Egypt’s premier destination for luxurious fashion and accessories is about to set social media ablaze with its latest campaign, aptly called #egosrebels, featuring the most sought-out digital influencers dressed in the latest designer gear.

From established brands such as Fendi and Yves Saint Laurent all the way to cult classics, such as Twin Set, the undeniably eye-catching campaign featured by far the chicest brands in the fashion industry. In order to add a youthful and jovial essence, the campaign rebelled against standard protocols by boldly using quirky colour schemes and textiles in a distinctive way.

Besides a slew of top models and actors, a number of coveted fashion influencers starred in the campaign. Influencers Mohamed Mekawy, Hend Abdelhalim, Nayla Garrana, Sarah Taha, Zain Al Masry and Omar Sherif, all with distinctive individual characters, showed off their undeniable charm through their fabulous poses. From Mekawy’s lively spirit and Abdelhalim’s pensive looks, to Taha’s refined elegance and Garrana’s understated glamour, EGO’s photo shoot flawlessly fused the characters and designer clothes together to create an outstanding campaign that will be talked about for months to come.