautiful Soraya Shawky lives in a make-up world, where she eats, sleeps, and breathes make-up. The talented make-up artist has managed to make a name for herself in the beauty industry and is not showing any signs of slowing down. eniGma’s Radwa El Ziki talks to the artist about her future and her favourite […]

Omneya Shohayeb

Egyptians often need a motivational boost, a life jacket to keep us afloat; and Omneya (Mony) Shohayeb has generously shared hers with us. Her compilation of short motivational stories, The Life Jackets, is a book that should be on everyone’s reading list. Shohayeb has always wanted to write. Ever since she was a little girl, […]

Salwa Katkhuda

Getting hold of Salwa Katkhuda proved to be very challenging. One day she’s in Dubai, the other in New York, the following in Beirut. It took a while, but we finally did the interview. eniGma’s Omnia Zaied talks to Katkhuda of Oasis500 about what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the Middle East. My […]

Amir Karara: Cover & Fashion Shoot for Enigma Magazine – تصوير الفنان أمير كرارة لغلاف مجلة انجما

The handsome uprising star Amir Karara poses in front of the camera for eniGma’s “Men We Admire” issue. Go behind the scenes with us with the latest men fashion and style with a sneak view on our interview. النجم المتألق أكير كرارة يقف أمام الكميرات لتصوير غلاف مجلة انجما للعدد الخاص بالرجال. شاهدوا معنا أحدث […]

Ahmed Magdy

Young, charming, and talented, Ahmed Magdy is an actor who has a very unique outlook on life and his profession. He’s been making waves on the television screen for the last two years and shows no signs of slowing down. eniGma’s Lina Ashour talked to the young actor to unveil his philosophy on acting. I […]

Amir Karara

With a 12-year career journey that started with advertisements, followed by presenting a number of successful TV shows, before landing starring roles in several TV blockbuster series, Amir Karara has a lot to be proud of. eniGma’s Radwa El Ziki talks to the action man about fame, family, and his professional future. I’m not going […]

Oliver Stone

With three movies about the Vietnam war (including the multiple Oscar winning Platoon), three movies about American presidents (JFK, Nixon, and W.) and two movies about Wall Street, you can never accuse Oliver Stone of shying away from controversy, let alone from majorly polarising issues. eniGma’s Lucia Edwards talks to Stone about all the things […]

Fadi Ghandour

It would take us a while to adequately describe the numerous accomplishments of Fadi Ghandour. As the CEO of Aramex for 30 years, Ghandour has brilliantly steered the company to its leadership position as the preeminent courier company in the region. He is also the Co-Founder and Director of MENA Venture Investments, a seed capital […]

Ghada Abdel Razik

With one hit TV series after the other, one controversial news story after the other, and one success after the other, Ghada Abdel Razik has been in the spotlight for the last few years. eniGma’s Omnia Zaied talked to Murex D’or’s Best Actress for 2013, about her being constantly in the news, on making movies, […]

Ahmed Galal Ismail

As the young Egyptian CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Ventures, headquartered in Dubai, Ahmed Galal Ismail is responsible for over 3,000 employees across eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa. The company is responsible for developing new enterprises that complement and reinforce Majid Al Futtaim Holding’s leadership in core industries, and their portfolio […]

Lobna Asal

With the explosion of Egyptians’ interest in all things political, watching TV talk shows has become a nightly ritual for many Egyptians. So it is no wonder that many talk show hosts have gained celebrity status with loyal fans eagerly waiting to hear their take on the latest news every night. One such celebrity host […]

Nicole Saba

Last time eniGma interviewed Nicole Saba, it was for our May, 2010 issue. Back then, single and on top of her game, Saba gave us the show of our lives dressing up in the year’s latest wedding trends and getting in the ring (a boxing ring that is) with four boxers. Three years later, she […]

Hala Sarhan

She’s interviewed celebrities and wannabes, made headlines and history. Some call her the Oprah Winfrey of the Middle East; others attack her for trying to be so. She is the incomparable Hala Sarhan. eniGma’s Omnia Zaied caught up with her in this exclusive interview to find out what she’s up to now. Ever since I […]

Maged El Masry

Maged El Masry has been taking the Egyptian scene by storm. Whether in movies, television series and even music, these past few years Maged El Masry has made his presence felt. His unforgettable performances in two blockbuster Ramadan series, Adam and Ma’a Sebk El Israr (Premeditation) have left his fans begging for more. eniGma’s  Radwa […]

Chez Richard

Richard doesn’t believe in following trends, he believes in finding the hairstyle that works with your individual natural beauty. It’s this attitude that sets him apart from the rest and brought him success in Cairo’s hair salon scene in such a short time. Almost four years ago, Chez Richard opened its doors in Mohandessin and […]

The Heat of the Revolution in the Winter of Discontent

Documenting the first 18 days of the revolution, Director Ibrahim El Batout and actors and producers Amr Waked and Salah Hana worked together to produce El Shita Elly Fat (The Winter of Discontent). In this eniGma exclusive, the three men reveal to Yehia Darwish how they made it happen. There is an old Chinese curse/saying […]

Amr Youssef

With memorable performances in the hit TV shows Taraf Talet (Third Party), Mowaten X (Citizen X) and more recently El Montakem (The Avenger), Amr Youssef is taking Egypt by storm. He’s not only cemented his position as Egypt’s next A-lister, but also as its newest heartthrob. eniGma’s Radwa El Ziki sat down with the handsome, […]

President Jimmy Carter on the Arab Israeli Peace Treaty – الرئيس جيمي كارتر عن اتفاقية السلام العربي الاسرائيلي

Sir Richard Branson was the key speaker at the Enigma Magazine Charity Event in Cairo, Egypt on October 29th, 2012. Sir Richard generously waived his usual fee in order to be able to speak with young Egyptian entrepreneurs and advice them on how to overcome challenges and build a successful company. In this clip Sir […]

President Jimmy Carter on the Arab Spring – الرئيس الامريكي السابق جيمي كارتر يتحدث عن الربيع العربي

Sir Richard Branson was the key speaker at the Enigma Magazine Charity Event in Cairo, Egypt on October 29th, 2012. Sir Richard generously waived his usual fee in order to be able to speak with young Egyptian entrepreneurs and advice them on how to overcome challenges and build a successful company. In this clip Sir […]

Sir Richard Branson Answers Bassem Youssef at eniGma Magazine Event – ريتشارد برانسون يرد علي اسئلة باسم يوسف

Sir Richard Branson was the key speaker at the Enigma Magazine’s Charity Event in Cairo, Egypt on October 29th, 2012. Sir Richard generously waived his usual fee to be able to speak with young Egyptian entrepreneurs and advise them on how to overcome challenges and build a successful company. In this clip Sir Richard Branson […]

Richard Branson on Overcoming Political & Economical Challenges – ريتشارد برانسون حول تخطي التحديات السياسية و الاقتصادية

Sir Richard Branson was the key speaker at the Enigma Magazine Charity Event in Cairo, Egypt on October 29th, 2012. Sir Richard generously waived his usual fee in order to be able to speak with young Egyptian entrerepreneurs and advise them on how to overcome challenges and build a successful company. In this clip Sir […]

Richard Branson & President Jimmy Carter Discuss Palestine – ريتشارد برانسون و الرئيس الامريكي السابق جيمي كارتر يناقشون القضية الفلسطينية

Sir Richard Branson and President Jimmy Carter were the key speakers at the Enigma Magazine Charity Event in Cairo, Egypt on October 29th, 2012. Both generously donated their time to be able to speak with young Egyptian entrepreneurs and advise them on how to overcome political and economic challenges. In this clip Sir Richard Branson […]

Richard Branson on his Foundation Virgin Unite: eniGma Magazine Event – ريتشارد برانسون عن مؤسسته ڤيرجين يونيت

Sir Richard Branson was the key speaker at the Enigma Magazine Charity Event in Cairo, Egypt on October 29th, 2012. Sir Richard Branson generously waived his usual fee in order to be able to speak with young entrepreneurs and advise them on how to overcome challenges and build a successful company. In this clip Sir […]

Richard Branson Advice for Young Entrepreneurs: eniGma Magazine Event – نصيحة ريتشارد برانسون لرجال الاعمال الشباب

Sir Richard Branson was the key speaker at the Enigma Magazine Charity Event in Cairo, Egypt on October 29th, 2012. Sir Richard Branson generously waived his usual fee in order to be able to speak with young Egyptian entrepreneurs and advise them on how to overcome challenges and build a successful company. In this clip […]

Richard Branson on His Success Story: eniGma Magazine Event- ريتشارد برانسون يتحدث عن قصة نجاحه

Sir Richard Branson was the key speaker at the Enigma Magazine Charity Event in Cairo, Egypt on October 29th, 2012. Sir Richard Branson generously waived his usual fee in order to be able to speak with young entrepreneurs and advise them on how to overcome challenges and build a successful company. In this clip Sir […]

Richard Branson on the Egyptian Revolution: eniGma Magazine Event – ريتشارد برانسون يتحدث عن ثورة 25 يناير

Sir Richard Branson was the key speaker at the Enigma Magazine Charity Event in Cairo, Egypt on October 29th, 2012. Sir Richard Branson generously waived his usual fee in order to be able to speak with young Egyptian entrepreneurs and advise them on how to overcome challenges and build a successful company. In this clip […]

Ahmed El Mohamady: eniGma’s Exclusive Cover Shoot – أحمد المحمدي مع مجلة انجما

Go behind the scenes of eniGma’s cover shoot featuring Egypt’s Premier League football star, Ahmed ElMohamad – October 2012 من وراء كواليس تصوير غلاف مجلة انجما لعدد أكتوبر 2012 مع نجم كرة القدم المصري أحمد المحمدي.

Olympic Football Team Stars Marwan Mohsen Omar Gaber Mohamed Elneny: eniGma’s Exclusive Cover Shoot – نجوم منتخب كرة القدم الاوليمبي عمر جابر ومروان محسن و محمد النني في تصوير حصري لمجلة انجما

Go behind-the-scenes of eniGma’s cover shoot featuring Egyptian Olympics football stars, Marwan Mohsen, Omar Gaber, and Mohamed Elneny – July 2012 من وراء كواليس تصوير غلاف مجلة انجما لعدد يوليو 2012 مع لاعبي فريق المنتخب المصري الأولمبي مع مروان محسن و عمرو جابر و محمد النني.

Dr. Abdelmonem Abolfotoh: eniGma’s Interview PART 2 with the Presidential Candidate – الجزء الثاني من مقابلة مجلة انجما الحصرية مع المرشح الرئاسي الدكتور عبد المنعم ابو الفتوح

eniGma magazine sits with the charismatic presidential candidate Dr. Abdelmonem Abolfotoh in this exclusive interview. December 2011 تتحدث مجلة انجما مع مرشح رئاسة جمهورية مصر العربية ، عبدالمنعم أبو الفتوح ، في هذا الحوار الخاص لعدد ديسمبر 2011 عن اراؤه في مصر و في فرض الحجاب

Dr. Abdelmonem Abolfotoh: eniGma’s Interview Part 1 with Presidential Candidate – الجزء الاول من مقابلة مجلة انجما الحصرية مع المرشح الرئاسي الدكتور عبد المنعم ابو الفتوح 

eniGma magazine sits with the charismatic presidential candidate Dr. Abdelmonem Abolfotoh in this exclusive interview. December 2011 تتحدث مجلة انجما مع مرشح رئاسة جمهورية مصر العربية ، عبدالمنعم أبو الفتوح ، في هذا الحوار الخاص لعدد ديسمبر 2011 عن اراؤه في مصر و في فرض الحجاب

Dr. Abdelmonem Abolfotoh on his Personal Life for eniGma Magazine – الدكتور عبد المنعم ابو الفتوح يتحدث عن حياته الخاصة في مقابلته الحصرية مع مجلة انجما

eniGma magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Yasmine Shihata gets up close and personal with the Egyptian Presidential Candidate Dr. Abdelmonem Abolfotoh as he answers very personal questions (in English) for Enigma Magazine’s EXCLUSIVE  cover story – December 2011 تتحدث مجلة انجما مع مرشح رئاسة مصر ، عبدالمنعم أبو الفتوح ، في هذا الحوار الخاص لعدد ديسمبر 2011عن اراؤه […]

Dr. Abdelmonem Abolfotoh: Preview of eniGma Magazine’s Exclusive Interview – مقتطفات من مقابلة مجلة انجما الحصرية مع المرشح الرئاسي الدكتور عبد المنعم ابو الفتوح

Highlights from eniGma magazine’s exclusive interview with presidential candidate, Dr. Abdelmonem Abolfotoh – December 2011 مقتطفات من حوار مجلة انجما مع الدكتور عبدالمنعم أبو الفتوح مرشح الرئاسة

Magdi Yacoub

Over the span of four decades, Sir Magdi Yacoub has performed more heart transplants than any other surgeon in the world. He has led cutting-edge research in the field that has cemented his status as a medical pioneer. And yet it is his charity work – specifically for the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation – in […]


While the race for the first truly democratically elected Egyptian president following the January 25th revolution has yet to officially start, a number of potential candidates seem to have already attained frontrunner status. And Abdelmonem Abol Fotoh is one of them. A prominent longstanding member of the Muslim Brotherhood, his announced candidacy went against the […]

ON TV’s Reem Magued: eniGma Magazine’s Cover Shoot – ريم ماجد مع مجلة انجما

eniGma Magazine is on location at Egyptian News Channel ONTV’s studios for an exclusive shoot with star presenter Reem Magued – November 2011 مجلة انجما اتجهت لاون تيفي لتصوير الخاص مع ريم ماجد لعدد نوفمبر 2011


Mona Makram Ebeid never shies away from controversy. A prominent member of one of Egypt’s most famous political families, she is known for her willingness to speak her mind. Most recently she resigned from the Wafd, Egypt’s liberal political party, for the third time since she joined in 1983. The Wafd has been closely associated […]


Bothaina Kamel is running for the Egyptian presidency on sheer bravura and the whiff of an oily rag.  The former news anchor talks media conspiracies, political snobbery and the guts and the glory of revolution with eniGma’s James Purtill. He finds the lady’s not for turning . . . Anarrow and rickety lift brings us […]

Yosri Fouda on His Personal Life (The eniGma Questionnaire) – يسري فودة يجيب اسئلة مجلة انجما الشخصية 

ONTV’s Star Anchor Yosri Fouda answers The eniGma Questionnaire, in this exclusive interview with Enigma Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Yasmine Shihata at his home in Cairo, Egypt – September 2011 يسري فودة محاور أون تي في يجاوب على اسئلة انجما عن حياته الشخصية في هذا الحوار الخاص مع ياسمين شحاتة رئيس تحرير مجلة انجما

Yosri Fouda on Egypt’s Revolution – يسري فودة يتحدث عن ثورة 25 يناير 2011 في لقاء مجلة انجما الحصري

Enigma Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Yasmine Shihata talks to ONTV’s Yosri Fouda about Egypt’s revolution, in this exclusive interview at his home in Cairo, Egypt – September 2011 يسري فودة محاور قناة أون تي في يتحدث مع ياسمين شحاتة رئيس تحرير مجلة انجما عن الثورة المصرية في هذا الحوار الخاص من منزله بالقاهرة

Yosri Fouda on His Career – يسري فودة يتحدث عن تاريخه المهني في لقاء مجلة انجما الحصري

Enigma Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Yasmine Shihata talks to ONTV’s Yosri Fouda about his early career, in this exclusive interview at his home in Cairo, Egypt – September 2011 يسري فودة محاور قناة أون تي في يتحدث مع ياسمين شحاتة رئيس تحرير مجلة انجما عن بداية مهنة في الصحافة في هذا الحوار الخاص من منزله بالقاهرة

George Ishak

Years before Tahrir Square became an international symbol of people power against tyranny, a group of activists known as Kefaya (Enough), broke the barrier of fear by when they held an unprecedented silent protest in front of Egypt’s majestic High Court. While Egyptians were gripped by feelings of helplessness as the Mubarak machine diligently prepared […]


Pinning down Amr Hamzawy for an interview in Egypt’s post-revolution era is quite a task. Not only is he one of the most prominent Egyptian political analysts, with TV stations and print media competing for his time; he’s also now a major political player himself who spends much of his time politicking, strategising, explaining and […]


He’s the fearless journalist who’s spent the last seven years heading up one of the most powerful, influential, and controversial newspapers in Egypt. He’s fought the authorities – for his paper, his profession and occasionally his life – and come out on top. Magdy El Gallad, the Editor-in-Chief of one of Egypt’s biggest selling papers, […]

Bassem Youssef: Interview with eniGma magazine لقاء باسم يوسف مع مجلة انجما

eniGma Magazine’s guest writer Dagher Al Sakr talks to Bassem Youssef, the man behind the Bassem Show – July 2011 داغر الصقر ضيف مجلة انجما يحاور باسم يوسف من برنامج البرنامج؟ لعدد يوليو 2011

Ibrahim Eissa’s Tahrir TV

Born during the heady days of the revolution, Tahrir TV serves as a mouthpiece for the hopes, fears and freedoms of New Egypt.  In this eniGma exclusive, Ibrahim Eissa – the rebel journalist, co-founder and co-owner of Tahrir TV – tells Amy Mowafi the story of a station 18 days in the making and a […]


    He’s the funniest Egyptian online. Bassem Youssef, practising doctor, satirical YouTube superstar and soon to be OnTV star gives our own funny man Dagher Al Sakr a run for his money… Arriving late for an interview is all good and well when you’re the subject. But when you’re conducting the interview, well, that’s […]

Hany El Behairy

Photography Khaled Fadda Art Direction & Styling by Maissa Azab He is the groomed face of Egyptian fashion, a self proclaimed artist who helped change the image of the Egyptian khayat. eniGma’s  Shahinaz Nabeeh gets undone at the seams… Hany El Behairy’s success didn’t come overnight. As a child he was first noticed by his […]

Tim Sebastian Exclusive Interview for Enigma Magazine – لقاء مجلة انجما مع المزيع تيم سيباستيان

Right after the first Doha Debates in Cairo, Enigma Magazine’s Editor in Chief Yasmine Shihata gets up close and personal with the famous Chairman of the Debates, broadcaster Tim Sebastian – May 2011 بعد مناظرة الدوحة التي تمت في القاهرة تحاور ياسمين شحاتة مع المزيع ورئيس مجلس إدارة ديبايت تيم سيباستيان  


In this incredible eniGma exclusive Naguib Sawiris speaks to Editor-in-Chief Yasmine Shihata about the political party ‘Free Egyptians’, his aspirations for Egypt and reveals the issues and people closest to his heart. This is Sawiris, raw, real, uncut and uncensored… Naguib Sawiris is a true enigma. He has the charisma, aura and fame of a […]


Dr. Zahi Hawass, world renowned archaeologist, is Egypt’s newly appointed Minister of Antiquities. For the last nine years, he has occupied the post of Secretary General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities. We are very proud that the Egyptian youth were able to march peacefully for freedom and democracy. We are all for freedom and […]


Tarek Ragheb, an Egyptian-American, is a senior U.S. aerospace executive, former US military officer and investor in Egypt. When I was a child growing up in Egypt I remember playing hide and seek. Invariably I was always the last one to be ready for the game to begin when those dreaded words of “ready or […]


Sir Richard Branson is the founder of the Virgin group of companies. All of the Entrepreneurs I have spoken to want the same thing – a properly elected democracy in Egypt as soon as possible, with a fair rule of law and freedom of speech for its citizens. I was delighted to see Murbarak stepping […]


Omar Samra is the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest. He is in the process of climbing the 7-Summits, the highest mountain on every continent. He is also an acclaimed motivational speaker and the founder and CEO of adventure travel company Wild Guanabana. I was actually in Argentina when the protests kicked off. I was […]


Nic Robertson is a senior international correspondent, based in CNN’s London bureau. He was reporting from Alexandria from January 27th to February 7th. I was in Alexandria from January 27th to February 7th. We got information simply by going out on the streets and talking to people and when that wasn’t possible for us, our […]


Mohamed Hefzy is an award-winning Egyptian script-writer and producer whose works include Tito, Malaki Eskenderia (Private Alexandria), Zay El Naharda (A Day Like Today) and Microphone. He is also an engineer. My position was always very clear. If the revolution succeeded then I was with it all the way, if it didn’t, then I’d think […]


Khalid Abdalla is a British-Egyptian actor. His credits include The Kite Runner, United 93 and Green Zone. I was in Tahrir for many reasons. First of all as an Egyptian citizen it was my responsibility. I am an Egyptian who was born abroad, and part of the reason for that is because of the regime […]


Khaled Youssef is an Egyptian director and scriptwriter. His credits include, Al Assefa (The Storm), Ouija, Al Rayes Omar Harb (Chief Omar Harb), Heena Maysara (Till It Gets Better) and Dokkan Shehata (Shehata’s Shop). This revolution embodied the will of the Egyptian people to bring this oppressive and corrupt regime down and fight for a […]


Khaled Naga is an Egyptian actor, TV host, producer and director. He is a human rights and children’s rights activist and has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2007. I was getting a lot of calls saying there would be protests on January 25th. At first I thought it very strange to have a scheduled […]


  Khaled El Nabawy is an Egyptian actor. His credits include Kingdom of Heaven, Fair Game, El Mosafer (The Traveller), Hassan Tayarah and El Dealer (The Dealer). I first went to Tahrir on January 28th and I have been very happy ever since. I never thought I would feel this happy. My joy has always […]


Jehan Fadel is an Egyptian actress whose credits include Sahar El Layali (Sleepless Nights), Imraa’ Hazat Arsh Masr (A Woman Who Shook Egypt’s Throne) and Ice Cream Fi Gleam (Ice Cream In Gleam). It was about time. The government had been taking away the rights of the people for years. And it was their slow […]


Jack Shenker is a London-born journalist who writes regularly for The Guardian from Egypt. He was detained twice during the protests. For those living in Egypt there was never any doubt this generation had the motivation and capability of launching a serious challenge to the political status quo. Yet fear of Mubarak’s security apparatus held […]


Hamza Namira is a singer and songwriter. His song Ehlam Maaya (Dream With Me) – written 11 years ago – helped shape the soundtrack of the revolution. What happened in Egypt is much more than a reform movement or a limited group of protests; it’s a revolution with every meaning of the word. I am […]


Egyptian hotelier Gamal Aziz is the President and Chief Executive Officer of MGM Hospitality. In early February, I was asked to comment on Egypt tourism on Fox News when the events of the day were images of thugs on camels, horses and donkeys attacking protestors. I shared with the audience that this was a fleeting […]


Dr. Farouk El-Baz is an Egyptian-American scientist who worked with NASA to assist in the planning of scientific exploration of the moon. Currently, El-Baz is Research Professor and Director of the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University, Boston MA, U.S.A. I grew up as part of a generation that didn’t go against the government. […]


Basma is an Egyptian actress. Her movie credits include Morgan Ahmed Morgan, Laylat Soqoot Baghdad (The Night Baghdad Fell), Elnazir (The Headmaster) and Mafish Fayda (There’s No Hope). At the start of the revolution I was travelling and didn’t think anything would happen. But I was pleasantly surprised to see it had gained momentum. I […]


Ayman Mohyeldin is an Arab-American journalist based in the Middle East and a correspondent for the English language channel Al Jazeera. He was reporting continuously on the protests from January 26th.  On February 6th he was detained by the military for nine hours. On January 25th I was in Tunisia at the home of Mohammed […]


Asser Yassin is an Egyptian actor whose credits include El Waad (The Promise), El Gezirah (The Island), Zay El Naharda (A Day Like Today) and Rasael El Bahr (Messages from the Sea). This revolution happened because the people wanted change, freedom and a better Egypt. No one before January 25th was truly proud to be […]


Amr Hamzawy is a professor of Political Science at Cairo University. He co-authored Between Religion and Politics (2010) and authored The Arab Future –Contemporary Debates on Democracy, Political Islam and Resistance (2010). Most recently, Hamzawy was amember of the Council of Wisemen and has beenmeeting with both the government and youth groups. We are going […]

ALAA AL ASWANY on The Egyptian Revolution

Alaa Al Aswany is the best selling Egyptian author of The Yacoubian Building, Chicago and Friendly Fire: Ten Tales of Today’s Cairo. He is also a founding member of the political movement Kefaya. I’ve written the word ‘people’ so many times in my novels and articles but for the very first time I know the […]


Sizzling and sensual, this is Sawsan Badr as never before… She’s part of the very fabric of the Egyptian movie industry. Both her silver screen and small screen credits would leave even the most hard-working of Hollywood stars reeling. Hers is a career that spans three decades (and counting) and yet her star has never […]

SHERWET SHAFEI, Egypt’s Most Famous Art Collector and Curator

Sherwet Shafei is one of Egypt’s most renowned art collectors and curators. Her private collection of Egyptian art is unrivalled anywhere in the world, and over the years her own home has become a priceless testament to Egypt’s cultural heritage. This year, that heritage, intermingled with this inspiring woman’s personal journey of artistic discovery, will […]


Society dynamos Cherine Badrawi and Taya El Zayadi have taken a lifetime’s obsession and turned it into the Tache Art gallery – a passion project they hope will change the face of the contemporary Egyptian art scene – locally and internationally. eniGma’s Managing Editor Amy Mowafi finds out why these two women are so intent […]

Mahmoud Saad , In the Hot Seat

    Tucked away in a small room in his spacious Mounira apartment, one of the Middle East’s leading TV personalities met up with the eniGma team wearing a galabeya and a smile. Surrounded by his books, his TV crew and the family dog Dahab, Mahmoud Saad told eniGma’s Daliah Galal about his long journey […]

Mohamed ElBaradei,The Man Behind The Nobel Peace Prize

Mohamed ElBaradei is quite the enigma. He’s one of the most decorated Egyptians alive.  He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 and the highest Egyptian Medal ‘Keladat El Nil’ (Medal of the Nile) the following year.  The latter bestows on him the highest ranking in the land, after the President.  He’s had a distinguished […]

Dr. Mohamed El Baradie Talks About International Politics with eniGma Magazine لقاء د محمد البردعي

Enigma Magazine’s Editor in Chief Yasmine Shihata sat down with Dr. Mohamed Elbaradei in the fall of 2010, at a time when most Egyptian journalists were afraid to interview him for fear of retribution. This is a rare personal interview conducted at Elbaradei’s home, where he talks about politics, his career, egypt, his future and […]

Dr. Mohamed El Baradie on His Personal Life with eniGma – لقاء د محمد البردعي

Enigma Magazine’s Editor in Chief Yasmine Shihata sat down with Dr. Mohamed Elbaradei in the fall of 2010, at a time when most Egyptian journalists were afraid to interview him for fear of retribution. This is a rare personal interview conducted at Elbaradei’s home, where he talks about politics, his career, egypt, his future and […]

Dr. Mohamed El Baradie Talks about Egypt with eniGma Magazine لقاء د محمد البردعي

Enigma Magazine’s Editor in Chief Yasmine Shihata sat down with Dr. Mohamed Elbaradei in the fall of 2010, at a time when most Egyptian journalists were afraid to interview him for fear of retribution. This is a rare personal interview conducted at Elbaradei’s home, where he talks about politics, his career, egypt, his future and […]

Kylie Minogue in Egypt: Exclusive Interview with eniGma TV and eniGma Magazine – لقاء مجلة انجما الحصري مع النجمة العالمية كايلي مينوج في القاهرة

Editor-in-Chief Yasmine Shihata speaks to superstar Kylie Minogue backstage at eniGma Magazine’s 10th anniversary party at the Pyramids -November, 2010 ياسمين شحاتة تستضيف النجمة كايلي مينوج من وراء كواليس حفلة المجلة بمناسبة مرور عشرة أعوام بالأهرامات في يوم 21 أكتوبر 2010.  

Yahia Lababidi’s Trial by Ink

  Thinker, writer, essayist, poet, aphorist… and spy! Yahia Lababidi says he’s a human impersonator sent to spy on humankind. Enigma’s Sunita Rappai talks to the cutting-edge writer about his brilliant new collection of essays, Trial by Ink, From Nietzsche to Belly-dancing, and the trials and tribulations of being an Egyptian artist… It’s 7pm on […]

Generation Fusion Interview for eniGma magazine and eniGma TV

For its first ever ‘Oriental Fusion’ issue, eniGma magazine gathers the bright young Egyptians melding the best of both East and West – August 2010 في عدد شرقي خاص، تجمع مجلة انجما أحسن المصريين الموهوبين في مزج الأحسن من الغرب و الشرق

Wafaa El Kilany, Equally Loved and Feared

Loved and feared in equal measure, Wafaa El Kilany has never been afraid of courting controversy. Her in-depth reports and searing interviews with some of the region’s most famous figures, from Fifi Abdou to Amr Adib, have already passed into legend. Enigma’s Omnia Zaied turns the tables on a master interviewer… Nothing can be more […]

Marwan’s Modern Life

He’s designed award-winning projects in East and West and would love to work in a rainforest with U2’s front man, Bono. Enigma’s Gabriela Asquith talks art, architecture and the ancient world with world-renowned Iraqi architect, Marwan Al-Sayed. No one blends modernity with the beauty of nature and the spirituality of the ancient world quite like […]

Rihanna, Every Girl for our Generation

When Enigma decided to throw one of the biggest parties of the decade, in one of the most iconic spots on earth, to celebrate 10 fabulous years at the top, we needed a star of a very special kind to rock the night for us.  Someone with that extra something; that certain je ne sais […]

Preston Bailey, Wedding Designer to the Stars

Exclusively for Enigma, Preston Bailey, wedding designer to the stars and bestselling author of four books: Design for Entertaining, Fantasy Weddings, Inspirations, and Celebrations put down his magic wand for a while and spilled the dirt on working with royalty, high-profile weddings and Arab parties to Noor El Deeb. When you’ve got royal families across […]

Johnny Depp, The Notoriously Shy Mad Hatter

Fresh from the release of the box-office 3D blockbuster Alice in Wonderland, Enigma’s Viki Waters caught up with  Johnny Depp in London. He told us about his devotion to his family, how he escapes the pressure of fame, and how he put his own stamp on the Mad Hatter… After making his name in low […]

Nicole Saba, The Sexy Triple Threat

Movie star, singer and sex symbol; Nicole Saba is all that and more. With controversy surrounding her every move and heated commentary surrounding her every action, she never shies away from pushing the envelope. In this month’s cover feature, Fashion Director Maissa Azab tames the beast and brings out her more romantic side, while Hassan […]

Mona Zaki, Timeless Memories with the Irresistible Star

A famous star, high fashion and a fabulous yacht; the perfect ingredients for an ultra glam holiday. Exclusively for our Luxury Travel issue, Enigma’s Fashion Director Maissa Azab took Egypt’s favourite silver screen sweetheart to the gorgeous Red Sea resort of El Gouna for a dazzling dose of sun, sand and high-octane glamour, turning up […]

Carole Samaha, The Irrepressible Lebanese singing sensation

Seven years ago Carole Samaha was a rising star in the making who made it on to our cover. It was her first magazine cover. Armed with both a bachelors and masters in theatre and eight years of acting experience (including working with Rahabna – Beirut’s biggest musical group), she was about to launch her […]

Face of the Future Amr Mostafa

He’s been dubbed the Arab World’s hit-maker. As a singer, composer and producer he’s worked with some of the region’s biggest stars, has three albums to his name, and is currently working with Ace of Base on their big comeback. Enigma’s Omnia Zaied talks to Amr Mostafa, the future face of Middle Eastern music. t […]

Amr Moussa & His View On Media: eniGma Exclusive – عمر موسى يتحدث عن الإعلام

For the first time in his political career, the Secretary General of the Arab League Amre Moussa grants Enigma Magazine’s editor in chief Yasmine Shihata an interview about his life, views and personal hobbies. This is the only time Amre Moussa appeared in a lifetsyle magazine and was a real exclusive cover shoot and interview […]

Amr Moussa & His Personal Life:eniGma Magazine Exclusive عمرو موسى وحياته الشخصية

For the first time in his political career, the Secretary General of the Arab League Amre Moussa grants Enigma Magazine’s editor in chief Yasmine Shihata an interview about his life, views and personal hobbies. This is the only time Amre Moussa appeared in a lifetsyle magazine and was a real exclusive cover shoot and interview […]

Amina K, Exceptional Ethnic Designer

Combining the richness and riotous colours of traditional Egyptian fabrics with cutting edge design, Amina K’s exceptional ethnic creations have become a firm favourite with Egypt’s cool cognoscenti. Next step? The world! How did you venture into design? It was a childhood dream of mine to become a fashion designer but my limited background in […]

Malak El Ezzawy, Creative Guru and Marketing Mogul

Her designs are dramatic, dazzling and perfect for young divas-about-town. Enigma talks couture, crayons and taking over the fashion world with the new face of Egyptian design, Malak El Ezzawy. Rows and rows of Malak El Ezzawy’s dazzling evening gowns hang in her grandmother’s store, Melodies. The dresses don’t follow the same rhyme or rhythm. […]

Maher Maksoud, The Cilantro Mogul

Some have called him a dreamer, others a genius. He is the mogul behind the Cilantro chain, the restaurateur behind La Bodega, the tourism wunderkid behind the Red Sea resort of El Gouna and most recently, the business whiz behind Egypt’s leading property development company SODIC. Enigma’s Annelle Sheline speaks exclusively to Maher Maksoud, the […]

Alaa Al Aswany, The World’s Best-Selling Arab Novelist

He’s the world’s best-selling Arab novelist, a practicing dentist, a political detractor and a secular saloniste. He’s hard to pigeonhole and harder to pin down. Managing Editor Amy Mowafi speaks to Alaa Al Aswany, the man who courted scandal, confounded critics and became one of the most commercially successful Egyptian writers of all time.   […]

The Artastic Shahira & Aya Akel

With an annual art camp at the North Coast resort of Hacienda and art classes at the Playtime activity centre in Maadi, sassy sisters Shahira and Aya Akel are spreading their love of art to a whole new generation of creative kids. Enigma’s Hassan Hassan gets Artastic…   Even the most prestigious Egyptian schools lack […]

Magda Moussa, The Doyenne of Quality Education

The passing of Magda Moussa last month, the doyenne of quality education in Egypt, was met with deep sorrow by her numerous friends and students and indeed by all Egyptians who knew of her tireless efforts in the field of education. The Misr Language School, which Moussa founded and ran, is at the forefront of […]

Mohammed Ibrahim, Philanthro-Capitalist

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim is changing Africa, and the world, in more ways than one. Chosen as one of Time magazine’s top 100 most influential people in 2008, Mo Ibrahim, as he likes to be called, has won numerous awards for his work in academia, business and philanthropy. A true philanthro-capitalist, Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim has influenced […]

La Dolce Dina

Dina doesn’t give a damn. Because this is her art. And she is prepared to “suffer for it”. Cliché? Yes, of course. But Dina is not sensitive to clichés; perhaps a symptom of a life lived dangerously close to parody. She is the archetypal modern-day belly dancer, worshiped on stage, disparaged off it; a star […]

Noaman Designs For Kenzo

Two years ago, Egypt’s leading interior designer Mohamed Noaman was charged with creating a stunning new collection for the international brand, Kenzo. Cool and contemporary, the collection, slated for release this month, is proof, if ever it was needed, that Noaman is a creative powerhouse in a league of his own. In this Enigma exclusive, […]

At Home With Hussein Fahmy & Leqaa Sweidan

This is an age of hyperbole. We dub our celebrities superstars at the first hint of a blockbuster, and icons are made in the blink of a number one hit. But beyond the frenzy, few real legends exist. Hussein Fahmy, an actor and a gentleman, is one of those exceptional and enduring idols. He first […]

Hussien Fahmy & Liqaa Swidan: Exclusive Interview for eniGma Magazine and eniGma TV – لقاء مجلة انجما الحصري مع النجم حسين فهمي و زوجته لقاء سويدان

The Egyptian celebrity couple invite eniGma Magazine into their home for an exclusive insight into their life as one of Egypt’s most famous duos. تم دعوة مجل انجما إلى منزل النجمان حسين فهمي و لقاء سويدان للحديث عن حياتهم الزوجية  

Belly Dancer Dina: Exclusive Interview for eniGma Magazine and eniGma TV PART 2 – تصوير الغلاف مع النجمة دين

The iconic Egyptian belly-dancer Dina sizzles in this Burlesque inspired exclusive eniGma Magazine cover and fashion shoot – February 2009 مجلة انجما تحاور الراقصة الشرقية دينا في لقاء خاص جداً.

Hot For Hugh!

Hugh Jackman may have been voted this year’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’, but his son thinks he looks like a girl. When Oscar – the adopted son of Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness – was just three, he started calling the X-men star “mummy”. The 40-year-old actor had been growing his hair for the vampire […]

Haifa Wehbe, Enigma’s first “Women on Top”

How does it feel to be on the cover of Enigma’s first ‘Women on Top’ issue? It’s so nice to labelled a woman on top, that’s a great way to be perceived. I work hard and I am very meticulous. I don’t accept anything average or ‘normal’. ‘Middle of the road’ does not satisfy me. […]

The Chicks Behind the Lit

This is the story of the little store that could. The store that revived an ailing publishing industry, reshaped an entire generation’s literary conceptions and reminded a nation that sometimes, there’s nothing better than a good book. Enigma’s Managing Editor Amy Mowafi speaks to Nadia Wassef, Hind Wassef and Nihal Schawky, the three women behind […]

Azza Fahmy’s Design Dynasty

Thirty years in the making, Azza Fahmy’s ethnic-inspired jewellery designs have taken the international design world by storm. Today, her daughters Amina and Fatma are helping transform the brand into a dynastic legacy. With an exclusive peek inside their factory of wonders, Enigma’s Hassan Hassan meets three feisty females who are truly on top. Artists […]

Rana El Nemr, The Though-Provoking Photographer

With her thought-provoking installations and compelling Cairo-based photography, Rana El Nemr is making a profound mark on the international art scene. Downtown Cairo has long been a bustling centre for arts, culture and creativity. And tucked away on Kasr El Aini Street in the throbbing heart of the old-town is Rana El Nemr’s studio; resting […]

Jennifer Lopez

  Once better known for her string of famous boyfriends than her music or acting career, Jennifer Lopez has finally put her turbulent love life behind her. After ill-fated romances with rapper P. Diddy, dancer Chris Judd and actor Ben Affleck, Jennifer found happiness in 2004 when she married heartthrob Latino singer Marc Anthony, who […]

Karl Legerfeld

  Satisfying every Chanel obsessed woman’s unceasing curiosity, the king of pure unadulterated glamour Karl Lagerfeld answers questions about his life, loves, new collection and “post-recession romanticism”. His insights breathe new life into our idea of the finest fashion… y ou design some of the most-anticipated collections in the world for Chanel and Fendi, do […]

Hend Sabry

Hend Sabry epitomizes glamour. Her grace, style and elegance have made her one of the most sought after stars of her generation. She represents the new Arab woman; full of confidence, daring and ambition. In this Enigma exclusive, Dagher El Sakr gives us a glimpse at the real Hend Sabry, while Fashion Director Maissa Azab […]

Sabrine Hossamy

Sabrine El Hossamy went from sashaying down the world’s catwalks to moving and shaking with global power players as Head of Communications at Orascom. Enigma’s Yashreeka Huq speaks to the former model turned business whiz about a life less ordinary.   Ask Sabrine to define glamour and her answer is immediate, “Glamour is something very […]

Ms. Kim’s BUSINESS of Luxury

As CEO of not one, but two global luxury goods businesses, Sungjoo Kim defied her traditional Asian parents to become one of the most powerful businesswomen in the world. In London, Enigma’s Aysem Monaco talks business, luxury and female empowerment with the irrepressible Ms. Kim.   As Chairperson of the Sungjoo Group, a retail group […]

Rania Shahin

  Recently voted by the organisers of London Fashion Week as one of the world’s top fashion buyers, HIP’s owner and mother of three, Rania Shahin, spoke exclusively to Enigma’s Managing Editor Amy Mowafi about her new found international purchasing power while Fashion Director Maissa Azab rummages through Rania’s incredible closet of clothing candy to […]

Noha Mohsen

  The people, the places, the possessions; a snapshot look at the lives of dynamic Arabs. This month it’s all about Noha’s world… Creative, motivated and highly opinionated, Noha Mohsen is a self-prescribed perfectionist. With an MBA from Columbia’s Business School under her fashionable belt, this bubbly brunette recently launched a lush lighting showroom in […]

At Home With Aziza Tanani

Famed Egyptian interior designer Aziza Tanani transformed her own Zamalek apartment into an inviting wonderland of colours, curves and comfort. With a flair for humorous flourishes and an eye for the dramatic, Tanani proves that good things really do come in small packages. whilst renovating her two bedroom home, interior designer and society darling Aziza […]

George Galloway

eniGma Magazine’s editor in chief Yasmine Shihata meets with British MP George Galloway in his London home for an exclusive in-depth insight into the man behind the politics. رئيسة تحرير مجلة انجما ياسمين شحاتة تحاور عضو البرلمان الإنجليزي جورج جالوي في منزلة في لندن في لقاء حصري مع رجل السياسة.

Bryan Adams

  He’s one of the world’s most enduring rock n’ roll stars. After two mammoth decades in the industry, ten blockbuster albums, countless record-breaking singles, a slew of awards and accolades, and of course an exclusive performance at Enigma’s 5th anniversary Pyramids party back in 2005, 48 year-old Bryan Adams refuses to slow down. Back […]

Modern Vintage

  Two of Egypts greatest creative forces join power to create an idyllic haven for art lovers. Interior designer Mohamed Noaman makes this apartment in Zamalek a refreshing mix of nostalgic glamour and contemporary finesse.   The renowned Egyptian painter Mahmoud Said likes to tell the story about a fellow classmate – the painter Nahmia […]

Forever CHIC


Hisham Ezz

After nearly 20 years as a leading investment banker in London, Hisham Ezz El Arab returned to the homeland and revolutionised the Egyptian banking sector as Chairman of Commer-cial International Bank. Here, he talks exclusively to Enigma’s Managing Editor Amy Mowafi about his love of banking, his love for Egypt…and his penchant for fly-fishing.   […]

Salah Kharma

As Operations Manager at the Kharma Group – one of the largest cosmetic companies in Egypt – Salah Kharma is enjoying the sweet smell of success.   on the edge of one of Egypt’s giant cosmetics factories, beyond the whirring of the machinery and the tinkling of deodorant bottles, just by the endless rows of […]

Ibrahim Batout

An engineer, a war veteran, a lover and an award-winning filmmaker, Enigma’s Mahmoud Salem meets daring director Ibrahim Batout; a man who has truly lived a life less ordinary.   n the 25th of June 1990, severely wounded and tied to an unmovable bed in a British field hospital in Bosnia, Ibrahim Batout was abandoned […]

Jack Black

He’s big, he’s brash and he’s hilarious. Following his starring role in war-film spoof Tropic Thunder, Jack Black talks exclusively to Enigma about life as a dad, cigars and being the funniest man in movies.   ack Black is not the typically attractive Hollywood movie idol. He’s overweight, has a foul mouth and unkempt facial […]

BIG Boys Of the Small Screen

They’re young, they’re hot and they’re spicing up the airwaves with their fun loving and fresh presenting skills. Enigma meets the future of Egyptian television… Ashraf Hamdi OTV What do you want to be when you grow up? An award-winning international actor. What has been your proudest moment? Beating out a host of Egyptian actors […]

Rachid Mahmoud Rachid

In this Enigma exclusive, Managing Editor Amy Mowafi speaks to Egypt’s Enigmatic Minister of Trade and Industry, Rachid Mohamed Rachid, at his home in Cairo. Read on for a rare glimpse into the thoughts, hopes and ideals of the man behind the mission to make Egypt a better place for future generations.     It’s […]

Charlize Theron

In this Enigma exclusive, Alex Preston speaks to the Academy Award winning blonde bombshell Charlize Theron. Although normally reluctant to discuss her upbringing, relationships and personal life, here Charlize, 34, goes against type and opens up about the impact her childhood has had on her life, why she will never marry and her dreams of […]

Fashion New Guard

Aiisha Ramadan The New Face of Couture Young, talented and taking the region by storm, Aiisha Ramadan is a 25 year-old Lebanese fashion designer whose Dubai based atelier proves Arab style gurus are on the rise… Born in Lebanon and raised in Dubai, fashion comes naturally to 25-year-old Aiisha Ramadan who is taking the region’s […]

Toufic Araman

Based in Dubai, Toufic Araman is an award winning Egyptian photographer whose awe-inspiring images are fast gaining international recognition. Enigma’s Daliah Galal speaks to a young man who sees life through a lens… graduate of the American University in Cairo, majoring in economics with a minor in fine Arts, Araman first started his professional life […]


With a spectacular concert that took place in Hyde Park, Nelson Mandela celebrated his 90th birthday among friends, family and celebrities. With the world watching the likes of the Sugababes, Leona Lewis, Will Smith and Jamelia, all took to the stage with proceeds from the musical extravaganza going towards Mandela’s AIDS foundation. Later in the […]


On the eve of her sell-out Dubai concert, the one and only Madonna unveils the woman behind the icon. In this incredible Enigma exclusive, Madonna talks about life as she approaches 50, the pressures of juggling work and family life, and what she and Guy Ritchie really get up to in bed!   With her […]

Sarah Jessica Parker

Exclusively for Enigma, we interviewed the ultimate 21st century independent female icon Sarah Jessica Parker, and asked her about style, shopping and of course…sex! There’s been a lot of speculation about tensions between you and your Sex and the City co-stars. Is there any rivalry between you? I love those women; I wouldn’t have wanted […]

Samira Saeed

After 30 incredible years in the industry, and following a three year hiatus, Samira Saeed is set to release her 33rd album; fittingly entitled Ayam Hayaty. On the cusp of 50, Samira is looking and feeling better than ever. Enigma’s Fashion Director Maissa Azab was hand-picked to create her striking new look, showcased for the […]

Rawya Mansour

A society darling with a heart of gold, Rawya Mansour is upholding the family legacy with her extensive philanthropic work and her successful interior design business. Enigma’s Yashreeka Huq sat down with the loveable star of Cairo’s social set to talk about her life, family and hopes for the future of Egypt.   High above […]

George Clooney

  Following his whirlwind trip to Cairo last year, exclusively for Enigma, superstar George Clooney talks to Robbie McIntyre in London. The heavenly heartthrob discussed the challenges of directing himself in Leatherheads, his close relationship with the film’s female lead Renee Zellweger, what it’s like talking world affairs with the British Prime Minister, and a […]

Samar Khalil

Samar Khalil, the lovely Lebanese lady behind the London-based fashion brand ‘Kushion’, caught up with Enigma’s Travis Randall to talk haute couture and her hot company’s quick rise on the fashion scene.   It all began with a seemingly innocuous obsession with tracksuits. It was the perfect apparel for the mother of four who relished […]


Since her big screen debut two years ago, Tunisian actress Dorra has been delighting audiences across the Middle East with her cheek and charm. Enigma’s Hassan Hassan uncovered the silver screen’s sweetest star…   The first thing you notice about Dorra is her smile. Even at two o’clock in the morning, held hostage by our […]

Ghada Adel

Ghada Adel is hot property – seemingly overnight everyone wants a piece of this picture-perfect screen princess. In the media frenzy surrounding the actress it’s easy to forget that Adel isn’t some wide-eyed new ingénue in the movie industry. Her acting career already spans an impressive ten years. Nancy-Sarah Barakat digs deep to find out […]

Designing Women

They’re talented and determined in equal measure. Their inspiring creations fill Egypt’s fabulous homes while their creative sensibilities influence the way we live. For the first time, Enigma’s Maissa Azab brings together eight of Egypt’s successful young Designing Women for our exclusive shoot. While Nancy-Sarah Barakat, Travis Randall and Daliah Galal find out about their […]

Dino’s Delight

  He’s Libyan, he’s luscious and he’s living the high life. Currently heading up the family’s famed architectural business (and expecting his first child in December); Enigma’s Dagher El Sakr talks big business, small babies and stealing hotel bathrobes with the desperately delightful Dino Soufraki.   Dino Soufraki did not so much move to Cairo […]

Sara Abdel Asim’s Treasure Island

In a charming little villa in Maadi, 25-year-old Sara Abdel Asim is teaching a generation of toddlers to be creative, competent and independent individuals. Enigma spends a day at her delightful Treasure Island nursery.   if it takes a village to raise a child, then Sara Abdel Asim ought to be voted village chieftain. With […]

Best Society Weddings

Glitzy and glamorous, fashionable and fabulous, when Cairo’s high society couples tie the knot, there’s no spectacle like it. Enigma looks back on some of the year’s most exceptional weddings…   Farida & Basil The entire Marriott, Zamalek was at their service, virtually every celebrity, socialite and VIP in the region was present and the […]

Sound Of the Underground

To say that the Arab youth have caught the Hip Hop virus would be an understatement. The masses have certainly bought into the style; the crooked caps, the baggy pants and the bling. But beneath the surface simmers a whole segment of young talent who have made the American Hip Hop hype their own, by […]

Khaled El Sawy

A rebel by nature, Khaled El Sawy shot to fame playing a homosexual in the hugely controversial Yacoubian Building. Yet he is much more than your average actor. A graduate of law, he has the soul of an artist and is a multi-talented star who writes, directs and composes. He is also a man who […]

Corporate Dynamos

At the top of their game, leading their companies to bright futures, these corporate power players are shaping Egyptian industry in various fields. Exclusively for Enigma, they share their challenges and success stories to give us an inside peek at the workings of some of the country’s most dynamic companies. SAHAR EL-SALLAB BANKING ON ACHIEVEMENTS […]


They’re cool and competitive, daring and dynamic, successful and very sexy – individually hand-picked and preened from the crème de la crème of the country’s young, talented and well-to-do crowd, the sizzling sales team at Sodic (Sixth of October Development and Investment Company) – one of Egypt’s pre-eminent property development companies – are quite literally […]

Ruth Westheimer

There are few who don’t recognise the name ‘Dr. Ruth’. A one woman media dynamo, Dr. Ruth has revolutionised global sexual literacy, becoming the world’s foremost and most famous ‘sex doctor’. She recently visited Egypt to lecture at the Young President’s Organisation’s international conference, and while in Cairo she spoke exclusively to Enigma about her […]

Nicole Kidman

When Enigma met up with the sexy superstar Johnny Depp at London’s Berkeley Hotel, he told us how he prepared fWhen Enigma met up with the sexy superstar Johnny Depp at London’s Berkeley Hotel, he told us how he prepared for his first singing role and how his family keeps him grounded… Married for 24 […]

Christina Aguilera

Exclusively for Enigma, Kelly Andrews talks to superstar songstress Christina Aguilera about family life, how pregnancy left her with gorgeous breasts and what it’s like living in a house once owned by the Osbournes. Christina Aguilera has come a long way since she first entered the pop charts nine years ago as a fresh faced […]

Mais Hamdan

  When Fashion Director Maissa Azab and Senior Writer Travis Randall spent a hilarious couple of days with the rising queen of comedy, they had to brave an all night drive, a sandstorm and a temperamental camel for our exclusive fashion shoot. Yet in the process they uncovered an all singing, all dancing, all entertaining […]

Farouk Housny

  The Canadian-Egyptian Counsel of Affairs held a special gathering in honour of Minister of Culture and artist Dr. Farouk Hosny at Cairo’s Grand Hyatt. The special evening was attended by some of Egypt’s most prominent figures.

Haitham Zaky

As the son of big screen legend Ahmed Zaki and silver screen beauty Hala Foad, Haitham Zaki is proving the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree. The 24 year old American University marketing student kicked of his acting career in 2006 with a stellar role in the long awaited blockbuster biopic Halim. It […]

Razan & Khaled El Nabawy

Fashion Director Maissa Azab gets Khaled El Nabawy and Razan Maghraby, the two sexy superstars set to appear in romantic blockbuster Hassan Tayara, to cosy up in the kitchen and cook us up some very hot Valentine’s Day photos, while Enigma’s Travis Randall swaps recipes for love and success with this sizzling on screen duo… […]

Meyam Dabo

  In Egypt for 31st Cairo Film Festival, Bond Girl Maryam D’Abo speaks exclusively to Enigma’s Senior Editor Amy Mowafi about life as a silver screen icon. Meanwhile Egyptian fashion designer Heba Elawadi dresses D’Abo in never-before-seen pieces from her exotic debut collection ‘Hebz’, and her sister jewellery designer Hana Elawadi adds her flirty, feminine […]

Dolly Shahine

Enigma’s Fashion Director Maissa Azab dolled up luscious Lebanese singer and screen siren Dolly Shahine in dazzling couture pieces that exude old-school Monroesque glitz, glamour and pizzazz. While Daliah Galal talked beauty, brains and show business with this ravishing rising star.     You looked amazing in the clothes for the Enigma shoot. Before your […]

Fadi Ghandour

When Enigma’s Travis Randall met with one of the region’s biggest businessmen, Aramex President Fadi Ghandour, he thought he’d be discussing dividends not development. But it turns out this is a man with far greater things on his mind than just parcels and paperwork. He talks fast, snatching your attention and selling ideas like they’re […]

Jessica Alba

Lithe and luscious, Latino lovely Jessica Alba is the Hollywood’s Golden Girl of the moment. Exclusively for Enigma, the star of Sin City, The Fantastic Four and The Good Luck Charm, speaks to Sam Kent about being attracted to older men, settling down, her tormented upbringing and her refusal to strip naked in movies.   […]

Jewels  Are A Girl’s Best Friend

  Many have called her the Arab world’s most beautiful actress. With her luscious dark locks, creamy complexion and stop-you-inyour- tracks green eyes, Syrian star Sulaf is a modern day Elizabeth Taylor for the Middle-East. Exclusively for Enigma, she sparkles in our pick of the season’s best jewellery. having studied art and sculpture at the […]


When we look back into the dazzling history of glamour, names like Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn come to mind; these women defined the aspirational glitz of an era. Decades from now, chances are we will look to the likes of pop superstar Gwen Stefani. With her urban meets couture signature style, outrageous aesthetic sensibilities […]

Mona Zaki & Ahmed Helmy

In one of London’s most exotic Oriental locations, Enigma’s Style Director Mohieb created a sumptuous world of couture and diamond dreams where the Arab World’s biggest celebrity couple were treated to the ultimate glamour fantasy. Meanwhile, Mona Zaki and Ahmed Helmi, who rarely agree to be interviewed together, sat down with Senior Editor Amy Mowafi […]

Mona Zaki & Ahmed Helmy:

eniGma Magazine gets up close and personal with the Egyptian celebrity double act – the actors Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki – the night before their exclusive London cover shoot for the magazine – December 2007 تحاور مجلة انجما منى زكي و أحمد حلمي في مقابلة خاصة عقدت في لندن

Tamer Hagrass

Tamer Hagrass quite possibly has it all. The fame, the fortune, the looks and the lifestyle. Fashion Director Maissa Azab creates a smooth, suave and sophisticated world of classic glamour perfectly suited to the cooler-than-thou big screen idol. She even transformed the famous blonde into a dark and brooding lothario. Meanwhile Staff Writer Travis Randall […]

Amr Waked

In a world where celebrity and talent are often mutually exclusive, where box office bankability is not the same as artistic credibility, Amr Waked is an anomaly. He is an actor – nothing more and nothing less. A true Egyptian talent, who is slowly, steadily making his way onto a powerful world stage. And yet, […]

Style In the City

  Photographed by Ahmed El Nimr Home Designed by Hussein Nassar   Twenty-something interior designer Hussein Nassar creates a haven of sleek, sophisticated and sexy style in Heliopolis.     THE LIVING ROOM: Custom-made mahogany wood floors form a stunning backdrop to this crisp contemporary living.   THE KITCHEN: This German designed Poggenpohl kitchen – […]

All Wrapped Up

Egyptian Actor Amr Waked

Egypt’s silver-screen superstar Amr Waked takes to the desert for an exclusive eniGma Magazine cover shoot and – for the first time in his career – full fashion spread, October 2007 خلف كواليس تصوير غلاف عدد اكتوبر 2007 مع النجم عمزو واكد

Nelly Karim

A darling, for nearly a decade Nelly Karim’s artistic passion has gripped audiences across the region. For the first time since giving birth to her third baby, Nelly Karim – looking stunning in gowns from Dior’s dazzling Fall / Winter collection – steps back into the spotlight. Faten (as in Hamama) is worried that Nelly […]

A House of Glass

In this luxury City View villa, Designer Mohamed Fares creates a revolutionary house of glass, wherewalls are but an illusion, space is malleable and design is deliciously daring    

A Royal Affair

Yasmine Abdel-Aziz

When we searched for the ideal cover girl for our wedding issue – someone with both innocence and a mischievous hint of sauciness, one name kept coming up…Yasmine Abdel Aziz. And Egyptian cinema’s darling was willing to oblige. For our exclusive shoot in Cairo’s fairytale-like Ministerly Palace, Yasmine was swathed in acres of lace, silk […]

Hana Elawadi

Hana Elawadi, society darling and budding jewellery designer, has sauntered onto the fashion scene with a breakthrough line of beautiful bracelets. With a family flair for fashion – see her fashionista sister Heba’s clothing line Hebz – Hana comes straight from a business degree at the American University in London to share her funky designs […]

Out of the Blue

Arwa’s Escape to Eden

On the edge of the Sinai, where red mountains meet azure blue seas, lies a little piece of paradise that Egyptian supermodel turned actress Arwa calls her “favourite place in the world.” Enigma gets up close and natural with the star in her secret summer hideaway… I f fame were positively correlated to the size […]

In Bed with Ruby

For months we sat back in silence and watched the rumour mill whirr. Egypt’s sexiest and most controversial popstar, the riveting rambunctious Ruby had been given the makeover of a lifetime and no one was quite sure who was responsible. There was talk of a trip to London, of a certain international stylist, of glamour […]

Michelle Pfeiffer

  She is Hollywood’s eternal beauty and a true silver screen icon. Following the release of fantasy blockbuster Stardust, the ‘magical’ Michelle Pfeiffer talks exclusively to Enigma in London.   Michelle Pfeiffer has just been voted the woman who has grown most beautiful with age. The stunning 49-year-old actress topped a recent poll which asked […]

Forever Yours


Myriam Fares

Myriam Fares When you’ve got one of the Arab world’s most beautiful stars to style, just a sprinkling of glamour goes a long way. And so when Enigma decided to fly Lebanese pop-sensation Myriam Faris to London for an exclusive fashion story, it wasn’t too hard to transform her from the simple and sassy sweetheart […]

Myriam Fares

eniGma Magazine flew the Lebanese pop princess Myraim Fares out to London for a seriously sexy cover and fashion shoot – April 2007 سافرت المغنية اللبنانية ميريام فارس إلى لندن لتصوير غلاف عدد مجلة انجما

The Classic Collection

The Map of Ahdaf

An award-winning writer and politicised mother of two, Ahdaf Soueif’s epic novels have made her one of the few Egyptian writers to gain international prominence. Enigma’s Asmaa Abdallah talked to Soueif about her love for literature, her love for Egypt, her prize-winning love stories and of course…motherhood. Best known for her epic novel The Map […]

Justin Timberlake

Following the release of his second blockbuster album Future Sex / Love Sounds pop icon Justin Timberlake talks exclusively to Enigma about music, mayhem and conquering the charts.   It was entirely unexpected. The baby faced boy with the tight mousy brown curls, the boy band puppet, the ultimate manufactured pop product metamorphosed in an […]

Naomi Campbell

  One day Naomi Campbell woke up and decided she simply had to visit Egypt and mark the New Year there. And so, on December 31st, 2006, Naomi made her way to the land of the Pyramids, headed to the Red Sea resort of El Gouna, saw the great monuments of Luxor, visited a Cairene […]

Quincy Jones

  When Enigma’s Senior Editor Amy Mowafi sat down with Quincy Jones – the greatest living producer of all time – she thought he’d talk about the music. What she got was an explosive inside look at politics, power and the Middle East. And what she learnt was that Quincy the man is a far […]

Oprah Winfrey

Superstar and legend in her own time, Oprah Winfrey has long been a catalyst in making other people’s dreams come true. As 2006 came to a close, Oprah finally realised a long-held ambition to open a school for underprivileged but truly brilliant girls in Africa. Four awe-inspiring and thought-provoking days of celebration ensued – a […]

Hend Sabry: Exclusive eniGma Magazine Interview & Cover Shoot – تصوير غلاف عدد نوفمبر 2006 مع النجمة هند صبري

The silver screen Tunisian superstar poses alongside a baby tiger cub in this eniGma Magazine exclusive – November 2006 تصوير غلاف عدد نوفمبر 2006 مع النجمة هند صبري

Football Star Mido: Exclusive Fashion Shoot & Interview for eniGma Magazine and eniGma TV – لقاء و تصوير مجلة انجما الحصري مع لاعب الكرة المصري ميدو

Fresh from his African cup controversy the superstar Egyptian footballer Mido gives eniGma Magazine an exclusive interview and shoot in London – April 2006 لقاء و تصوير مجلة انجما الحصري مع لاعب الكرة المصري ميدو

Rock Star Bryan Adams: Exclusive Interview for eniGma Magazine and eniGma TV – حوار حصري مع النجم العالمي براين ادمز

Following his unforgettable performance at the Pyramids for Enigma Magazine’s 5th Anniversary party, Enigma Magazine’s Editor in Chief Yasmine Shihata gets up close and personal with the superstar in Qatar, for what was the first performance by an international star. ياسمين شحاتة رئيسة تحرير مجلة انجما تحاور النجم العالمي براين أدمز في دولة قطر بعد […]