Dr. Mohamed El Baradie on His Personal Life with eniGma – لقاء د محمد البردعي


Enigma Magazine’s Editor in Chief Yasmine Shihata sat down with Dr. Mohamed Elbaradei in the fall of 2010, at a time when most Egyptian journalists were afraid to interview him for fear of retribution. This is a rare personal interview conducted at Elbaradei’s home, where he talks about politics, his career, egypt, his future and even his personal life.
Enigma Magazine is a leading Arab lifestyle magazine for the Middle East, based in Cairo Egypt – December 2010
تحاور ياسمين شحاتة -رئيس تحرير مجلة انجما – د. محمد البرادعي في وقت كان يخشى الصحافة المصرية الإقتراب منه في سنة ٢٠١٠
في هذا الحديث الخاص في منزله، يتحدث البرادعي عن السياسة في مصر و مستقبله و حياته الشخصية.


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