Dr. Ramy Alanany

Sculpting the Future of Plastic Surgery in the Middle East

Dr. Ramy Alanany, one of the Middle East’s most pioneering plastic surgeons, is internationally recognized for his advanced state-of-the-art techniques and for his unique innovations that have brought about major advancements in the field. Offering every procedure conceivable from rhinoplasties to lip fillers, and Brazilian buttock lifts to tummy tucks, Dr. Alanany’s clinic truly does it all and at a world-class standard. Situated in the heart of Heliopolis, the clinic feels more like a luxurious spa, with its elegant décor and the spectacular artwork lining its walls. Also known to serve some of the biggest stars in the region, the clinic has its very own VIP entrance and waiting room for the big names to preserve their privacy. eniGma’s Bronwen Mehta sat down with the brilliant surgeon to find out more about his exciting career and the amazing success his clinic has achieved.

Leading the field not just in Egypt, but in the entire Middle East region, Dr. Ramy Alanany has built his glowing reputation through utterly transforming the lives of his patients, providing the best quality care combined with the most innovative procedures. As Dr. Alanany iterates, plastic surgery is not about vanity as people once believed, but instead is concentrated on improving people’s confidence and wellbeing. “People hide their insecurities from their families and friends causing serious social withdrawal issues. In my office, I just let them talk and they let it all out. Once they’ve shared their story, that’s when my part begins,” Dr. Alanany tells us.

Adding to the depth and quality of care provided, Dr. Alanany stands out amongst competitors with a diploma in psychology which he regards as intrinsically linked to the work he does. “When I speak to someone, I work out what the root of their problem is. Sometimes, if their issue is purely psychological, then no procedure in the world will make them feel better, so I manage their expectations and suggest other forms of treatments that might help. It is essential to be open and honest. We are not magicians, we are doctors,” he adamantly states.

From simple Botox treatments to more complex breast augmentations, no matter what the scale of the procedure, Dr. Alanany prides himself on the transformative outcome, sharing, “Sometimes really minor treatments can lead to a major difference in someone’s confidence. With something as small as a laser pen, major internal changes can happen. Some people just need a little touch to feel more in harmony with themselves.”

On top of the compassion and emotional support shown to every patient who walks through the clinic’s doors, you can be sure that you are receiving the most advanced treatments in the field, performed to an international standard. “Ionic Liposculpture is one of the newest advancements to be transforming the field,” Dr. Alanany says, going on to explain, “Ionic Liposculpture is the only procedure which helps to sculpt excess undesirable body fat while also tightening the skin, thus producing the most attractive final aesthetic. This non-surgical procedure can be applied to many areas of the body on both men and women in order to generate desirable ratios, whether it is to create a masculine jawline, or feminine curves. And it is virtually scar-free!” Through using Ionic Liposculpture in combination with strategically applying J-Plasma skin tightening technology, Dr. Alanany is guaranteeing a result that is truly unmatched in Egypt.

Before Ionic Liposculpture
After Ionic Liposculpture









Not only does Dr. Alanany use the Ionic Liposculpture technique in his clinic, he is in fact a recognised trainer globally. “I am one of the few Ionic Liposculpture trainers for doctors in the world. As most innovations in plastic surgery come from the US and Korea, being a trainer for procedures such as Ionic Liposculpture gives me the opportunity to travel a lot, thus exposing to me to all the latest methods, which I then bring back to Egypt,” he explains.

In addition to using advanced methods, Dr. Alanany works tirelessly to innovate and invent his own creative solutions. One of his most revolutionary creations is the Rich Amplified Molecule (RAM) Technique. Describing the process, Dr. Alanany tells us, “Taking the first three letters from my name, Ramy, the RAM Technique mixes conventional Hyaluronic acid filler, which volumises and hydrates, with Calcium Hydroxyapatite filler, which induces collagen production to result in tighter skin. The RAM Technique painlessly reverses signs of ageing, leaving patients with plumper, younger and healthier looking skin.” Due to its efficacy, this creative concoction has cemented Dr. Alanany’s place on the global stage.

With his innovation knowing no bounds, Dr. Alanany also has designed face mapping technology that allows him to fine-tune his procedures to create an outcome that emphasises the patient’s unique beauty. “Everyone has their own natural beauty. I don’t want to make a transformation that would turn you into someone else or create an overly fake aesthetic. I want you to be you, but in the best way you can be,” he declares. Being able to tailor his work to fit the individual’s needs is one of Dr. Alanany’s strongest attributes, and was in fact one of the key factors that drew him to specialise in cosmetic surgery in the first place. He explains, “In standard medical procedures, surgeons go through the same steps for all patients. However, if I am doing a rhinoplasty, for example, my procedure differs so much from one person to another. Of course, there is a medical base to the surgery, but I have the space to innovate and create something that is unique to each individual.” Dr. Alanany’s passion for enhancing the natural features of a patient ensures that you are getting treatment designed specifically to suit your face and body.

Due to his unparalleled work, Dr. Alanany has treated some of the biggest stars in the region, with many patients travelling from abroad just to receive his personal touch. In recognition of his global standing in the field, Dr. Alanany was also chosen to judge the prestigious 2017 Miss Intercontinental Beauty Pageant. “There were eight judges from all over the globe and I was the only one of them with a background in medicine. I was chosen because of my expertise in identifying if beauty is natural or fake,” he recounts.

With his global reputation, Dr. Alanany is very passionate about developing medical tourism in Egypt, something that the government is also eager to promote. “The government will soon be launching a tourism platform, providing visitors with all the information they need, including for medical tourism. For cosmetic surgery, my name will be the only name listed. This will give my work further international credibility,” he explains, adding, “Egypt has the knowledge and the ability to compete on an international level. At present, other countries just have better marketing campaigns. However, when we have support from the government, we will see more patients coming here. I have a lot of faith that in the next three to four years we will see a significant growth in cosmetic surgery in Egypt.” And with Dr. Alanany leading the way, we have no doubt that will be the case!